Diet soft drinks cause heart disease in women

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Diet Soda Alert for Women(NaturalHealth365) Since writing about the 9 legal weapons of mass destruction, I think it’s about time to expand the list. For starters, I would say diet soda is the deadliest beverage on Earth. As if kidney damage and weight gain weren’t enough, diet drinks are now being implicated in heart disease among women.

Women are under attack by the food and beverage industry. Playing on their concerns about appearance and weight issues – many women tend to consume lots of diet soft drinks – which put them at a higher risk for heart attacks, blood clots and other cardiovascular problems.

Is conventional science lying to women (and men)?

I’ll let you decide. According to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D. – from the Mayo Clinic:

”Drinking a reasonable amount of diet soda a day, such as a can or two, isn’t likely to hurt you. The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals currently used in diet soda are safe for most people, and there’s no credible evidence that these ingredients cause cancer.”

She goes on to say…

”Some types of diet soda are even fortified with vitamins and minerals. But diet soda isn’t a health drink or a silver bullet for weight loss. Although switching from regular soda to diet soda may save you calories in the short term, it’s not yet clear if it’s effective for preventing obesity and related health problems.”

In my opinion, this is blatantly deceptive and clearly shows a lack of nutritional intelligence. How could any health professional suggest that drinking artificial sweeteners (and chemicals) are ‘safe’ and ignore the facts?

According to a large study, artificially sweetened beverages – including diet sodas and low-calorie fruit drinks – were a cause for alarm. These findings come from a study of nearly 60,000 healthy post menopausal women living in the United States. I’ll bet most dieticians (and nutritionists) that recommend diet soda have never read this report.

Drinking diet soda increases your risk for premature death

The study found women who drank two or more diet drinks a day were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular event, and 50 percent more likely to die, than women who rarely touch such drinks.

According to the lead author, Dr. Ankur Vyas, a cardiovascular disease expert at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinic:

’Our study suggests an association between higher diet drink consumption and mortality. People who drank diet sodas had a 70 percent greater increase in waist circumference over a few years compared to those who skipped soft drinks. This alone may be part of the reason diet drinks are associated with heart disease.’

Good science is clearly telling people – ‘beware of diet soda’.

The University of Miami and Columbia University researchers followed 2,500 plus New Yorkers for 10 years. The volunteers were over 40 and never had a stroke. At the start of the study, the participants indicated the amount of diet soda they drank.

At the end of 10 years, the daily diet soda drinkers were more likely to have had a stroke or heart attack and to have died from vascular disease. The increased risk remained even after the study investigators accounted for smoking, exercise, weight, sodium intake, high cholesterol and other factors that contribute to heart disease.

The results were published online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, French researchers found an association between type-2 diabetes and diet soda.

Researchers from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Columbia University Medical Center claim those who drink diet soft drinks are 43 per cent more likely to have heart attacks, vascular disease or strokes than those who have none.

Why does diet soda threaten the heart?

There are few things that contribute to the diet soda risk. For example, animal studies show that the caramel coloring contained in diet sodas causes vascular problems. Most of the diet soft drink market consists of diet soda.

Women who drank diet soda excreted more calcium in their urine compared to women who drank water. Calcium is essential for normal muscle and nerve function and for blood clotting.

Diet sodas contain mold inhibitors, which are not found in regular sodas such as, sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate. Sodium benzoate has the ability to deactivate parts of our DNA and can damage the mitochondria within our cells. And, we all know, mitochondrial deficiencies reduce cellular energy and promote all forms of disease.

In addition, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame have been clearly tied to pulmonary hypertension, systemic hypertension, and frequent cardiac arrhythmias. Almost nothing could be more toxic to the human body than artificial sweeteners – which are available in thousands of supermarket items.

Conventional healthcare professionals need to stop and think

How could any medical professional suggest that diet soda ‘isn’t likely to hurt you.’ Are you kidding me? Don’t listen to marketing nonsense or propaganda noise – use common sense.

The solution is simple.

Don’t waste your money on artificially-sweetened food or drinks. Replace heavily-processed junk items with natural, whole (organic) foods – as much as possible. If you want to be healthy – drink water, herbal teas and fresh vegetable juices; stay physically active, every day and avoid overeating.

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