The GMO food deception is over

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GMO News and Updates(NaturalHealth365) The biotech industry, led by Monsanto, constantly puts out the message that ‘genetically engineered foods are perfectly safe’. In fact, they love to harp on the notion that ‘not a single person has ever gotten sick’ by eating genetically modified organisms. (GMOs)

Biotech corporate propaganda tries desperately to brainwash the general public with words like, ‘perfectly safe’ or ‘no scientific evidence’.

But, this is deceptive marketing language, to say the least, when you consider that the United States federal government does not have GMO food labeling requirements or a system set up to collect data on the adverse health effects associated with eating GMOs. Their attitude is simple – if the corporations that profit from its production say it’s ‘safe’ – then it must be.

The biotech industry does NOT want you to see this video (below)

Why are millions of U.S. citizens eating GMOs

Simply put, back in the 1990s, the United States government ‘asked’ the Food and Drug Administration to promote the use of biotechnology – including the deployment of GM seeds. So, naturally, the FDA created a new policy position – within the FDA – and chose Michael Taylor to lead the way. Who is Michael Taylor?

Michael Taylor was the former attorney for Monsanto – one of the largest biotech companies in the world and a major producer of GM seeds. Gee, I wonder, could this be a conflict of interest?

So often – we hear GMO proponents say that there is ‘no difference’ between conventional and GM seeds (or food). Yet, FDA scientists consistently warned about the danger (and differences) associated with the use of GM food. Folks, we are being lied to, every day by the biotech industry, and good science is being ignored (sometimes ridiculed) by the very health agencies or major food producers responsible for creating our food supply.

How can I avoid eating GMOs?

If possible, try to buy organic food or look for the ‘Non-GMO Project Verified’ food label. Generally speaking, as you avoid GMOs – you will see an improvement in health conditions like, allergies, asthma, autoimmune conditions, brain fog and overall energy levels.

My position is simple: let’s politically and financial support those in favor of biodynamic or organic farming practices – which require far less use of pesticides and herbicides; crop rotation; soil enhancement projects and more sustainable agricultural practices. Of course, spending our consumer dollar at local, organic farmers markets is a great way to improve your diet, health and the environment.

Let us know what you think – post your comments below.

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  • Andrew Swalko

    Thank you for raising awareness. I too stand against genetic engineering and biotech dominance. I’m curious though, you mention ‘science’ and/or ‘good science’ as being ignored by the FDA and private sector. Can you please link/reference/cite the scientific data so I can read further? Much appreciated. Andrew

    • B. Rap

      Danish reports hard to ignore! Wish Congress would read this page.

  • Bob Heigh

    How do you avoid gmo when there is no labelling on pkgs. And what about fresh veggies? I’m in the middle of grain country and don’t know where to turn for untainted food.