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Holistic solutions for physical pain

woman stretching

(NaturalHealth365) A huge study, by the Mayo Clinic, looked at over 140,000 patients – between 2005 and 2009 – to find out why (exactly) people went to see a doctor. Initially, you might think that heart disease and cancer would top the list, but that’s not it. Believe it or not, skin disorders were number one – followed by physical ... Read More »

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Warning: Emotional stress does increase the risk of breast cancer

emotionally upset woman

(NaturalHealth365) The diagnosis of breast cancer is inevitably a very emotional event. As your mind races a hundred miles an hour, dozens of questions come to the surface. You wonder about your course of treatment, what the outcome will be and how you and your family will make it through it all. I deal with these issues all the time ... Read More »

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The secret behind the mind body connection and longevity

(NaturalHealth365) What exactly is behind the “mind body connection”? Today, we’ll explore how to develop a stronger mind (and body) by appreciating the power of breathing. In fact, you’ll discover that breath holds the key to a long, healthy life. Have you ever had an experience that “took your breath away”? Whether it was a frightful event or a pleasant ... Read More »

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The placebo effect is powerful medicine

(NaturalHealth365) The placebo effect is nothing to sneeze at, it may be the working capital, which creates healing. Most primary care doctors along with patients assume that the purple pill sets the stage for healing possibilities. There is the visible and the not so visible, which directs the outcome. The force that determines the outcome only you can direct. For ... Read More »

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