Learning and behavior improves with chiropractic care

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Chiropractic Care(NaturalHealth365) If you’re looking to enhance your learning and behavior – you may want to consider visiting a chiropractor. It’s actually quite simple – when you improve spinal health – you will reduce pain; encourage the muscles and joints to perform better plus enhance brain function!

The master control system of the entire body is the brain and the processing patterns of the central nervous system. This system receives information from the rest of the body that gives it a view of the conditions of the surrounding environment. Then it relays messages back to all the regions of the body to adapt and respond to the perceived environment. Collectively, this process of sharing information from brain to body and back is called the neurological feedback and feed-forward loop.

How healthy is your “brain-body” connection?

When the feedback loop is working at its optimal level – it allows us the highest level of functionality for survival and performance enhancement. Traumatic injuries; poor posture and biomechanics; plus chronic inflammation all interfere with the brain body connection.

When there is interference in this neurological feedback loop, it alters the environment the brain perceives itself to be in; this consequently changes the adaptation process the brain orchestrates throughout the body. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to enhance the sensorimotor integration of the brain with the body.

Chronic physical stress creates an environment for dis-ease

Many experts have hypothesized that increased stress cycles in the body produce the environment for dis-ease and eventually disease within the body. Stress can come from a variety of sources in the mental-emotional form; chemical form; and physical realm. When the body is under increased stress it responds by increasing its sympathetic tone. This means the body shunts itself into “fight or flight” survival based mode by altering cardiovascular and endocrine function to get itself ready for dynamic activity.

Increased sympathetic tone causes a release of stress hormones such as adrenalin, epinephrine, and cortisol. This is the same response we get when we are anxious or exercising. This is okay if it is for a short period of time; however, when the stress lasts longer than expected it exhausts the body and causes a state of dis-ease to manifest.

Spinal subluxations are a major physical stressor

Subluxation is a term used to describe mechanical compression and irritation to spinal joints and nerves. Subluxation scrambles the neurological feedback loop by causing altered rhythms of neurological flow. Subluxations are caused by trauma; poor posture; or increased chemical and emotional stresses.

Subluxations are a physical stress on the body and therefore increase the sympathetic tone, so the body shunts its energy toward the fight or flight system. If the subluxation(s) are not corrected they continue to produce this increased stress response. This increases cortisol which causes greater joint and ligament laxity in the spine and extremities – making them more susceptible to injury. Additionally, increased long-term stress on the body greatly accelerates the degenerative processes of the spine and joints leading to osteoarthritis.

Chiropractic adjustments help to remove physical stress

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to normalize neurological processing to its proper resting tone. This is like hitting the reset button on the computer when it is malfunctioning. The computer is allowed to pause and reprocess itself.

Chiropractic adjustments stop the stress response and restore normal hormonal and cardiovascular function to the body. This allows the body to reset itself and begin healing the damage that was done in the body due to chronic stress cycles.

Research performed by Taylor and Murphy demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments enhanced sensorimotor integration, the body’s ability to sense where it is in space and effectively coordinate complex movement patterns. This improves function in both the brain and the body. Improved spatial intelligence translates into better physical and mental balance, coordination, and mobility.

Chiropractic adjustments make you think and move with better speed, skill, and finesse.

Chiropractic care shown to improve learning and behavior in disabled children

A group of 157 children who aged from 6 – 13 years with difficulties in reading; learning; social interaction and school performance were given specific chiropractic adjustments. This group was measured pre and post treatment by a certified speech therapist to eight psychometric tests. They were also evaluated on twenty separate areas of cognitive function, sporting activities and social interaction.

The group showed improvements in the 8 psychometric tests and 20 areas of cognitive function compared to pre-adjustment values. It was noted in the study that their ability to concentrate, maintain attention and focus and control impulsive behaviors at home and school improved.

Another small retrospective study analyzed four boys ranging in age from nine to thirteen years. This study used a 15-item parent-teacher ADHD questionnaire. The findings should improvement in ADHD symptoms (hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattentiveness, as well as behavioral, social and emotional difficulties) with chiropractic care.

About the author: Dr. David Jockers owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Ga. He is a Maximized Living doctor. His expertise is in weight loss, customized nutrition & exercise, & structural corrective chiropractic care. For more information – visit: DrJockers.com. Dr. Jockers is also available for long distance phone consultations to help you beat disease and reach your health goals.


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    Oh my! In the late 70’s early ’80’s I was working in an environment that was very stressful. Also seeing a chiro who kept telling me I needed to find a different job. I simply could not put the pieces together because I thought I needed the money and couldn’t make it elsewhere. I finally did leave that job and funny thing I never needed the chiro again!