Aluminum in baby formula and vaccines

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Aluminum in Baby Formula(NaturalHealth365) Over the last few years, newborn babies have been overexposed to aluminum with potential harmful consequences. Babies and particularly newborn babies, are at increased risk of aluminum toxicity because of their immaturity.

According to the World Journal of Pediatrics, researchers looked at the role of aluminum in parenteral nutrition solutions, in adjuvants of vaccines and in pharmaceutical products. The researchers conclude that pediatricians and neonatologists must be more concerned about aluminum content in all products our newborns are exposed to, starting from monitoring aluminum concentrations in milk and soy-based formulas in which they state, there is still too much aluminum.

Toxic aluminum found in baby formula

BMC Pediatrics tested 30 baby formulas in the UK for aluminum. All 30 were contaminated with aluminum and no progress had been made in reducing aluminum from the baby formula. Some formulas had 100 times more aluminum than what is found in breast milk. The author suggested that regulatory and other non-voluntary methods are needed to reduce the aluminum content in baby formula. Previous research has linked aluminum to neurological diseases, bone defects and dementia in later life.

An article published in Pediatrics reviewed the aluminum in soy milk sold in the United States. They found that breast milk contains 4 – 65 ng/mL of aluminum while soy formula contained 600 – 1300 ng/ml. In addition, they discovered that mineral salts, used in formula production, were the source of the aluminum.

Keep in mind, this aluminum competes with calcium for absorption and contributes to osteopenia and growth retardation.

It is understood that some children need to be on formula and some children need formula supplements, however if you are able to breastfeed – particularly when colostrum is present, this can help lower your child’s risk of autism, celiac disease and other neurological conditions.

Beware of excess aluminum in vaccines

I have written about aluminum in vaccines and how this can impact kids with autism and current research is looking at the frequency of long lasting intensely itching subcutaneous nodules that occur at the injection site of aluminum containing vaccines. A study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics looked at children who received either a DPT or Prevenar vaccine that are adsorbed to an aluminum adjuvant.

Of those that developed itching granulomas, 85% were verified to have contact allergy. The median duration of symptoms was 22 months and the risk for granulomas increased when a second aluminum adsorbed vaccine was added to the schedule.

Another journal found that the use of solutions containing aluminum salts is contraindicated in the case of contact allergy to aluminum. They state that intramuscular injections of inactivated vaccines can be employed to avoid granuloma formation.

Detoxing from aluminum overload

British researchers found drinking silicon-rich mineral water ‘significantly reduced’ the levels of neurotoxin aluminum in the body. They found that drinking silicon-rich mineral water allows the body to gather up the aluminum and excrete it through the urine.

In fact, one study participant saw a 70% reduction in aluminum levels by drinking silicon-rich water. By the way, the brands Volvic and Fiji waters are silicon-rich and easy to find throughout the U.S. and the U.K.

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