Warning about influenza vaccines plus natural solutions

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Flu Shot(NaturalHealth365) First of all, you should know that all influenza vaccines are developed through “educated” guess work, not good science. In addition, these flu shots are created by mixing various flu virus strains (toxic germs) with formaldehyde, MSG, sodium chloride and mercury. And, here’s the kicker, these deadly vaccines are not even adequately tested for effectiveness by government health agencies. How irresponsible can you get?

The flu vaccine can cause brain inflammation; neurological disorders; life-threatening allergies; and even death! Especially in chemically-sensitive children or immune-compromised individuals – the flu shot is dangerous. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Dr. Cass Ingram reveals the shocking truth behind the flu epidemic plus natural ways to protect your health without the need for deadly poisons.

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How deadly is the flu vaccine? (you won’t believe your eyes)

There are several varieties of the flu vaccine available today. Although each vaccine can contain different ingredients – here’s a list of the many possible toxic additives:

•Egg protein – many people are highly allergic to eggs.

•Formaldehyde – The United States Environmental Protection Agency has declared formaldehyde carcinogen. That means it can cause cancer. Need I say more?

•Polysorbate 80 – has been shown to cause infertility in mice. Could this ingredient be causing infertility in humans?

•Sodium Chloride – is another great ingredient if you’re interested in developing kidney stones; gastrointestinal problems or hypertension.

•Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) – can cause a wide variety of health problems including, migraines, nausea, drowsiness, heart palpitation, hair loss, asthma, and rapidly increasing diabetes. Is this ingredient really necessary to avoid the flu?!

•Potassium phosphate – a soluble salt which is used as a fertilizer can cause headaches, dizziness, thirst, mental confusion, seizures, heaviness of the legs, muscle cramps, numbness and tingling. If you want to mess up your nervous system – go get a flu shot.

•Thimerosal – a form of ethylmercury which is far more toxic than methylmercury because it crosses the blood-brain barrier quicker and converts to inorganic mercury. Excuse me, I’m just curious, is it really necessary to damage the brain to prevent the flu?

•Polyoxidonium – a synthetic polymer that can cause cellular inflammation and apoptosis (cell death). Now, thanks to the flu vaccine, we can kill healthy cells without any guarantee of flu protection from these deadly vaccines.

•Squalene – an oil based adjuvant that has never been approved by the United States government. This nasty additive can cause blindness, autoimmune dysfunction and inhibit sperm production.

Natural ways to prevent the flu and avoid toxic chemicals

Ideally, you want a strong immune system to protect yourself from the flu. In most cases, there will be no need to run out and get a flu shot – if you follow these basic rules:

1. Wash your hands as often as possible – especially if exposed to sick people or public areas.

2. Stay well hydrated with plenty of fresh, pure water. About half your body weight, in ounces, per day.

3. Get plenty of rest – especially if feeling run down. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep.

4. Stay physically active – don’t let the winter season slow you down. Exercise as often as possible.

5. Eat organic, plant-based foods as much as possible. Delicious, nutritious food is great for the immune system.

6. Take supplements – like vitamin D3. Naturally, get tested and if you’re too low – get your numbers up! A qualified, naturopathic physician should be able to help you with proper supplementation.

7. Consume probiotics – a healthy gut equals a strong immune system. Try eating sauerkraut, miso, tempeh or coconut kefir.

8. Use essential oils – They smell great and have antibacterial agents. I like oil of oregano – we’ll talk about this during the next NaturalNews Talk Hour – it’s really powerful!

9. Got omega-3’s? I highly recommend marine phytoplankton as a good source. But you can eat walnuts; flax seeds and chia seeds. It’s all good. Our next show will talk about how to boost your immunity. Join us!

This week’s guest: Dr. Cass Ingram, best-selling author and natural health expert

Dr. Ingram reveals the surprising cause of the flu epidemic plus natural ways to kill the flu virus

Dr. Cass Ingram is the author of nearly two dozen books on health and wellness, including: “The Cure is in the Cupboard”, “The Miracle of Wild Oregano”, and “Natural Cures for Killer Germs”. A popular speaker and prolific author on the topic of natural health, Dr. Ingram has been interviewed on more than 7,000 TV and radio programs throughout the United States, Canada and the UK.

You’ve been warned! The flu vaccine can cause brain inflammation; neurological disorders; life-threatening allergies; and even death. Especially in chemically-sensitive children or immune-compromised individuals – the flu shot is dangerous. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Dr. Cass Ingram reveals the shocking truth behind the flu epidemic plus natural ways to protect your health without the need for deadly poisons.

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About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the managing director of NaturalHealth365.com and host of the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show sponsored by NaturalHealth365.com and NaturalNews.com. Jonathan is helping millions of people worldwide create health and physical fitness through a variety of educational and entertaining articles, teleconference calls, live shows and special events.


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  • Mina

    I was wondering if Vitamin D production gets messed up in people getting Vaccines. My kids who are born in N. America have hardly received any vaccines and my older son tested at 50(?) after couple of months of Vitamin D supplementation. My husband and I were dangerously low at about 8 and we are both born in Africa but of Indian descent but we have never really used Suntan lotion in our family. We both got our share of vaccines when we were younger.
    Also, It was interesting that we visited the Elephants at David Sheldrick centre in Kenya 6 years ago, the elephants were lathered with suntan lotion and then backs covered with a blanket and they had horrible white patches on their backs.
    This past Christmas when we visited the elephants there no blankets and no sunscreen carried by the handlers and no white patches on their backs.
    Check out the pictures on their website: Sheldrickwildlifetrust.org . You cannot make the color of the skin on their backs but the excessive use of blankets is apparent from years 2000 to 2003.

  • Colin

    Hey guys, I read the article, and I really don’t believe this is a reputable publication and it’s full of foolish fear mongering. Here’s why:
    1) Dr Cass Ingram is not a physician. He’s a doctor of osteopathy… Which is NOT an MD. He has no formal medical training, and his research is all funded by… You guessed it… Supplement companies! (If you want to fault physicians for their relationships to pharma companies, be sure that natural product companies are still businesses… UNREGULATED businesses in fact.)
    2) the opening line says the “flu vaccine is not based on good science.” The truth is, it is based on the best science we have. Statistics from all over north america show trends as to which viruses are most common this flu season (it’s rarely the same bug every year), and then we pump out vaccines for them. They are not put through the safety gauntlet every year, because a) the formula has been tested 30 years ago, and post market surveillance has shown them to be overwhelmingly safe, and b) we need to be able to respond to the flu trends quickly… We don’t have 5 years to test a new flu formula every year. Ie: if you learn how to bake a cake, you don’t need to re develop the recipe every time you want to tweak the mix. Make sense? Flu vaccines are effective, safe, and they save many many lives of the ill and elderly in our hospitals every year. I have seen the flu go through a hospital ward, and a week later half te beds are empty. Something this article says is the opposite.
    3) The adverse reactions the article mentiones are extremely rare, on the order of winning the lottery. Yes, some people will have allergic reactions… Which is why we ask about food allergies before giving, and why we monitor for 15 mins after. As for the toxins… There is more formaldehyde in the carpet you walk on every day, and more mercury in the tuna you eat. Period.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. I just really hate to see ppl trying to sell books and aupplements taking advantage of people but spinning a bunch of half truths. I’m not anti naturopathy, just against it when it advocated shunning VERY BASIC PRINCIPLES of science based medicine.

  • Colin

    O yah… And sodium chloride… While stated in the article to cause kidney stones etc… Is table salt. Just saying… the author obviously just googled every listed ingredient and just stated every possible side effect as fact without even thinking about it.

  • linda

    The truth is the author has not distorted the facts.

    The real issue is the premise that having a flu shot is considered a preventative measure. Prevention has a different meaning to health minded individuals. Being overwhelmed by the flu sometimes means low vitamin D levels or other nutrients.

    For every 100 people who get the flu shot at least 38 of them will get the flu. It has been estimated that one person per million will come down with the Guilane-Barre syndrome. It is estimated that one third of Americans get the flu shot. There are 315,415,421 Americans, do the math. For that one case in a million the cost of a flu shot is too great.

    In a study of 8,000 children in Germany it was found the vaccinated group was two to five times likely to come down with a disease than the unvaccinated group.

    Where we as country have gone wrong is to think everything has a pharmaceutical answer. There is plenty of evidence that the flu shot is a shot in the dark. The argument that pharmaceuticals are science based doesn’t mean anything. Studies aren’t conducted over long periods of time, and are profit motivated which means studies aren’t always presented in the most accurate form.

  • susan

    @Colin a doctor of osteopathy is a medically trained doctor and the same as an M.D. Sounds like your opinion is not based on any real knowledge of the subject.