Child vaccines are becoming more unpopular with parents

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Child Vaccines(NaturalHealth365) The concern over child vaccines is growing among health conscious parents. In a new study, published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers found that 49 percent of children ages 2-24 months did not receive all recommended vaccinations or did not get vaccinated according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices schedule.

Researchers analyzed immunization records of 323,247 children born from 2004-2008 and found that the number of under-vaccinated children increased significantly during those four years. In fact, researchers found that 1 in 8 under-vaccinated children’s parents intentionally chose not to adhere to immunization guidelines.

Parents are waking up to the dangers of vaccines

The lead author of the study, Jason Glanz PhD states: “While a large majority of parents in the U.S. choose to vaccinate their children, a growing number of parents are concerned about vaccine safety and choose to vaccinate their children according to alternative immunization schedules. The medical community doesn’t have a lot of data on these alternative schedules, so we are hoping the results from this study will open the door to more opportunities to examine their safety and efficacy.”

The mainstream media reported this news and state that parents may be putting their children at risk by delaying vaccinations, some news organizations are incorrectly stating that the study showed that children who were under-vaccinated had more emergency department visits than those who were vaccinated, but this is not what the study stated. The authors actually concluded that children who were under-vaccinated because of parental choice had significantly lower utilization rates of emergency department visits and outpatient settings – both overall and for specific acute illnesses – than children who were vaccinated on time.

The mainstream media attacks health-conscious parents

Another assumption made by the media was that the under-vaccinated children belonged to parents who do not believe in vaccines and did not visit their pediatricians for well-care visits, but this is not the case. This study was conducted by Kaiser Permanente and the authors stated that in order to be included in the study, a child would need to be part of one of eight ‘managed care organizations’ and that they needed to have at least 1 outpatient visit by 12 months of age and the child would be eliminated from the study if the child’s enrollment in the managed care organization was discontinued. For an abstract on the study, please visit:

Some parents have been delaying vaccines or following alternatives for years and in 2011, Pediatrics reported that 77 percent of Washington stated pediatricians report that they are sometimes or frequently asked to provide alternative childhood vaccine schedules for their patients. Researchers also found that 61 percent of these pediatricians are comfortable using an alternative schedule when asked by a parent. In particular, they felt most comfortable delaying three vaccinations; DTaP, Hib and PCV.

According to the New York Times, following an alternative vaccination scheduled makes it difficult for the AAP and the IOM to monitor vaccine safety. According to Dr. Jackson, Division Chief of Infectious Diseases at Children’s Mercy Hospital of Kansas City, Mo: “We want to drill down as far as we can, and make vaccines as safe as we can. We’re not going find the one-in-a-million serious adverse event if you have thousands of different vaccine schedules out there.”

Dr. Jackson cited a withdrawal of the rotavirus vaccine in 1999, by the CDC, as an example. “We want a vaccine that’s as safe as possible. We realized, as that rotavirus vaccine came back, that in order to pick up that very rare side effect, we have to be able to look at tens of thousands of children. If we have all these different vaccine schedules, we’re going to miss things like that.”

About the author: Sima Ash of Healing 4 Soul is a clinical and classical homeopath and certified clinical nutritionist who utilizes a unique approach pioneered by Tinus Smits, M.D. called CEASE therapy. The aim of CEASE treatment is systematic detoxification of the causes of illness, leading to step by step improvement and restoration of health in the individual. For additional information, please visit – You can follow Sima on Facebook at ‘Cease Therapy California’ and through her weekly blog on

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  • Patrick McGean

    Jonathan, sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure, what can it not protect and repair the damage of vaccinations?
    While vaccination are mandatory in many of our “Soverign” states
    the Cellular Matrix Study appears to protect and repair the damage of the heavy metals the ignorant doctors and the demon spawn, the chemists want to inject in every m,anm woman and child.
    The heavy metals sulfate out of our bodies and in turn the sulfur produces the sulfur based amino acids which are our immune system.
    Got sulfur?

  • Todd

    Change what you put in your mouth by eating a balanced fresh food diet, exercise, get enough rest. I changed my lifestyle 3 years ago. This year so far I haven’t had a sniffle, cold, flu, bronchitis or SAD when there wasn’t any sunlight for extended periods of time! Give the body what it needs and it will take care of the rest – A healthy body immunizes itself! Start by reducing sugar consumption – including fresh fruit(s). Its your health, take control…

  • Sarah M

    Injecting mercury, aluminum, and formaldahyde directly into the blood stream is NOT a good idea to “boost the immune system”. Parents need to be asking themselves, “how will my child be exposed to these disease?”. Come on people, how will your baby get polio? Are you bathing them in sewage water? How will your baby get hepatitis? Are you a drug user, do you eat unwashed contaminated vegetables? Please!

  • Jay T

    It would be really great if these articles were set up so they could easily be forwarded to friends and family !

  • Dawn W.

    Interesting that they want us to stick to the same vaccine schedule so they can pick up issues and suspend vaccines as necessary. So we are literally guinea pigs…

  • Judy Persin

    Yes, they want to experiment on all of us! We are supposed to be their guinea pigs! How dare we have anything to say about it! If your child is damaged–good luck! They will tell you he or she was the one in a million. They will have no liability for the injury; and as parents you will live a nightmare of watching your damaged child suffer as well as yourself. WHEN OH WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET TOUGH, FOLKS? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO RECOGNIZE BIO-TERRORISM AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES!How was Nazi Germany that different?

  • Jeff C

    Infectious disease expert Dr Jackson is quoted in the article:

    “We want to drill down as far as we can, and make vaccines as safe as we can. We’re not going find the one-in-a-million serious adverse event if you have thousands of different vaccine schedules out there.”

    Yet giving infants 7-9 vaccine doses in a single visit per the CDC schedule is going to allow them to drill down? Wouldn’t giving vaccine doses one at a time spaced apart by several months (the crux of most alternative schedules) allow the medical establishment to truly isolate vaccines with high adverse reaction rates? This is a pretty basic principle of the scientific method, only change one thing at a time.

    Dr. Jackson is either ignorant or deliberately obfuscating facts. The simultaneous multi-dose CDC schedule makes it impossible to isolate individual vaccine dose adverse reactions. Also the CDC recommends all infants follow the schedule thus effectively removing any control group to compare adverse reactions against. If all children are following the schedule, the “background noise” of adverse reactions raises thus making true comparison impossible. Adverse reactions can then be dismissed as SIDS and the like as no one knows what the true background levels (i.e. without vaccinations)are.

    This is pretty basic stuff to anyone with minimal scientific training. If anything, the CDC schedule is designed to mask adverse reactions by making true comparisons among recipients impossible.

  • Karen

    According to the New York Times, following an alternative vaccination schedule makes it difficult for the AAP and the IOM to monitor vaccine safety…Oh I see they need to use children and adults so that they can find out what is safe and what is not? I say that they are NUTS in the medical field…stay away from the nuts, stick with the doctors that know what they are doing…