The problem with Autism Awareness Month

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Autism Awareness Month Problem(NaturalHealth365) April is Autism Awareness Month and I have always changed this to Autism Causation and Treatment Month. Unfortunately, too many of us are already aware of autism and the numbers keep growing daily. So, what’s the problem?

According to Autism Speaks, a child is diagnosed with autism every 11 minutes. We already have awareness, what we need now is to focus on causation and treatment.

I would encourage you to read the blog postings in the autism section of NaturalHealth365. There is scientific evidence regarding chelation, diet, heavy metals including mercury and vaccines. Learning about these links and incorporating beneficial tactics and avoiding harmful ones will help your child heal and help you formulate a plan for your child.

What’s the big deal about mitochondrial dysfunction?

It’s actually a much bigger deal than most people are aware of. When Hannah Poling was awarded her settlement, news outlets were careful to report that it was vaccines that aggravated her then unknown mitochondrial disorder and that this combination didn’t ‘cause’ her autism but rather ‘resulted’ in it.

At the time, experts speculated that at best 5% of children may have this disorder – now experts believe it could be as high as 13%.

But, about a year ago, experts proclaimed that the incidence of the disorder may actually be higher and they found that the mitochondria from children with autism consumed far less oxygen than those from the neuro-typical group.

Now in April of 2014, JAMA Psychiatry stated that ‘although evidence that mitochondrial dysfunction is a biological subtype of ASD has grown in recent years, no study, to our knowledge, has demonstrated evidence of mitochondrial dysfunction in brain tissue in vivo in a large, well-defined sample of individuals with ASD.’ Their research found Lactate doublets present at a significantly higher rate – 13% – in participants with autism spectrum disorders compared to only 1% of controls.

For more information about mitochondrial disorders, autism and supplements that may be of help, read ’the connection between mitochondrial dysfunction and autism’.

Can glutathione help kids with autism?

The imbalance of glutathione-dependent redox metabolism has been associated with autism. Glutathione synthesis and intracellular redox balance are linked to folate and methylation metabolism – pathways which are abnormal in many children with autism. Those of us using a biomedical approach have been using glutathione and supplementing with methylated folate for years and we are seeing improvement in our children.

It is known that glutathione synthesis and intracellular redox balance define a distinct subset of children with autism whose cause is linked with genetic, epigenetic, mitochondrial abnormalities as well as environmental factors.

The danger of cyclic dipeptides – especially for pregnant women

From cancer research, scientists know that cyclic dipeptides have been found to activate pathways that cause programmed cell death and have found that these same activated pathways can cause abnormalities seen in schizophrenia and autism.

Cyclic dipeptides are found in malt, cocoa and beer. Many of us with children with autism know our children have trouble with chocolate and avoid gluten (found in malt and beer) because we see improvements in our children’s behavior. We also know that our kids struggle with yeast overgrowth and leaky gut.

What was interesting about this research is that the researchers noted that Candida albicans synthesizes cyclic dipeptides and that this may be activating pathways throughout fetal development and postnatal development leading to some of the changes noted in schizophrenia and autism. This is an important piece of information as reducing intake of cyclic dipeptides during pregnancy and during your child’s first few years of life – particularly if you already have a child with autism in the family – could be an important strategy.

The shift from awareness to action

These studies are wonderful and confirm what many of us have been doing to help our children with autism for many years. So many children have benefitted from these approaches which at first were demonized and healers employing these techniques were labeled as quacks. This is why we need to continue to shift from ‘awareness’ to ‘action’.

We are already too aware of the number of children impacted by autism. We need to have reliable studies that truly look at causation and treatment for our kids. Knowing that my child has a mitochondrial disorder would certainly impact my decision to vaccinate plus, knowing that cyclic dipeptides play a role in autism, would alter my dietary choices for my family.

At Healing 4 Soul our motto is ‘we are here to educate, not medicate’ and we encourage you to continue to research and find out what science is really saying.

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About the author: Sima Ash of Healing 4 Soul is a clinical and classical homeopath and certified clinical nutritionist who utilizes a unique approach pioneered by Tinus Smits, M.D. called CEASE therapy. The aim of CEASE treatment is systematic detoxification of the causes of illness, leading to step by step improvement and restoration of health in the individual. For additional information, please visit – You can follow Sima on Facebook at ‘Cease Therapy California’ and through her weekly blog on


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  • Emily

    I really appreciate this article because I agree we are all too aware and physicians and the media are still giving us ‘we don’t know what causes autism’ and sometimes will say obesity in parents, father’s age, or sometimes medication during third trimester. None of these apply in my children’s case. After testing, we discovered that both myself and my children have a mitochondrial dysfunction. I highly recommend having both parents tested so you know whether or not to vaccinate your children.