Toxins linked to brain damage and birth defects

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Toxins Cause Birth Defects and Brain Damage(NaturalHealth365) A new study has revealed that United States counties with higher rates of genital deformities in newborn males also had higher rates of autism and intellectual disabilities. Researchers state this suggests that in-utero exposure to toxins, such as lead and pesticides, play a role in the skyrocketing autism rates. The analysis looked at 100 million U.S. medical records and examined them at a county level.

On average, 1 out of every 54 boys in the United States are diagnosed with autism – making them nearly five times as likely then girls to be diagnosed. This latest study confirmed that male children are particularly sensitive to toxins such as lead, synthetics plus medications and that parental exposure to toxins can make male offspring more likely to be diagnosed.

The underlying cause of most birth defects

What was even more revealing was the link between these toxins and congenital reproductive issues such as undescended testicles and micropenis. In fact, male children with autism were nearly six times more likely to have a congenital reproductive issue.

The correlation between congenital reproductive issues, intellectual disabilities and autism was quite alarming. Autism rates jumped 283% and intellectual disabilities increased 94% for every 1% increase in congenital reproductive issues. Where are these toxins coming from?

Western medicine refuses to talk about vaccine dangers

The study authors noted that vaccines were not analyzed as part of the study and state that “at the moment, at most, they play a very weak role because vaccines are given uniformly across the U.S., but autism cases were geographically clustered.”

The language is interesting. It is not “vaccines do not cause autism”, it is more of “we are not sure because we didn’t study that factor”. This is not the first time I have seen some relaxing in the severity of language that is typically used to defend vaccines.

In fact, a few weeks ago, papers published that Paul Offit – who has ties to the vaccine industry and is currently the Chief of Infectious Diseases at The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia – stated that vaccines have not been concretely linked to autism. This is definitely a significant change in their language.

The fact is there have been studies linking vaccines to autism and I have written extensively about this topic. For example, did you know that aluminum in vaccines has been linked to learning disabilities?

As ‘proof’ that vaccines are safe, they point to parents being duped by the much maligned Dr. Andrew Wakefield – yet conventional medicine continues to ignore the scientific data.

One of the most disturbing scientific scandals of all time

Do you remember Poul Thorsen? According to the Office of Inspector General’s Fugitive Profiles:

“From approximately February 2004 until February 2010, Poul Thorsen executed a scheme to steal grant money awarded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC had awarded grant money to Denmark for research involving infant disabilities, autism, genetic disorders, and fetal alcohol syndrome. CDC awarded the grant to fund studies of the relationship between autism and the exposure to vaccines, the relationship between cerebral palsy and infection during pregnancy, and the relationship between developmental outcomes and fetal alcohol exposure.”

Furthermore, Thorsen allegedly diverted over $1 million of the CDC grant money to his own personal bank account and submitted fraudulent invoices on CDC letterhead to medical facilities assisting in the research for reimbursement of work allegedly covered by the grants. And, believe it or not, this is the same study that infamously found that vaccines were not linked to autism.

Fraudulent scientists, like Poul Thorsen, are the very reason why most people fail to trust conventional science. It’s time to put an end to all this deception.

The fact is there are environmental toxins in medicines and these dangerous substance are causing massive damage to our society. For more information about the excipients contained in vaccines, please read “Vaccine Excipients and Media Summary” .

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