Alpha lipoic acid saves lives by reversing disease

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Alpha-Lipoic Acid Reverses Disease(NaturalHealth365) Many well-trained healthcare professionals already know the lifesaving capabilities of alpha lipoic acid. This potent antioxidant is somewhat ignored by mainstream medicine – yet its abilities to reverse liver failure plus many other ‘incurable’ diseases like cancer are second to none.

Better known as lipoic acid or ALA, this valuable nutrient is needed by every cell of the body for energy. In other words, without it – there is no life. So, if you know someone suffering with chronic fatigue or any other chronic degenerative disease – tell them about ALA.

Does your doctor understand the value of ALA?

Despite overwhelmingly positive studies and noteworthy research little information is printed about the health benefits of ALA. With just a little investigative effort, one will discover that consuming ALA is a wise choice to restore immune function; reverse the negative effects of aging; repair liver damage and dramatically reduce the risks associated with diabetes and heart disease.

Holistic physicians like, Dr. Julian Whitaker in California, have touted the benefits of ALA – for years – especially for diabetics, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease patients. This substance can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and help to detoxify the body.

The food we eat is eventually converted to sugar and used as fuel by the mitochondria. And, as you may already know, the mitochondria represents the powerhouse of our cells and produce the energy required for life itself.

Why don’t doctors tell their patients about ALA? Simply put, and deliberately avoiding the ‘politics’, conventionally-trained physicians have never been exposed to nutrition education or the benefits of orthomolecular medicine. Without a sufficient personal experience – most doctors, sadly, remain uneducated about effective disease reversal strategies.

A call to action for every caring physician

An important function of alpha lipoic acid is to serve as a cofactor for the conversion of food to energy. When the body does not properly convert food into energy – disease will surely follow. Therefore, in order to truly help patients, doctors will need to learn everything they can about nutrition and nutritional supplements to prevent disease.

ALA is essential for converting food into energy. Remember the Krebs cycle? If you don’t have enough ALA in the body – the Krebs cycle shuts down and cells die. And, just in case you didn’t know, the Krebs cycle is a series of biochemical reactions that are utilized by all aerobic organisms – including humans.

The Krebs cycle is necessary to life and organisms cannot synthesize sources of fuel, such as carbohydrates and fats, into useable cellular energy without it. The Krebs cycle is carried out within the mitochondria. This point can’t be overemphasized enough – alpha lipoic acid facilitates life itself.

Can ALA reverse the hands of time?

The short answer is yes. ALA acts as a powerful anti-aging substance by combating the two major factors responsible for cellular dysfunction (and death) – free radical damage and glycation. It also increases antioxidant protection by helping the body recycle vitamin C and E, CoQ10 and glutathione.

Where do I get ALA? Actually, the body makes its own ALA to help cells produce energy. But, if you have more ALA in your body than you need for cell function, that extra ALA turns into antioxidants. Antioxidants work against the unstable oxygen particles in the body that damage cells and contribute to the aging process.

Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) have been shown to accelerate aging. This process is behind the onset of cardiovascular disease, dementia, eye disease, cancer, and even wrinkles. AGEs cause widespread damage to tissues through inflammation and linking itself to collagen.

Our diets are full of foods that produce advanced glycation end products such as barbequed or broiled meats, fried foods, foods cooked at high temperatures and foods that contain processed sugars. In addition, pasteurized milk and other overly-processed dairy products increase your risk for premature death.

Is ALA supplementation really necessary?

In a word – yes. Alpha lipoic acid is only found in a few food sources like, brewer’s yeast, meats (especially liver) and spinach. But, you would have to eat an enormous amount of these foods to get enough ALA.

In reality, ALA is bound and not readily available from dietary sources. The research lab of Lester Packer, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading experts on ALA, once calculated that to obtain a mere milligram of ALA, one would need to eat 7 pounds of spinach. The purification, by researchers, of lipoic acid used to determine its structure takes about 10 tons of liver residues to yield 30 mg of lipoiic acid.

Although ALA is endogenous to our cells – it is only made in limited quantities and this supply decreases as we age. The most efficient way to get ALA is through a dietary supplement. The form needed to take is the biologically active form which naturally occurs in the body, such as ‘R-ALA’.

If you’re looking for a good source of R-ALA – check out the liposomal variety offered by LivOn Labs. Obviously, if suffering from serious health issues, always work with a trusted, well-trained healthcare provider to reverse disease.

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  • charles

    Sorry, does not make sense. Why would our bodies develop a vital need for something which we cannot ever get enough of from Diet or the environment in some way. A species would not be successful if its body had important nutritional needs that could never be satisfied.

    • orgaincgirl

      Same as Vitamin C you do get some from diet but most people never get enough for optimal health. Ask anyone who has reversed liver failure or an autoimmune disease from ALA. Many people have supplemented with C to stop heart disease or stop bleeding gums but you need to supplement for the body to repair. In addition most of are food today is depleted of nutrients – 100 year ago food had up to 50x the nutrition

      • charles

        Hi Thanks, I understand your point but it actually proves my own point IMHO. 100 yrs ago and thru most human history food was more nutritious yet ALA was still available in only one or two foods in amounts lower than what the white coats tell us we need in order to be healthy. Again, a species would not evolve with dire need of a nutrient that is marginally available even in the best of times and those ancestors who had the nutritious food also experienced famines etc making their diet somewhat less abundant than advertised.
        I am not saying that certain people with acute illness do not benefit from short intense rounds of supplementation but the first thing we should acknowledge is the gaps in our own knowledge. Nature, in its wisdom built us so that we make less ALA, hormones and other things as we age. We risk playing with fire just mindlessly stuffing ourselves with unnatural substitutes without fully knowing how our complex feedback systems will react to such interventions. This ALA is a perfect example. The kind of invented need used to promote vitamin sales or to feed an OCD urge for perfect health or to avoid death. Neither urges pan out in the end.
        Now that I have offended everyone on the list, I will close by suggesting that taking one of the Liv On labs packets per week would be a nice middle ground hedge.

  • Ellen

    ALA makes me unable to concentrate. Any insight concerning this? Thanks,

    • Mike

      Eat food before you take it as it can lower your blood sugar too much. Also, try a lower dose.

      • G Clay

        The directions say wait 15 min. before eating.

  • Mike

    I feel great and have energy when I take R-lipoic Acid. Just don’t take it too late in the day or you won’t sleep. Also, you may need to lower the dose to avoid having too much energy.

  • haft

    This can be really bad for people with thyroid problems or kidney diease.. never take any of this without your doctor following up.. This might be good for some people but not all…so beware….

    • charles

      I was curious, where did you get the info that ALA is bad for thyroid? Thanks

  • Karen

    ALA is also good for treating nerve pain. I have a neuropathic disease and I have been taking ALA (plus B vitamins) and it does help reduce the pain. Sometimes I find it makes my stomach acidic, so they suggest I take it with food, although the manufactuer says it works better on an empty stomach.