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Lose weight, improve brain function and optimize your health with ‘smart’ fats


(NaturalHealth365) Do you still worry about the amount of fat you’re eating? Does the concept of saturated fat make you think about a heart attack? Here’s the point: We are being bombarded with conflicting (deceptive) information by corporations with hidden agendas. Today, let’s clear up a few misconceptions about fat – because this “fear about fat” can literally be fatal ... Read More »

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Weight Watchers meals processed with over 50 ingredients


(NaturalHealth365) Weight Watchers has been around for approximately 50 years teaching millions of people that weight loss is really hard and that “not all calories are created equal.”  Fast forward to 2010, they even unveiled a new PointsPlus system and criticized processed foods. So, on the surface, they appear to be a nice (helpful) company. But, they obviously contradict themselves ... Read More »

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5 organic foods contributing to inflammation


(NaturalHealth365) At one time, certain foods were considered “healthy” such as yogurt, whole grain bread, or granola. But, now, many people know that these prepackaged and processed foods are actually not as healthy as once claimed. In fact, did you know that these same “healthy” organic foods can actually cause you harm? In reality, these highly-processed foods contribute to inflammation ... Read More »

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Top 11 front groups disguised to confuse you about food safety


(NaturalHealth365) Over the last few years, health advocacy has challenged harmful food production technologies while promoting sustainable alternatives. Multiple tools and strategies have included litigation, legal petitions for rulemaking, legal support for various sustainable agriculture and food safety constituencies, policy initiatives, public education, grassroots organizing, and media outreach. In response, the food industry has ramped up its public relations efforts ... Read More »

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The top 5 olive oils to protect your heart


(NaturalHealth365) Heart-healthy olive oil is well known for its benefits to the cardiovascular system. A long-time staple of Mediterranean diets, olive oil was shown to reduce the risk of cardio-related deaths in a segment of the Spanish population by as much as 44 percent, according to findings published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition. But when it comes to health ... Read More »

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Nearly 100% of conventionally-raised chickens is contaminated with cancer-causing arsenic


(NaturalHealth365) In 2011, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a report denouncing an arsenic drug being used in conventional poultry and pigs. That drug is called 3-Nitro® or roxarsone – a known carcinogen to humans – used to treat poultry feed which in turn treats intestinal parasites in chicken and gives them an appealing pink color. In ... Read More »

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6 dangerous supermarket health foods to avoid


(NaturalHealth365) It may take a devastating illness to stay away from deep-fried chicken, doughnuts, or sugary sodas. But, do you know there are actually foods at your local supermarket that experts avoid that are considered healthy by most? With increased disease, food scientists have been shedding light on foods loaded with chemicals that are toxic to your health. Experts – ... Read More »

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California says ‘No’ to plastic balls in personal care products: Governor Brown passes toughest ban ever


(NaturalHealth365) In a surprising move earlier this month, California Governor Jerry Brown signed what is now the toughest ban in the United States on personal hygiene products that contain microbeads. AB 888 was authored by Representative Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) and sponsored by Californians Against Waste (CAW), 5 Gyres Institute, Clean Water Action, the Story of Stuff Project and the ... Read More »

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Chick-fil-A proudly offers chicken with MSG and toxic chemicals


(NaturalHealth365) If you’ve ever seen Chick-fil-A’s advertisements or billboards, you’ll find a clever and cute message enticing you to eat more chicken all the while insinuating that beef is bad for you. They also offer low calorie, low carb, and low fat meals touting their use of “fresh, quality ingredients.” In 2014, the restaurant chain announced they would work with ... Read More »

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The unpopular toxic truth about chewing gum


(NaturalHealth365) Who doesn’t like to have fresh breath? According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, it seems everyone on the planet has a need for it as 280 gum sticks are chewed by the average person each year. That’s a whole lot of gum! In fact, it equates to about 100,000 tons of gum chewed each year. Valued at $19 billion, ... Read More »

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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group uses flame retardant chemical in drinks


(NaturalHealth365) Just about everyone in America is familiar with popular beverages that the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group produces. Canada Dry, Country Time, Crush, Diet Rite, Hawaiian Punch, Margaritaville, Dr. Pepper, Snapple, Sunkist, and Sundrop are just a few of the products that millions of people around the world have enjoyed for years. While Dr. Pepper Snapple Group makes a huge ... Read More »

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Cherries can help reduce the risk of colon cancer


(NaturalHealth365) The tantalizing taste of tart cherries is not only a delight to the tongue, but could prove to be a powerful cancer fighting food. Packed with colorful compounds known as flavonoids, tart cherries are increasingly gaining attention for their health benefits. As with many fresh fruits and vegetables, the flavonoids in tart cherries do more than just add color ... Read More »

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