Reverse Stage IV cancer naturally

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Reverse Stage 4 Cancer Naturally(NaturalHealth365) Conventional medicine offers little hope for those suffering with Stage IV cancer. When it comes to most end-stage cancer cases, chemotherapy and radiation will only worsen the situation by destroying the immune system. If you were diagnosed with cancer – what would you do?

Recently, I had the great pleasure of interviewing a physician – who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In fact, after a failed attempt at brain surgery, the doctors told his family – he would not survive the night. But, with faith and determination, Dr. Majors proved them wrong.

Listen now to one of the most incredible stories of recovery I have ever heard in my life.

The best way to eliminate terminal cancer

Don’t feel like a victim. I have spoken to many people that are thriving since their cancer diagnosis – without the assistance of western medicine. But, their message is consistently the same, if you want to get beyond this disease – it will require lots of work.

Let’s face it, it took many years to develop cancer – it will take many years to fully recover.

It’s sad, but true, the conventional cancer industry has little interest in finding a cure for cancer – so why would you go to anyone like that? The real cause of cancer is multifactorial. In other words, there isn’t one reason for everybody. Too many toxins, emotional stress and a lack of nutrition will eventually cause cellular damage and death. Although no two people are the same – a real cancer cure has three main components – diet; detoxification and a new perspective on life.

The bottom line – if you want to overcome your cancer diagnosis (naturally) – find a doctor that understands how to nourish the body and minimize your toxic burden. Surround yourself with loving people and loving thoughts. And, of course, never give up!

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  • Organic Girl

    lol, haha . I have been listening to the free talk hour show every sunday for a over a year. This was originally a free show. I really appreciate all the information I get here.

  • Lyn Cummens

    It’s a long story, but herbs especially standardized curcumin from Turmeric and silymarin from thistle seeds along with herbs in Flor-essece tea (and prayers) saved my life fourteen years ago. Thistle seeds also reversed cancer in my parakeet with a huge tumor when the vet said nothing could be done! She was three at the time and lived to be twelve after it vanished in a month. Mine took a year and a half to shrink and disappear.
    NIH is studying curcumin at several hospitals focused on early levels of cancer and much research has been and is being done at the University of Michigan.