Vaccine Dangers

Vaccines deliver 4,925 mcg of aluminum by 18 months, safe limit is 25 mcg


(NaturalHealth365) While parents across the country are led to believe they are doing the best thing for their children by vaccinating them according to a childhood vaccination schedule, the little known fact is that those vaccines can introduce toxic aluminum into the body at nearly 200 times the safe level. Keep reading – to see for yourself the undeniable truth. ... Read More »

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Anti-vaccine activists being targeted by big pharma hit squad


(NaturalHealth365) Mandatory vaccination bills have dominated news headlines – especially in California, where SB277 was recently signed into law, stripping parents of their rights to opt children out of the mandatory immunizations required to attend school. Anti-vaccine activists have not been silent on their opposition to the bill and their belief that big pharma profit margins are the driving force ... Read More »

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Lyme disease symptoms fueled by vaccines


(NaturalHealth365) Lyme disease is a toxic inflammatory condition that has been attributed to bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. If untreated, an infected person will progress through three stages of the disease that eventually devastate the body. Currently, the majority of the scientific community attributes the disease to a deer tick bite. However, new studies are showing that certain vaccine viruses actually ... Read More »

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HPV vaccine linked to debilitating illness in teenage girls


(NaturalHealth365) It is a story that is becoming all-too-common: parents provide permission for their daughters to receive HPV vaccines, believing it to be the “right” thing to do to keep their children healthy. But instead, the previously healthy girls suffer a serious illness after receiving the immunization. This is the scenario that is increasingly playing out around the world. Girls ... Read More »

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Health clinic closed after jabbing children with incorrect vaccines


(NaturalHealth365) It’s a shocking statistic and one the medical community wishes you didn’t know: preventable medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States, trailing only heart disease and cancer. More than 1,000 people lose their lives – every day – due to medical mistakes. Add to that the 10,000 cases of serious complications medical mistakes ... Read More »

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Homeoprophylaxis proven more effective than conventional vaccines


(NaturalHealth365) Sadly, millions of people have been brainwashed into believing that infectious diseases can only be prevented by receiving conventional vaccinations – loaded with toxic ingredients like aborted fetal cells, aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury and other disease-promoting substances. But, today, we want to shed light on the rapidly growing popularity of homeprophylaxis – a much safer option to potentially deadly vaccines. ... Read More »

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A non-toxic option for parents not wanting to vaccinate


(NaturalHealth365) Should you vaccinate or not is the BIG question on everyone’s mind. According to the mainstream media, there is no other way to protect your child other than conventional vaccination. Furthermore, you are accused of committing a selfish act by not “protecting the community” unless you vaccinate, regardless of any risks involved for your own child. But, you and ... Read More »

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Medicine admits: Vaccinations harm low birthweight infants


(NaturalHealth365) They are the tiniest victims of adverse immunization effects, and often overlooked in the fight to draw attention to the pain and suffering caused by vaccinations.  But, finally, the medical community is beginning to shed light on the vulnerability of extremely low birthweight infants to adverse reactions following routine vaccinations. Researchers publishing in the June 2015 in the Journal ... Read More »

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Jim Carrey exposes the truth about vaccine dangers


(NaturalHealth365) Beginning in 2016, California will have some of the strictest vaccine laws in America, as the state strips away all personal exemption rights from parents of school children in the state. State Bill 277 was signed into law on June 30, 2015, requiring all children enrolled in public or private school, as well as children in private day care, ... Read More »

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Dangerous new vaccine legislation pushed by the United States federal government


(NaturalHealth365) According to the “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” (H.R. 2232), the United States federal government wants to take away all religious and philosophical exemptions or, in order words, require every school age child to get vaccinated – whether you like it or not. Simply put, if this legislation gets passed – parents will lose their right to decide ... Read More »

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Outspoken anti-vaccine doctor found dead, family seeks the truth


(NaturalHealth365) The mystery surrounding a beloved physician’s death has got many in the anti-vaccination movement crying foul. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet’s body was found June 19 in the Broad River – just outside the mall town of Chimney Rock, N.C. While police ruled the death a ‘suicide’ due to an apparent gunshot wound to the chest, Dr. Bradstreer’s friends, family and ... Read More »

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AMA announces new mandatory vaccine policy


(NaturalHealth365) The nation’s most prominent physician’s organization, the American Medical Association (AMA), poured oil onto the fires raging over the vaccination debate recently when it went on record urging state legislators to do away with the ability of parents to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children. The attitude of the AMA is quite alarming – to say the ... Read More »

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