Vietnam War chemical weapon being sprayed on our food crops

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(NaturalHealth365) Agent Orange, which is notorious for causing cancer, birth defects, infertility, diabetes, and hypertension in our service men and women, is now slated to be used on our food crops. Thanks to Dow Chemical, this nasty chemical agent is now being considered the “new” weed killer of choice. As if Roundup wasn’t enough – now we are being exposed to a chemical weapon that inflicted such misery in Vietnam to both the citizens and the veterans of that war.

The chemical destruction of farm fresh food

Making Agent Orange components profitable again would be impossible in a rational society. Agent Orange isn’t a renewable resource and having it used in American farms shows the lack of concern for the land and people. Farm fresh will soon have lost its meaning.

Dow has developed a genetically modified corn called “Enlist,” which is resistant to 2,4D. This means the herbicide could be used all season long. Right now 2,4 D can only be used on crops very early or late in the growing season, or it destroys the crops along with the weeds.

The critics’ concerned about food safety have said we are going too far to stem the weeds. “We have no idea what the cumulative effects are,” says Gary Hirshberg, co-founder of a group called “Just Label It.”

“What happens when you’re exposed to more than one, two or three let alone thousands of chemicals?”

The USDA approval means Enlist – a strain of Monsanto’s genetically engineered corn – can now be planted freely and distributed throughout the country, with no means of tracking its safety.

Biotech industry inventions are promoting cancer

2,4-D is tied to cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, nerve damage, hormone disruption, birth defects and also is following in the footsteps of Monsanto’s Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide.

These crops haven’t been tested for human consumption; the FDA doesn’t require that, they only consult on a voluntary basis with the manufactures of GMOs on human health. These crops will enter the food supply unlabeled for use in animal and processed food.

Government health agencies ignore the threats to human health

The danger is 2,4-D is a chlorophenoxy herbicides, which scientist around the world have reported increases cancer risks with its use, especially soft tissue sarcoma and malignant lymphoma. There are four separate studies in the United States, which showed an association with this herbicide and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Research by the EPA found that babies born in countries, which use high amounts of 2,4-D in their farm fields were significantly more likely to be born with birth defects of the respiratory, circulatory and muscular system which produces clubfoot, fused digits and extra digits. In fact, these birth defects were 60 – 90 percent more likely in countries using 2,4-D.

America is fast becoming the wasteland for chemical fertilizers

Today, the mad scientists of these greedy corporations are telling us that toxic weed killers and genetically modified foods will “feed the world” and are “good for us”. But you and I both know that’s “bullsh-t” – when, in reality, our government has allowed pharmaceutical plants to unload and mix poisons into our food for huge profit – not health reasons.

The only changes we will get are the ones we demand, such as the labeling GMO foods and the boycotting of processed foods with genetically modified ingredients. The only vote that matters is the one we make with the dollars we spend. Don’t believe the lies about organic food – buy, or grow, as much locally-grown fresh (chemical free) food as possible to protect your health.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • Marc Authier

    The first insecticide was not used for insects. It was called Zyclon B and was used by Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jews and Tziganes in Nazi concentration camps.

    GMOs are today the modern version of Zyclon B. Yes I really think that we are dealing with Nazis Eugenists running corporations like Dupont and Monsanto and the FDA. They do not care and they want you dead and sick. USA desserves to die to the hands of their Nazi scum working at the FDA. Not one decision by the FDA these last 50 years has made sense or has been done to protect the people of USA or the rest of the world. USA and Canada is a toxic dump when it comes to food.

  • Marc Authier

    Monsanto is PURE EVIL. So is the FDA.

  • Valentino

    The USDA and FDA are run by former big shots of Big Chemical and Big Pharma. The help pay the bill to get their man, the Presidents, both side of the isle, into office. America is run by Big Food, Big Chemical and Big Pharma – they are all in cahoots with all the key people in place. Poisoned food is cheaper and faster make when controlled by a few corporations and this fuels the need for more drugs that the doctors, who attend schools owned by Big Pharma.

    The human race is truly in peril. The people need to wake up and see the big picture. We are cattle in the hands of the few and those few are having their options and freedoms slowly and systematically removed.

  • Hendog have hit the nail on the head and without a doubt have done your homework..100% spot on. And now with elected officials on both sides of the isle in the back pocket of the lobbyist for Monsanto/Dow Chemical/Big Pharma.. you can bet your life that all disease will continue to escalate and just like the comment from Marc Authier stated, “They do not care and want you dead and sick” for many this seems outragous and a conspricy..but it is not. It is 100% TRUE..just look into the poisons that get injected into our bodies these days..PURE POISON! Vaccinations have weakened our immune systems and with that comes sickness and disease..go to your doctor and what does he suggest for your symptoms?? MORE POISONS! I thank God for websites like Natural News..but our elected officials on both sides are doing everything in their power to shut down these websites..and the SHEEP in this country will vote in favor of doing this for “our own good and personal safety” Its happening this very second but the vast majority could give a damn. Liberty Loving Americans MUST take a stand and vote this scum out of office..DO NOT cast a vote for ANYONE who will continue this onslaught of our God Given RIGHTS and FREEDOMS!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

  • wendy

    I don’t think Canada is as bad as the U.S. – yet. I think we, in Canada, just have to start boycotting U.S. food imports. At least the fresh fruits and vegetables say the country of origin. I already avoid the ones from China.

  • stewart

    poison is what destroys N.America power and starts a nuclear war. Wormwood is the name of the poison that causes bitterness in the world. I look forward to the death of pharm-ass. The poison will be activate by radio during the super rain. Humans will then drop like those animal deaths we hear about.( the ones conventional media ignore )

  • Antonio

    The FDA is actually at the fore front of health in America, it is only the small handful of people managing it that are corrupt. Actually the scientists of the FDA do try and help the public but are in danger of being fired or worse. Good FDA letter to Obama, the actual FDA scientists are heroes.

    Also, this whole commercial farming isn’t for profit at all. ALL PROFITS OF FOOD COMPANIES come from soda, and farm subsidies. If the government didn’t rob American money and funnel it into farm subsidies, nobody could afford any of that gmo crap.

  • Russ Lemon

    Even RoundUp contributes to type 2 diabetes by locking up the metal nutrients in the soil so they cannot be used. Chromium is necessary to activate insulin. Chrome is a metal and therefore unavailable to support insulin. Opinion.FarTooMuch.Info/GMHC.htm.