Diet improves gut health in one day

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Diet Improves Gut Health(NaturalHealth365) If you suffer from digestive disorders – you’re about to discover great relief. Scientists now realize that healthy changes to the diet can improve gut health in just one day. Naturally, conventionally trained doctors will be shocked to read this report – but the word is getting out – healthy food promotes healing.

The saying that ‘your health is in your hands’ proves to be very true. New research reveals you are what you eat – including the health of your gut bacteria. In reality, gut bacteria is the source of our immune response, inflammation response, mental and physical health.

Does your doctor know how to improve gut flora?

Peter Tumbaugh, a Bauer Fellow at the Center for Systems Biology in the Faculty of Arts and Science, says, “this study is really the first time we’ve seen that, over the course of days, a new diet can reshape the microbial community, and that those changes are consistent and reversible”.

Evidence mounts that the gut flora not only plays a role in digestion but may also affect overall health. Lawrence David, the paper’s first author and an assistant professor at Duke University, said “the ability to manipulate those populations may offer new avenues for treating certain conditions.”

”Not only were there changes in the abundance of different bacteria, but there were changes in the kinds of genes that they were expressing and their activity”.

Breakthrough research will change western medicine forever

This study suggests that the bacterial community is extraordinarily flexible and capable of responding swiftly to whatever is coming its way. In fact, shocking but true, David admits that these results “could point to a day when dietary changes could be used to treat certain medical conditions, rather than drugs or even surgery.” (isn’t that amazing!)

Here’s a warning for anyone eating ‘junk’ food. Researchers at the University of Chicago found concentrated milk fats – which are abundant in highly-processed, sugary foods – can alter the composition of bacteria in the intestines. These changes were found to disturb the delicate balance of bacteria necessary for a healthy immune system.

Eugene Chang, MD – the study author – said, “this is the first plausible mechanism showing step-by-step how western-style diets contribute to the rapid and ongoing increase in the incidence of inflammatory bowel disease”. In other words, if you’re not careful, your diet could kill you.

Bacteria in the colon produce energy in the form of short chain fatty acids (SCFA); they make vitamin K; help regulate the turnover of cells lining the intestine and help protect against invading bacteria and pathogens. But, keep in mind, when pathogenic (unhealthy) bacteria grow out of control – this can cause serious DNA damage.

Natural ways to improve gut health

A diet free of refined grains, flour, sugar, and vegetable oils seems to support a healthy mixture of gut flora. A western diet will eventually lead to gut bacteria imbalances and the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Again, if you want to eliminate the threat of irritable bowel syndrome plus many other digestive disorders – maintain a healthy diet.

Researchers have looked at going from a so-called normal diet to eating either animal or plant based foods exclusively. The biggest negative shift in bacteria occurred when switching from a vegetarian to a factory-farmed, meat based diet. Conversely, switching from conventionally-produced meat products to a plant based diet revealed dramatic improvements in gut flora. This is an important observation.

Just remember, before you spend money on probiotics, be sure to make healthy food choices. In fact, there’s plenty of research to suggest that simply increasing your daily fiber intake will improve your digestive system.

The bottom line – restoring your health is not as hard as you may think. Eat plenty of whole foods including organic fruits, vegetables, unrefined grains, beans, sea vegetables, herbs and spices. In addition, eat fermented foods like, sauerkraut and kombucha – which supply biologically active material essential for good health. Enjoy the process!

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