Motivational health presentation proves to be life changing

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Motivational Health Talk(NaturalHealth365) I was raised in a juicing family, dating way back to the early 1960s. My mother was a juicing fanatic. This is ultimately how I met my husband, Jay Kordich back in 1980!

For over 40 years, I have witnessed people getting excited about changing their habits from eating a ‘Standard American Diet’ (SAD) to eating – and juicing – more highly energized, vibrant living foods – thanks to Jay’s motivational presentations.

The biggest challenge I have seen people face is not being able to feel motivated for long periods of time. This is KEY to changing our lives, long term, for the better. We need a good support system!

Initially, most of us become highly motivated, yet within three or four days, the motivation wanes and we lose interest, mostly because we are butting up against long term poor habits and/or family members who don’t like to see us change, or we may not get enough support from our friends and friends.

Motivation lives at the core of all successful changes

Either we become unmotivated and our good intentions slip by, or we continue to stay motivated – so that the core of our desires remain strong, and ultimately we make solid changes.

So, where then, do we get our motivation to continue to eat well and be well and live well and juice well?

I have a simple answer for you!

Today, I am going to share a motivating audio program created by my husband, Jay Kordich. It’s only about 18 minutes long and it’s a great audio to listen to when you’re feeling you need a bit of motivation!

Jay began juicing back in 1948, when he suffered a life threatening disease, and at the age of 26, changed his life forever – by learning how to juice from the great physician Dr. Max Gerson. Within a year, he was a new man. After that, he was on fire to help motivate, inspire and educate the world.

Prepare yourself for a great year of health and success

This audio program reveals the true health benefits of juicing; why plant food enzymes are crucial for optimal health and a lot of other goodies you’re just going to love. Share this message with your family and friends – enjoy!

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About the author: Linda Kordich has been married for 33 years to Jay Kordich, world renown health educator and the “Father of Juicing”. She is the co-author of their new book, Live Foods Live Bodies and teaches throughout the world on the ‘Powers of the Gentle Art of Foods and Juices’. For more information about Jay and Linda Kordich – visit:

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