Third hand smoke damages DNA of non-smokers

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Non-Smokers Get Cancer From Tobacco(NaturalHealth365) Tobacco causes cancer in non-smokers through both second and ‘third-hand’ smoke. The data on second-hand smoke is clearly alarming – but it’s the more recent reports about third-hand smoke, the dangerous residue left behind by cigarette smoke, that has non-smokers worried.

Does cigarette smoke concern you? Simply put, tobacco smoke is a health hazard for all of us. And, especially if you’re concerned about how to avoid cancer or any other chronic disease, you’ll want to read the rest of this article.

How deadly is your air quality? Researchers now say there is a very real health risk to non-smokers coming in contact with items, places, and spaces they share with smokers. Looks like smokers are leavening a toxic legacy that goes on for years after they put out their last cigarette.

The cancer causing ingredients in the room

It turns out that, long after a cigarette has been extinguished, third-hand smoke combined with indoor pollutants create new (deadly) compounds. One of those substances, a tobacco-specific nitrosamine known as NNA, damages DNA and could potentially cause cancer.

Bo Hang, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, had this to say about his research into the dangers of third-hand smoke:

“Third-hand smoke is harmful to our genetic material. And the contamination becomes more toxic with time.”

Indoor air harbors ozone and nitrous compounds which settle with tobacco smoke. This drifts down to the carpet and furniture surfaces and even makes its way into the porous material of paneling and drywall.

You may be wondering – how long does this toxic material last? Neil Bercowitz, chief of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of California, San Francisco claims that ‘twenty years later there are compounds on surfaces created by smoke and environmental pollutants in the homes of smokers’.

As you travel – beware of your surroundings

In truth, the danger of third-hand smoke is everywhere – which is why detoxification programs are not an option but a necessity in today’s society. Let’s be honest – smokers do pollute every area of our lives including hotel rooms, cabs, bars, restaurants and elevators even after the ‘non-smoking signs’ have appeared.

Unfortunately, the threat of third-hand smoke lingers even after rooms are sweep, vacuumed, dusted, and linen sheets are changed. The danger occurs in resort rooms, elevators, casinos, rental cars plus many other indoor spaces.

The 2006 Surgeon General’s report stated that there is no risk-free level of tobacco exposure. It mentions there are 250 poisonous toxins found in cigarette smoke.

These chemicals, from the trapped smoke, pollute the air and get into people’s lungs and bodies. The list of toxic substances – in third hand smoke – include ammonia, arsenic, butane, cadmium, toluene, radioactive polonium 210, lead and hydrogen cyanide.

How do we avoid the dangers of third-hand smoke?

Researchers offer very little – in terms of teaching people how to get rid of third-hand smoke. Generally speaking, it would be best to quit smoking or help your loved ones kick the habit. In addition, replace polluted carpets, maintain good ventilation and use a high-quality air purifier – especially if you live with a smoker.

Naturally, to help detoxify the body – sweat as often as possible through moderate exercise or far-infrared sauna; consume herbs like turmeric, beets and ginger; drinking lots of pure (clean) water and try a juice fast for healthy results.

Are there any ‘essential’ nutritional supplements?

If you’re suffering the ill effects of toxic debris – there’s nothing like liposomal vitamin C, glutathione and alpha lipoic acid. These nutrients help to protect you from free radical damage.

Smoking heavily depletes your stores of vitamin C and places you at risk for chronic disease. If you’re looking for the finest quality vitamin C powder – visit the NaturalHealth365 Store. I, personally, use this vitamin C powder – every day.

Obviously, if you’re overweight, losing excess body fat will lower your risk for accumulating toxins in fatty tissue. And, it almost goes without saying, stay away from places where smokers love to hang out.

Just to be clear – I’m not interested in hurting anyone’s feelings, especially smokers. I just write about these topics because I assume all of us want a better quality life for ourselves and our children.

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