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The powerful health benefits of avocados


(NaturalHealth365) You love avocados as a sandwich garnish or mashed in guacamole at your favorite Mexican restaurant, but this little green superfood is so much more than just a dip or a garnish. Avocados are loaded with nutrients – which offer profound health benefits. In fact, a study published by the Journal of the American Heart Association has shown that ... Read More »

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Turnip greens: A powerhouse of nutrition and healing

turnip greens

(NaturalHealth365) Over and over again, studies show that diet and lifestyle choices are instrumental in creating the ideal foundation for a healthy life. Chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease can all be offset and even prevented with consistently healthy lifestyle choices. So, now it’s time to get specific about the healing power of plant foods. From osteoporosis prevention ... Read More »

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The health improving benefits of ghee


(NaturalHealth365) Many of my patients grew up thinking butter was a ‘poor’ food choice.  So, they’re often happily surprised to learn about the health-enhancing superfood ghee, or clarified butter oil. Abundant in vitamins and essential fatty acids, ghee has been shown to reduce the devastating effects of inflammatory issues such as chronic arthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes and digestive disorders. What is ... Read More »

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Saffron shown to help Alzheimer’s disease patients


(NaturalHealth365) Saffron is one of the world’s most exotic and expensive spices. Besides its culinary prowess, it is a powerful healer with a long history of use as a medicine dating back to ancient times. Thankfully, modern science is finally catching up and realizing the therapeutic effects of saffron on memory and mood. Real proof that saffron improves memory One ... Read More »

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Cistanche and Reishi extracts help restore youthful immune function

chinese herbal medicine

(NaturalHealth365) Strength and precision of the human immune system plays a critical role in avoiding cancer, chronic inflammation and other ills. That is why children seldom develop cancer or life-threatening infections. Their youthful systems are operating at highest efficiency, turning on and off at just the right moments to guard against pathogens while avoiding chronic inflammation. What if you could ... Read More »

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5 powerful cancer fighting foods

fresh produce

(NaturalHealth365) The American Cancer Society estimates that about 1.7 million people in the United States are living with some type of cancer. While most chemotherapeutic agents are toxic to our cellular wellbeing, evidence-based food therapies show advanced promise for selectively killing cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues. Cancer fighting foods have been shown to prevent and stop cancer in its ... Read More »

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Granny Smith apples improve gut bacteria and reduce inflammation

granny smith apples

(NaturalHealth365) An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but – as an added bonus – Granny Smith apples will greet good gut bacteria with open arms. And, that’s because, researchers recently uncovered evidence that this tart green variety is superior to other types of apples in building a community of healthy bacteria in the colon. This is due ... Read More »

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The disease fighting properties of pumpkin seeds


(NaturalHealth365) Searching for more delicious ways to add minerals and essential fatty acids to your culinary repertoire? Look no further than the crunchy pepita, popularly known as pumpkin seed. This potent superfood boasts hard-to-get, essential minerals such as zinc, manganese and magnesium plus has been studied for its powerful effects against urogenital issues, heart disease and osteoporosis. Slash your risk ... Read More »

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Breaking news: Organic label fraud at factory farms

chicken factory

(NaturalHealth365) In one of the largest investigations of fraud in the organic food industry’s history, a formal complaint has been filed by farm policy research group, The Cornucopia Institute. This complaint states that 14 factory farms – producing meat and dairy products – are conducting business with illegal organic certification. The Cornucopia Institute discovered through aerial photography that these farms ... Read More »

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