OMG! Shocking health effects of GMO animal feed

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GMO Animal Feed Warning(NaturalHealth365) In the beloved children’s classic “Charlotte’s Web,” a clever spider advocates for a sensitive pig named Wilbur by weaving words into her web. With livestock being given genetically modified feed, would Charlotte’s message now read “beware”?

According to the results of a long-term study exploring the effects of GM food on pigs, the answer would be yes. Don’t laugh, major universities are already looking to genetically engineer the pig itself!

In a 22-week study published last summer in Journal of Organic Systems, 168 newly weaned piglets were divided into two equal groups and fed either a mixture of GMO corn and soy, or an identical mixture consisting of non-GMO feed. Raised in identical conditions, the pigs showed the same weight gain, illness and mortality rates and bloodstream analysis results.

But, GMO-fed pigs reveal some disturbing results

However, researchers point to two significant differences: the GMO-fed pigs had higher rates of severe stomach inflammation – 32 percent as compared to 12 percent, over two and a half times higher – than the non-GMO pigs. In addition, female GMO-fed pigs had higher uteri weights.

Scientists say there have been insufficient studies on long-range GMO effects

In stating the reason for the pig feeding study, the team of Australian and American researchers noted that only a small percentage of animal GMO feeding studies have been longer-term studies. And few have involved the examination of the soft tissue, organs and blood of animals that are physiologically similar to humans – a limitation that the team strove to correct in this study, as pigs and humans share similar gastrointestinal tracts.

How are plants genetically manipulated?

GM crops, sometimes called “biotech” crops, have been genetically altered with the intention of making them herbicide, disease and insecticide-resistant. GM plants billed as “insecticide-tolerant” have been designed to produce Bt proteins, similar – but not identical – to those of Bacillus thuringiensis, a natural bacterial insecticide. These are known as Bt plants. Herbicide-tolerant plants, known as HT, also produce new proteins. Sometimes, multiple GM genes are even “stacked” in one plant.

For instance, the GM corn used in the pig study had been modified with 3 different proteins: two for Bt and 1 for HT. The soy that was used was herbicide-resistant Roundup Ready.

Why all the worry over GMO’s?

Since 1996, biotech crops have been approved to enter human and animal feed. Many people suspect that their novel proteins could affect the plant’s DNA and cause digestive and other problems in both animals and humans. Other concerns include potential effects on health resulting from the use of viral DNA, and possible transfer of antibiotic-resistant genes to digestive tract bacteria.

Adding to the unease is the fact that some farmers report that their animals seem instinctively reluctant to eat GMO feed.

What now? GM feed dominates the U.S. food supply

Herbicide-tolerant soy now comprises a stunning 94 percent of the soy planted in the United States; GM corn – about 37 percent of which is both Bt and HT-stacked – also constitutes a large majority of the crop. If long-range problems are in fact found to exist, millions of people and animals would be at risk of being affected.

Digestive-resistant proteins are a cause for concern.

Seven years after the introduction of GM feeds, a study published in October, 2003 in Journal of Animal Science, showed that the Cry1ab protein was found in the gastrointestinal tracts of pigs fed on GM corn Bt11, indicating that it could be digestive-resistant.

In addition, they found recombinant DNA fragments – in spite of the fact that manufacturers of GM seed initially claimed that fragments of recombinant DNA won’t make their way into organs or tissues of animals given GM feed. Researchers also stated that accidental or mechanical spread of feeds into the soil – and the possibility of fecal excretion of Cry1ab proteins – could be of additional concern.

Manufacturers of GM feeds insist that biotech crops are ‘safe’. But, for many, the jury is still out. If you want to avoid GMO foods – buy organic food (as much as possible); look for the ‘non-GMO project verified’ seal and support non-GMO labeling initiatives.

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  • Elaine

    Um… That’s WILBUR, not Willard in Charlotte’s Web! LOL Willard was a rat in the horror film. Its disgusting that these animals are forced to eat this crap and that US, consumers, are the reason they are even in those torture chambers to be raised and slaughtered for our palette’s pleasure. I think those who continue to eat the flesh of these poor souls deserve every ache, pain and disease they get! An organic diet of REAL food, veggies, fruits, nuts and grains is a diet that brings health and health to the planet and to our bodies. When will we wake up and acknowledge our addiction and end it? What a wonderful world it could be…

    • technicallysane

      I think the article stated, “Wilbur” !!!

  • technicallysane

    Looking deeper in this GMO horror story, if I may put a different spin on it for those who believe what the bible says. This whole agenda that tampers with the DNA of plants and animals is flagrantly Satanic !!! And these people, represented by various companies, i.e. Monsanto, Bayer et al……are being influenced by Satan himself in order to corrupt God’s perfect creation. This is one way Satan will defy God and have his way as the Destroyer! So each time we think of GMO’s, we need to be aware of the evil that is really going on by the great deceiver of mankind.

    Leviticus 19:19. states God’s warning regarding the cross breeding of animals and mixing seeds……some translations use the phrase, “mingle the seeds.” God made His creation perfect and man has no right to usurp God’s authority and change His creation in any way, but Satan is very busy trying to do just that by getting control of evil men’s minds. If this is allowed to go full throttle, it will be the end of mankind as we know it.