Smart meters blast population with cancer-causing radiation

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Smart Meter Health Alert(NaturalHealth365) Digital meters, better known as ‘smart meters’, are being installed on homes throughout the world. These radiation-emitting, surveillance devices are watching every move you make; while, at the same time, bathing you with cancer-causing radiation. Without regard to human health, power companies are looking to capture the entire population with this new, highly-toxic technology.

Smart meters are spying on you! Smart meters represent the greatest violation of personal privacy to date. As if the sickening amount of radiation wasn’t enough – these devices record every activity performed in the privacy of your home and get transmitted (wirelessly) to corporate giants – like your local power company. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, you’ll discover why this technology is the ultimate health risk and, more importantly, what you can do to avoid having these dangerous units attached to your home.

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Why does your local power company support a global agenda?

The answer may be as simple as money. Power companies are under enormous pressure to build more power plants – throughout the world – as energy consumption is climbing. But, the costs are astronomical, when you consider real estate needs; zoning issues; copper wire costs and expensive man hours to install everything. Therefore, setting up a wireless grid can eliminate these concerns, cut costs and dramatically improve profit margins.

But, as we all know, we’re also living in a world with less and less privacy. As digital technology advances – so does the temptation of criminally-minded individuals to capture information and use it against the population. In truth, these digital meters wirelessly transmit your personal information without any guarantee of security. So, if you don’t like this idea – find out what you can do.

On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, personal freedom crusader Jerry Day and Jonathan Landsman talk about how you can legally stop your power company from hurting you plus much more.

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Why should we be concerned with electromagnetic pollution?

In 2009, Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of the world renowned Paracelsus Clinic in Lustmühle, Switzerland said he is convinced ‘electromagnetic loads lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s and even back pain.’

Everything in modern medicine and technology is making humans more vulnerable to electromagnetic pollution. Chemtrails, dental amalgams, vaccines and heavy metals in our food supply make us hypersensitive to electromagnetic frequency vibrations. These highly-toxic electrical disturbances cause oxidative stress, cell death and, eventually, chronic disease.

So, you may be wondering, how is the heavy metal burden – within our body – directly related to the health problems associated with electromagnetic pollution? The answer is quite simple. The heavy metals in our body as like mini-antennas in the presence of electromagnetic-emitting cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi networks, cordless phones, and many other radiofrequency devices like, smart meters.

This is why heavy metal detoxification is so important for optimal health. And, above all, don’t let a smart meter get installed on your home. Join us for an empowering, informative program.

This week’s guest: Jerry Day, Emmy-winning television producer and consumer rights advocate

Learn more about the health dangers associated with digital ‘smart’ meters – Sun. Mar. 23

Jerry Day is an Emmy-winning television producer and has produced a series of youtube videos on digital utility metering. Those videos have gone viral to over two million views. Jerry Day has been in the forefront of the digital metering opposition movement by offering legal documents – free to the public – to put the power company on notice about their legal violations, and by offering analog electric meters in special meter replacement kits.

Those kits have been purchased by hundreds of utility customers who wish to remedy the unsafe and unlawful metering of their power companies. Apart from youtube videos, Jerry Day has done no advertising and his earnings from the meter kits go into personal phone support and guidance to people who call with questions about their meter issues.

Protect your health and privacy. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Jerry Day talk about the dangers of smart meters and how to avoid having these radiation-emitting, surveillance devices placed on your home. This program reveals how to stop the utility companies from harming your health.

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Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.

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  • wiki-reader

    re: “copper wire costs”- copper is used inside homes/businesses, but the expense of their wiring is for the materials that carry the current before the terminus — aluminum and steel for high voltage. There are some other interesting true facts about HV transmission, but that’s another animal.

  • genann59

    My utility company installed a smart meter a couple of months ago and since then I’ve had problems with my power going out when the motor on the fridge comes on or when the compressor on the AC kicks in. Everything in the house goes off for a few seconds and I get worried the power surges are going to end up destroying the electronics and electrical appliances in the house. I really have no idea what is involved with them smart meters. They told me they installed it as they were gradually replacing all the meters but did mine early so their readers would not have to go in the backyard in case my dogs were outside. I had asked them to have their meter readers knock on my door before going back there since I had adopted some formerly abused dogs who might bite strangers in my yard. Next thing I knew they had put in this smart meter and now I have outages periodically. When it had just been the AC I had thought the problem might be the AC, but after last night when the same thing happened with the fridge and I was sitting here when it happened and saw and heard it, when I asked friends on facebook, they explained it was most likely the smart meter. And to expect more of the same in the future. And when I called the utility company this morning, they told me it was no problem, not to worry about it. I am concerned as I cannot afford to replace computers, TVs and electrical appliances that could end up fried from power surges. Let alone if that technology causes cancer. (I just had a dog recently diagnosed with lymphoma who seemed to suddenly out of nowhere come down with that and it is spreading in her like wildfire, don’t know if at all related)

    • 7LibertyForAll

      You’re totally right about power surges damaging sensitive electronics. Smart meters are Agenda 21 tactics.

    • Annie Oakley

      Hello Genann ~ Smart Meters (SM) emit microwave radiation throughout your home up to 190K times/day and are 100 times more powerful than cell phones. SMs monitor every appliance, electronic device, electrical outlet and track your activity every second of the day. They cause surges in power, disrupting and damaging computer equipment and other household appliances. SMs (R U ready 4 this?) are NOT UL (safety standard) listed and known to cause house fires. SMs emit higher levels of radiation to “reception towers” (called a “data dump) occurring daily at 2, 3 or 4 am disturbing sleep. Consumers are also seeing significant increases in their utility bills.

      Health issues reported include headaches, sharp head pain and head pressure, high pitched ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, chest pain, disorientation, dizziness, balance problems, vertigo, anxiety, irritability, stress, nervousness, hypersensitivity, brain fog, forgetfulness, behavioral changes especially in children, leg and muscle cramps, MS, diabetes, eye issues, cancer, vertigo, stroke and much more. SM are not federally mandated YET! There’s an award-winning documentary well worth getting called “Take Back Your Power” which will explain everything. What the utilities are doing is criminal and lawsuits are increasing. Why people are left in the dark is, of course, our “sold out” media. Real truth that affects our lives is still found in alternative media. Get the doc, TBYP and find out how to fight back.

  • synrgii

    Many years ago and I didn’t know enough about this topic and held out as long as I could against the power company. They threatened me about shutting my power off numerous times. Finally, I just gave in out of ignorance. If I now already have one installed, which MOST people do by now too, what can I (we) do about it? It’s not like they are going to remove it. So can I wrap it in aluminum foil or a faraday cage of sorts, grounded to the house, or something to block the signals? I hope the show covers this post-installation angle. Thx.

    • Guest

      You might want to start by having an electrician install a high grade whole house surge suppressor, drastically reduces surges and spikes by smoothing out the sine wave pattern, subverts over billing using static energy read as “usage, undermines the agenda to do data mining, data analysis and data collection and resales, and neutralizes bioelectrical harm

  • Nan

    How can I contact Mr Day

    • Xy

      Jerry Day

  • Lynn Daykin

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 years after my smart meter was installed and am now taking steps to get it removed. Maybe it’s best to get a group together like these folks did… https://stopsmartmeters. org/how-you-can-stop-smart-meters/

  • Lynn Daykin

    I’m in Southern California… just called So Cal Edison to get my smart meter removed. I was told it’s $75 to remove the smart meter and I’ll then have to pay an additional $10 every month. I asked why I had to pay and was told, because it’s our property. Huh?

    • guest

      Don’t know if this is the case in South Cal but …. in BC, Canada, where up to 200,000 have refused smart meters, despite the utility’s insistence that “they” own the electromechanical meters they removed, fact is they don’t. They stole private property, perfectly working electromechanical meters – nearly 1.6 million of them – and then immediately smashed (“recycled”) them. But what they took actually did and does belong to the customer.
      Lucky thing too, since the utility was too cheap to pay for electromechanical meters in the first place.The utility decided to make the customer buy the analogue meters for any new power installation, (as well as buying service drop poles and paying for transmission lines to the electrical mast). The customer had to hire a utility approved electrician to install the meter that was paid for and owned by the customer. The utility billed the customers separately for the installation work done but they definitely made the customer buy their own safe, reliable meters.
      Many still have those purchase receipts. Even those who don’t have such physical proof that they own the analogue meter still do own it. If they own the property, they own the meter. The analogue meter is theirs under real estate law as well. It’s a fixture bought with the home, just as is the meter base.
      The utility now creates a separate communications smart grid that has nothing to do with the separate energy grid, then under the pretext that a communications system is the same thing as energy provision, the utilities everywhere bill all customers and make certain the customer/taxpayer pays for every part of the smart grid, including smart meters. Except that this time around the utility retains ownership of the smart meter and fries the base with it, then blames the customer for the base they themselves corrode and arc and damage. They decided to own the meter this time was after realizing in hindsight that the old way of getting the customer to buy their own meter was a mistake since it left the customer with too many clear property rights, and since it diminished the corporation’s power and control over the customer – though, sadly, surprisingly few know and fewer still exercise their rights, even at the best of times.
      Common law is the answer for those who want to refuse the meter and stay safe. It may eventually even be used to lead to meter removal as well.
      Contract law is under common law.
      No one agreed to or contracted for a two way transmitter that data mines the whole house.
      The customer still has all kinds of rights.
      Use ’em or lose ’em.

      • Lynn Daykin

        I guess they have to get their money back somehow for all those cancer causing meters they manufactured, that people now don’t want…

    • David

      Their property what?! Your house is yours, and has nothing to do with an electric company. You have to pay only your power usage bill, not any extra $.
      How can anything in your place other than the kilowatt meter be their property? This sounds like an abuse or misunderstand.

      By the way, I’m in Spain (an invisible country compared to your technology, but maybe healthier as there is no money or demand/profit to install inventions like these meters…) and I don’t know what these electronic meters are… but they don’t look like a good thing.

      Every time I am more convinced that off-grid power is going to be the best option for the future. Electricity is becoming too expensive and other power sources will probably be more affordable.

      How is life in the USA? Is everything too expensive, are they rising electricity, gas, etc prices…? Just curiosity

      • Lynn Daykin

        I know, I can understand having to pay the $75 to remove it, but to then charge me $10 a month for the rest of my life, for something that was REMOVED is insane. I never had to pay $10 a month for the old analog meter that I’m having put back. It just doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, you can’t put a price on health…

      • Lynn Daykin

        I LOVE living in the USA. Even though I live in California, I don’t find it expensive at all. I go back to England every 18 months and can’t believe how expensive everything is. I don’t know how my nieces and nephews can can afford to buy clothes and shoes for their kids at those prices. Britain and Europe is far more advanced when it comes to technology though. When I go back there, my iPhone 4s looks like a dinosaur!

    • edward

      spray paint the front and say it was randomly vandalized and you would like another one installed. Then they have to do it!

    • Deanna Chesebrough

      I live in Cali as well. I’m going to have to do this!!! Seems worth it to me to pay a little extra for our health back!! Did they hassle you about removing the meter?

    • Deanna Chesebrough

      When did they tell you that they will remove it by? And did they give you any attitude?

      • Lynn Daykin

        No, she didn’t give me an attitude. I simply said I wanted it removed and the old analog meter put back. She told me the price, I agreed to it, she said it would be removed when they had an electrician available. They just called and said they can remove it on Thursday – whoo-hoo. Now all I have to do is get rid of the breast cancer!

        • Deanna Chesebrough

          Be sure to check into “iodine” use for the breast cancer. Dr Brownstein has amazing info on that at his website. I also called and am having mine removed. He did not even question it at all! Why have I not done this sooner????

          • Lynn Daykin

            Thank you – yes, I know about iodine. I’m only doing alternative treatment – chemo or radiation for me, that’s what killed my youngest brother, Aunt, Uncle, and cousin. I have a great doctor in Mexico and I’m doing very, very well on his program. I’ll tell you why we never thought about removing the meters sooner… it’s because we expected to do battle with them and have a very hard time trying to get it taken out!

    • Deanna Chesebrough

      My comments are being deleted! Why? It says “awaiting moderation” then disappears. I’m not even saying anything controversial… what the heck?

  • Lynn Daykin

    Ok, so Edison just showed up (without an appointment so I’m glad I was home) to replace my smart meter. He said, “Because you have dogs, we need to install the kind that allows us to stand in the street with a hand held device that reads your meter – it will only click on for about 5 seconds”. I asked him if this was an old fashioned analog meter that doesn’t constantly emit radiation and he said, “Yes it is”. How the heck do I know what he just installed? It looks just like the one he removed, except it says Air Point on it. I now have to thoroughly research what this thing is.

  • Nick

    The whole US economy is gonna crash soon. My parents were thinking of moving in because of low prices and cheaper housing, but many professionals say that’s a bad idea. From Canada by the way.

  • Opt-Out = extra fees But do it. Every citizen must be aware when these smart meters are coming so that you have advanced planning to opt-out. Be concerned that the term used was “deploy smart meters” which is usually used in military activities! Be active in monitoring your health-especially headaches ,insomnia,rapid heartbeats,bloody noses or any existing health condition exasperated etc (See Annie Oakley’s post and list here) …,home- buzzing noises this may be your house wires damaging effects , ALL electronic appliances especially with motors heating and cooling elements and mother boards- such as hot water tanks ,refrigerators,washer and dryers dish washers and phone, light bulbs blowing,TV,Computer,remote control and fire alarm malfunctions,these are just a few for beginning warnings many more may be happening,, and electric bill changes- increased KWH usage if and when you become victimized by not opposing these installations. please check out http://www.mainecoalitiontostopsmartmeters. org = first state within the U.S. in favor of citizen lead plaintiff request for investigation Maine Superior Court ruled that Maine PUC investigate the safety of smart meters still ongoing presently , http://www.takebackyourpower. org = crowd funded Documentary of the dark side of smart meters and more is coming on this subject from many awakened individuals world wide.
    There are many pages to go to as USA and the world becomes hyper sensitive to EMF pollution and the appetities we are creating to feed this want for upgrades in technologies( smart phones,smart cars,smart appliances,etc…) while our bodies are not designed to protect,shield against this invasive penetrating invisible harm. Above all else be visible and keep this issue in conversations so we may help one another be informed and the news and inquire at your Town and State Capital steps. I hope this helps the uninformed stay safe. As for opt-outs its MOOT if you live in neighborhoods and apartment buildings because your neighboring residents that have a smart meters will penetrate your cautionary extortive fee actions.

    • organic girl

      Right on-Thank you Autumn

  • Great article but it really can only scratch the surface concerning the dangers and controls imposed by EMF when contained on a website page of course. The total surveillance and full spectrum dominance plans currently in place and being implemented as concerning the power companies and their use of data over power-lines technology has almost zero input from the public and will be implemented without our consent in violation of our first, fourth fifth amendments to name a few. Analog meters are still available for now but they may try to tell you their not, so go on line they’re there until they are bought up or removed for now. Agenda 21 is in your home, your work, your car, your toaster oven, your refrigerator, your dishwasher, your washers and dryers, your heaters, your cellphones, your mail, your finances, your social networks, your health care, your computer, it’s in full contact with most of your life right now. It’s the quiet wars for silent weapons. No privacy=no liberty.

  • Guest

    Correction. Wireless does not save energy, Wireless gobbles energy. On pound of coal creates one gigabyte. We are being tapped to pay to be spied on and bilked. What IS very profitable is private data – YOURS.
    The harsh fact is that individual sources of wireless harm and wireless invasion cannot be sorted out of a giant smog.
    The smart grid is the gateway linking all smart devices.
    Everywhere that there are phones – and I refer here to LANDLINES – there are people who have smart meters or are living near others who have smart meters and more and more of them now complain that the landline phone hurts their heads when they use the phone. And that is without any digital phone service at all, Just a so called “safe” landline. Everything everywhere , every cell, every system living, including all of us, has been artificially forcibly energized and we have all been turned into involuntary antennae. To disappear down a rabbit hole trying to analyze how misses the big picture. Not even a professional building bau biologist analyzing one single home surrounded by other homes would be able to fully sort out the sources of so many different frequencies and frequency conflicts. And even then all of the many frequencies conflict with and augment one another and create new frequencies, literally breeding more new frequencies using existing ones.
    Wireless is based on radar technology.
    End of story.
    What we may be witnessing could be slow ecocide, as the planet is being turned into the wild west of radar based radiation proliferation. Corporations might in effect ARE an unelected form of top down government which lobbies and purchases government in order to radiate even the wilderness, all for profit. To try to compartmentalize sources of harm can proved to be a crazy making exercise. It would be like trying to sort out the ingredients in a giant electrosmog soup after it is all cooked and all ingredients are merged and blended. In fact the only question worth asking is this: How would any wired device or landline or anything else that was once “safe” NOT become coupled into the larger wireless environment created by the grid and cell system and super wifi?
    The smart grid is a data extraction grid. It is a second data collection grid. It is NOT the energy transmission and delivery system. The energy grid gives. The smart grid takes away. It operates entirely separately from transmission and distribution. However, nearly everyone fell for the idea that the two separate systems were one system, and that that one thing was about energy delivery. Not at all. It is about wealth generation and asset transfer. Essentially – theft. The smart grid must be understood for whyat its purpose is as an entirely OTHER data extraction communications wireless grid. Billing for virtual usage is overseen by those who did the books for Enron. No one learned that lesson, it would seem. People tend to focus on the players instead of the scheme itself, The Enron scheme lives on and has now gone global. In cities cell towers are now the size of a Rubik’s cube and there is one every couple of hundred feet. Invisible. How on earth would anyone ever be able to analyze one needle (source) in such a total immersion haystack(smog)? There is a suffocating life diminishing microwave data extraction/theft blanket over everyone and everything. And the smart grid has activated or “energized” all metal wiring in everything, corroding it, as it goes live, causing arcing, coupling to everything – grid wiring, phone lines,, homes, and otherwise – and turning all conductive metal wiring for everything including landline phones, etc into antennas – extensions of the grid as all metal becomes rf. “energized”. There is no equipment that sorts out the origins of all the various components that are creating countless hotspots. Think about copper wire – It’s the perfect antenna. And when it is replaced with aluminium wire to save money, it cause horrific transients. Even if a phone line or other wire is grounded, is that ground able to neutralize the whole wireless smart grid which is tasering every biological being, every pet, every infant, anything trying to exist but trapped under all pervasive all encompassing killing fields microwave blanketing?
    Everyone everywhere needs to do what industry did to save money on electronic failures. Best bet would be to immediately buy, install and use a sinetamer type of industrial whole house suppressor plus a separate suppressor for anything that is generating microwave energy inside a home or acting as an antenna, such as a phone.
    A whole house suppressor, the effective industrial ones, don’t silently fail, and are guaranteed even for a lightning strike or a massive power surge. They smooth out the sine waves and transients that are the source of harm.
    The cell industry, satellites, smart grid,NSA, all one system, and we are literally living in homes that have been turned into countless multi-pronged antennas filled with harmful spiking, pulsing transients that overcharge us at the same time. A high grade whole house suppressor filters wires and even filters wireless that couples to wires, so it is able to stop data collection. Not the cheap Home Depot junk, those ones fail and you do not even know when they do.
    An industry grade whole house suppressor also prevents over billing, and best of all that arrests those killer pulses and spikes which are electrocuting everyone invisibly right now. Just think: If everyone living all around you were to use a really high grade whole house suppressor as well and to encourage every neighbour all around them to do the same, the antidote would gradually spread. Besides, every home needs one anyway to clean up the dirty transients, even if you don’t have a Network Management and Communications Node (” s/meter”) on your own home, you might as well have, if they are on any other home around you. The only thing you don’t get is direct exposure to the SMPS of that particular node. The rest is soup.
    The grid is rapidly causing everything living to be electrically induced/electrocuted. All wireless and especially the grid effectively tasers everyone – albeit, slowly – and does and will destroy the cellular autonomy of life itself, of all things biological. Every cell in the body has voltages, resistance, impedance. All biology is inherently incompatible with artificial frequencies, to which biological cells succumb.
    That in turn causes slow bio-electrical decline, and ultimately bioelectrical failure/collapse for all bioelectrical beings. The hard facts are these: Even if those “deploying” this ( a military term budgeted under military budget – as why) are not trying to kill us, the net effect is that this wireless enclosure of all life will do just that in any case. If ignored or if no antidote is used before everyone becomes chronically disabled, too cognitively impaired to respond, in effect smart lobotomized, then there is no adaptation possible, life goes downhill physically from there.
    So, even if they are only doing this to make billion$ in the short term off derivatives trading based on buy and sell of electricity futures, which they also are doing, the fact is this: They certainly could not have come up with a more comprehensive way to finish us all off.

  • Malachi

    What about https://smartmeterguard. com/products/smart-shield?. Seems to be pretty expensive, but when it comes to health…