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6 powerful health benefits of whey protein

whey protein

(NaturalHealth365) Whey is a nutrient-rich byproduct of the cheese production process. And, although many people get confused, pure whey protein does NOT have casein – which has been associated with allergies. Widely known for its muscle building capacity, the health benefits of whey protein go way beyond increased muscle strength. In fact, a number of scientific studies clearly show that ... Read More »

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Hemp seeds are a natural anti-inflammatory powerhouse

hemp seeds

(NaturalHealth365) Many foods are touted as “super foods,” but hemp seeds have the credentials to back up that claim. In fact, no other plant-based food has such a perfect ratio of all the essential amino (and fatty) acids in such an easily digestible form for human consumption as the hemp seed. Their notoriety as a super food comes primarily from ... Read More »

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3 powerful herbs that improve liver health

spoon of herbs

(NaturalHealth365) Along with the skin, kidneys, and intestinal tract, the liver is one of the body’s main organs for removing poisons from your body. The liver does a lot to keep toxins from building up inside your body and causing you harm, but you still need to take care of it so it can keep looking after you. You can ... Read More »

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New report: Energy drinks have life-threatening side effects

side effects

(NaturalHealth365) Thousands of people to date have faced serious, sometimes deadly side effects as a result of consuming energy drinks, and an alarming number of these victims have been children. The American Heart Association reported that between 2010 and 2013, 5,000+ people became sick due to consuming energy drinks, and about 40 percent of them were kids. The severe side ... Read More »

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The benefits of walnuts include slowing down prostate cancer


(NaturalHealth365) Despite their high fat content, it’s long been understood that nuts can still have their place in a healthy diet. In fact, we now know that the ‘carb-craze’ of the last few decades had it all wrong. Healthy fats are essential for brain and heart function plus improved nutrient absorption. But a new study at the University of California, ... Read More »

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Medical warning: Gluten allergies affect everyone

stressed out woman

(NaturalHealth365) Fatigue and depression are at epidemic levels in ‘modern’ society. Today, I ask you, could gluten allergies (toxicity) be causing so many of today’s health problems? While I make great efforts to keep up on the current medical literature, my efforts consistently fall short of the mark. It seems that every few months I make my own personal “discovery” ... Read More »

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Improve the immune system with pau d’arco

tea pot

(NaturalHealth365) For centuries, the healing powers of the herb pau d’arco have been recognized by those around the world who have sought out herbal medicines. But in recent years, this herb’s many health benefits have even become acknowledged by mainstream medicine as well. Researchers associated with the U.S. Department of Agriculture have recognized pau d’arco’s significant anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal ... Read More »

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Halloween treats that cause cancer cell growth

girl with lolipop

(NaturalHealth365) Halloween is upon us and millions of children (and adults) have a vision of candy corn and chocolate bars – filling up the ‘goodie’ bowls. But, what if the most popular Halloween treats had a warning label on it – promotes cancer cell growth. Would these junk foods – filled with food additives – still be popular? Think about ... Read More »

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Homogenization poses a serious health risk

woman drinking milk

(NaturalHealth365) Childhood ear infections, digestive diseases, learning disorders and food allergies are just a few of the serious health concerns commonly associated with conventionally-produced cow milk products.  Many natural health experts tend to agree,  the ‘modern’ process of high-heat pasteurization and homogenization is largely to blame for these chronic health issues. Conventionally speaking, when raw cow milk is produced, it ... Read More »

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