Major university finds lead in common foods

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Lead Found in Common Food(NaturalHealth365) Lead, a highly toxic heavy metal, has been found in thousands of commonly used food items throughout the world. Millions of unsuspecting food consumers are buying poor quality products that reduce I.Q.; cause learning disabilities; organ failure; reproductive problems and cancer.

Our food money can change the world.. As health conscious food consumers, we must ask questions and see documentation, when appropriate, about the safety of our food. Keep in mind, especially with superfood nutrition companies, many food ingredients are tested for heavy metals. We just need to ask about the test results.

The danger of heavy metal consumption – over time

The body cannot easily eliminate lead from the body – so small doses will accumulate over time. In fact, government health regulators have stated that there is ‘no safe dosage of lead. And, as far as detoxification goes, it is far more difficult to naturally remove heavy metals from the body than it is to prevent exposure in the first place.

Marketing campaigns are targeting the most vulnerable.

The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) recently tested drinks on the market, especially those marketed to children. The report states that a whopping 85% of the tested drinks contained enough lead to require a warning label. The results are alarming since 125 our 146 products had enough lead in a single serving to justify a warning.

Of course, there are currently no juice drinks with such a label. But, with enough public awareness – we can change this quickly.

According to the ELF, lead was found in major brands of juice including Welsh’s, Great Value, Kroger, Traders Joe’s, Walnut Acres Walgreen’s brand, Minute Maid, Gerber, Del Monte, and Dole. Plus, here’s the real surprise, lead was found in organic brands such as, 365 Everyday Value® Organic, Earth’s Best® Organic, and O Organics™. And, by the way, most of these food companies are against the non-GMO labeling movement sweeping the United States.

In addition, ELF found lead in a majority of the packaged fruit and baby food products. So, if you’re spending money on Del Monte, Libby’s, Market Pantry, S&W or Dole canned fruits – make the switch to fresh, whole foods and avoid these toxic, overly-processed foods.

Our food supply is not well-regulated

A new study out of the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) may give spicy food-lovers a real tummy ache. Researchers, at UNLV, reported that they’ve found concerning levels of lead in several types of imported hot sauces that were tested.

The study, by Shawn Gerstenberger and Jennifer Berger Ritchie, and published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, is the first known investigation into lead levels in hot sauces, according to the university. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not have a safe standard for lead in hot sauce. I’m sure the entire conventional food industry would like this issue to just go away – but it won’t.

Consumer Reports conducted an eye-opening investigation, which revealed that several popular highly-processed protein powders like Myoplex, Muscle Milk, Designer Whey and the GNC brand – all contained unacceptable levels of arsenic, cadmium and lead.

According to Consumer Reports editor Andrea Rock, ”Consuming these kinds of protein drinks on a regular basis can in some cases create the risk of chronic exposure, even at low levels, to heavy metals such as cadmium and lead that can pose health problems, particularly to vulnerable people.”

She goes on to say that, ”vulnerable people are children under age 18, pregnant women, and people suffering with diabetes or chronic kidney conditions.”

The detection of high levels of lead found in Chinese canned peaches, last year, has reignited calls for stronger country of origin labeling and more rigorous testing. This has yet to happen.

Organic food buyers need to be careful

The state attorney general has accused several large California grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, of selling lead-tainted ginger and plum candies in a case that underscores how little consumers know about the food they eat.

The lawsuit, filed April 30 in San Francisco Superior Court, argues that Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, 99 Ranch Market, Island Pacific Supermarket, Marina Food and other retailers have been selling candy, snacks and bulk food made with ginger or dried plums that contains dangerously high levels of lead.

These companies did not alert customers to the lead, the suit charges, and that violates California’s Proposition 65 – which requires businesses to warn consumers about harmful toxins in food, toys, jewelry and other products.

Lead-tainted food can end up in customers’ shopping carts more easily than they think, said Michael Hansen, senior staff scientist at Consumers Union and a national expert on food safety. He said many retailers get products, particularly those made with ginger, from Asia, where food is less expensive and often produced in contaminated environments with little oversight.

If your concerned about the health risks associated with heavy metal toxicity – learn more about how to remove lead safely and effectively. Most natural health care providers will talk about the importance of vitamin C plus many other antioxidants to counter the harmful effects of heavy metals which cause massive free radical damage, cellular inflammation and disease.

A guide to safe, healthy shopping

Do your homework when buying packaged foods. Let’s face it – looking at labels simply isn’t good enough. Living in toxic environment requires phone calls, emails and face-to-face conversations with our food providers.

Are the companies you buy from testing their products for heavy metals? Call and find out. Would you like to avoid GMOs? Get the non-GMO shopping guide and make wise purchasing decisions. Naturally, your greatest food security comes from growing your own food or buying (only) from verified, organic non-GMO food companies.

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Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.


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  • Phil Steinberg

    I guess in order to be safe we all need to become breatharians and stop eating & drinking altogether; but, then where on earth will we ever find clean air?
    Beam me up Scotty – Please!

    • G Clay

      No, we all need to take a pro-active stance. That includes continually educating others (even against their will) and being an example.It’s hard work and it takes time but it IS well worth it.

      • Organic Girl

        I agree

    • That’s right!

  • DianneP

    I try to eat foods from scratch now, or since 2011 when I read a lot about GMO foods. At the time, I was trying to buy foods without a lot of added ingredients, especially corn, soy, canola, sugar and especially aspartame. After looking at labels religiously, I decided I cannot trust manufacturers since they cut corners for profits and add food derivatives that I had decided were poison due to my body.
    A funny thing happened…. i lost weight and fixed my pre diabetes. For years I suffered from bad digestion and regularity. That can still be a problem but now I know how to regulate myself and I have better energy.
    By the way, I love eating the way I eat now…. and I do not have to count calories.
    I had no idea I would ever be a raw nut snack eater or even have fatty foods like avocados. However I gave up a big food item….wheat! That was replaced by legumes.

    • Me too, although we have to watch for mould in nuts here in the UK, 4,000 miles from Nutland. Most ‘organic’ growers here are on pretty poisoned x-Victorian ‘brown-field’ sites. The Victorians loved their Uranium glassworks, Lead & Mercury.

  • Better grow your own foods naturally!

  • Taste!