Chemtrails exposed – a whistleblower speaks out

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Chemtrails Poison People(NaturalHealth365) Beyond a poor diet and lack of exercise – there is a far greater threat to human health, which is unavoidable at this point. ‘SAG’, or stratospheric aerosol geoengineering – better known as chemtrails – is the systemic poisoning of our skies with toxic chemicals. These scientists want us to believe it’s for our ‘own good’ – but I’m not buying it.

As a society, we must protect our children (and future generations) from this worldwide crime against humanity.

There are still many ‘experts’ that would lead to believe it’s just a conspiracy theory. But, don’t be fooled, the facts are simply undeniable. Chemtrails are real and destroying the environment.

Hazardous materials are being sprayed over the population

In January 2014, at the 1st Annual Save Long Island event, I was invited to talk about the dangers of GMOs. But, it was the presentation of Kristen Meghan, a former Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineer turned whistleblower that really has me concerned about the future of humanity.

If you ever wondered about the most serious global issue of our time – chemtrails – this video (below) is a must to watch and share with your family and friends.

How do chemtrails threaten human health?

Think about it – these spraying projects place tons of tiny (toxic) particles of aluminum oxide, barium and strontium into our atmosphere and, eventually, our lungs – causing a wide variety of health issues like, nausea, diarrhea, headache, eczema, cardiac deaths and many upper respiratory illnesses.

Of course, conventionally-trained family physicians will tell you it’s an ‘allergy’ and prescribe drugs. But, you and I both know the real cause is an overabundance of environmental and food-related toxins.

The health statistics are alarming! Over 100 million people suffer from asthma worldwide. These toxic materials lodge deep inside our body – disturbing our endocrine system and emotional wellbeing. Aluminum, a major component of these chemtrails, can accumulate in our body and cause serious brain disorders like, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological conditions.

We can no longer remain silent about the issue of chemtrails. It serves no purpose to quietly wonder why ‘they’ are doing this – it’s imperative that we share this information with our neighbors, teachers, co-workers and begin the process of local activism.

Make demands on your local politicians to take action and if they don’t know what you’re talking about – take the time to educate them by using the resources below:

Youtube video – “What in the World are They Spraying” (1:37)

Youtube video – “Why in the World are They Spraying” (72:55)

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  • star

    Holy Smoke (no pun intended).

  • Jeannie

    Thank you so much for this info. Been trying to tell people this for a while now. Will keep trying.

  • sunny733

    I’ve been talking about chemtrails for years, and FINALLY, people are starting to see it for what they are. I tell them, please look it up.

    There are some very insidious ‘people’ (and I wonder if they are) running the $ (hence, the world), and they don’t care about us at all. It’s war, people, and we need to be smart and educated about this, and DO SOMETHING before humanity, as we know it, is gone. And that goes without saying to help our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.
    peace to you and yours.

  • Guest

    I have believed there were real for years as well, I’m glad people are
    finally waking up. I don’t care what the use of spraying is, bottom line
    is it kills.

    Here is a cool video:

  • PolitiJim

    If only media could reach a critical mass – I believe this SINGLE issue would galvanize Americans from every political perspective to take back control of Washington

    • the real media is, here —NN, Counter Punch, Sleuth, and others
      NOT reuters, abc,nbc,cbs
      and especially NOT CNN a real joke of a news company,
      well maybe not for the brainwashed doped down TV addicts, that like the celeb status yea I am rude what about it

  • this is true, the other day in myrtle beach, which is getting dosed, we saw small shiny particles on a sunny day, chemtrails were OH hours or the day before, heavy, I am tired of it, please find out who the pilots are where they live publish this so those that are tired of being attempted murder candidates can take action,
    Viva El Frente

  • Pamelann Bramlettine

    This is why the world , in a world millions of years old, will cleanse it’s self….some time in the future. Tomorrow? well yes ….not today. ….;)

  • Bob

    After listening to Kristen Meghan’s presentation on Chemtrails it struck me that organizations like NaturalHealth365, Naturalness (Mike Adams), Environmental Work Group (Ken Cook) and Food Revolution Network (Ocean Robbins) needs to get together and put on a week long webinar similar to the Gluten Summit. You need to gather together all the people like Kristen Meghan that you can find and produce a comprehensive webinar.

    • Suzie

      FACT- BASED AND WELL VERSED AND EDUCATIONAL.If this is presented in a fact based manner, The Conspiracy theory will be removed.Fact’s Speak for themselves!

  • technicallysane

    This has been going on longer than people think. Edward Griffin exposed it in his documentary a few years ago, but there are many other videos out there.
    This is worth the watch. com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

  • coconutgirl

    I have been seeing chem trails all of my life (30+) and as children my siblings and I always thought they were some sort of sky writers. …this goes on a lot here on the north coast of California and we have an epic drought going on too as well as a lot of potential haarp activity . I really like Kristen’s talk about people serving our country also needing to be vigilant about domestic enemies like people who are purposely using the American army to poison the American people. This is a very important issue . A friend of mine that lives on the Manila dunes tells me that solar ovens do not work well or at all on days when chemtrails are blocking the suns rays…and because this area normally gets a lot of rain, the thought of chemtrails raining down constantly is awful. A whole lotta dairy and alfalfa and produce is produced in nor cal.

    • Claudia

      As your “neighbor,” I’m sitting here watching two jets laying their trails along the northern CA coast the past 4 days. Years ago I was infuriated when I arrived to find them polluting the sky directly above the coastline, as I had traveled 6 hours to escape the toxic soup in the valley. Sign up at SKYDERALERT.COM and help document their activity worldwide. It is a battle against pure evil, folks. The more information we can disseminate the better, including strategies to boost our detoxification systems as well as fighting back against the slaughter of humanity.
      What do any of you know about “cloud busters?” I’ve seen their effects in operation by happenstance, and I’m very curious.

      • Neil Keenan

        Claudia I am fighting bb and on the front lines and waiting for the End Game as we speak. The SOB’s have poisoned me 6 times now the latest 5 days ago and the doctors who have examined me believe a robotic bug got to me this time. Yes it is very evil but we must fight for not only our salvation but the salvation of our children and the planet. To be honest I do not know why a bunch of us just do not go up to their homes and drag them out by they little chicken necks and just string them up. This is what they need. As for laws, these clowns wrote the laws to protect themselves not we the people so it is time that we the people write the laws and then take matters into our own hands. I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

  • alilwacked

    The impact it’s having on our lives, wildlife, plant life… should scare people! I used to have awesome gardens… high producing… now, I struggle with the soil just to try to get out of it dollar wise what I put in. They’re slowly killing us in more way than one. Ladies, there’s a reason that in todays world, that a high number of women in their 40’s and above (and they’re reporting younger ages) that reporting thyroid diseases. It’s not rocket science.