Government prepares to track unvaccinated adults

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vaccine checkpoint(NaturalHealth365) The latest assault on human and civil rights in the United States has been quietly taking shape, but rather than media and public outcry, this attack is being met with cheers from the very corners that condemn other forms of discrimination.

What is the object of this attack?  Believe it or not, it’s adults who have not complied with the vaccination schedule pushed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Unfortunately, medical tyranny is alive and well.

Unvaccinated adults ought to be very concerned

In February, the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) put otherwise law-abiding American adults on notice that refusing to fall into lockstep with federal vaccine recommendations will no longer be tolerated. To that end, public health officials have formulated a plan to launch an immense nationwide vaccination public relations attack involving private business and nonprofit organizations.

So, you may be wondering – ‘what’s the goal?’ It’s quite simple, to employ high-pressure tactics for getting adults to comply with the CDC adult vaccination schedule. I can hardly believe this is being allowed in the United States.

Blatant discrimination in the ‘Land of the Free’

In a country where the rights of citizens of all ages who are affected with any number of health issues are adamantly defended, it is shocking to find little public outcry over the blatant discriminatory action of government officials against the rights of a group of citizens who pose no threat to public health. What’s really behind this agenda to vaccinate the population?

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Think about it. Every day, citizens affected with tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis C, AIDS, and other infectious diseases are not only allowed to move freely about society, but are protected from discrimination in the public workplace or education setting. Yet, non-vaccinated individuals are now coming under attack.

The movement to condemn parents of non-vaccinated children, and the medical staff that support their decisions, began in January 2015 – when nine visitors to California’s Disneyland were identified as having measles. After two weeks, the number climbed to 51, yet no public health official could identify the patient originally infected.

Despite the inability to pinpoint the cause, a media firestorm began with newspapers coast to coast proclaiming a single “non-vaccinated” individual with measles had caused the outbreak, and it was all due to a noticeable decline in parents having their children vaccinated.

The mainstream media refuses to report a simple truth about vaccines

It is known that the effectiveness of the measles vaccine, like that of many other vaccines, wanes over the years. Plus, only about 1.8 percent of children enter kindergarten with vaccine exemptions – so, in other words, this ‘measles outbreak’ was blown way out of proportion.

Yet, the Disneyland measles event was attributed to what was characterized as ignorance and indifference on the part of parents who chose not to risk vaccinating their children. While these attacks in the media grew, the lack of coverage on the real harm that immunizations have done to some children continued to be swept under the rug.

Are we killing civil rights for the almighty dollar?

Enter the new National Adult Immunization Plan, a government-sponsored program that aggressively targets pregnant women, faith-based organizations, employers and employees, along with other adults. The precedent has been set with healthcare workers already fined for refusing to get their annual flu shot – despite scientific evidence that shows vaccines works less than half the time at best, and is a complete failure at its worse.

A dozen states have already introduced bills to eliminate vaccine exemptions, stripping parents of their rights to decide what is best for their children. Yet, these politicians pay little mind to citizens in their states who have had children injured or killed because of vaccinations. In Vermont, a physician-turned-politician is strong-arming a bill that will required educators and other school staff to prove they have received government-recommended vaccines or undergo re-vaccination in order to keep their jobs.

When it comes to protection of human rights, it seems the buck stops at the $30 billion global vaccine market, a well-known and lucrative private-public partnership that has made bedfellows out of government and the pharmaceutical industry. That cozy relationship is likely to grow even closer as the vaccine market is expected to increase by another $100 billion in the next decade – thanks in part to every American’s tax dollars fueling the big pharma machine.

Don’t wait another minute: Protect your healthcare rights or lose them

The assault on non-vaccinated citizens is not likely to slow down. Laws could be enacted that deny education, health insurance, medical care, public transportation, public entertainment, a driver’s license, filing taxes or any number of activities without showing proof of government-recommended vaccinations.

It is not out of the realm of possibilities that parents choosing to shield their children from vaccine dangers, and the family doctors who support their decisions, could find themselves facing criminal charges.

If possible, get involved in political action groups seeking to give a voice to citizens who choose to avoid vaccine dangers. Participate in public advocacy groups working to protect your rights and the rights of your children. And, of course, support the grassroots effort to stand up to the multi-billion dollar public-private pharmaceutical cartels.

Educate yourself and share this information with your family and friends. Write your locally-elected officials and make your voice heard. Together, we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

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  • When will the people of this country take to the streets? Or are they all so impaired by fluoride and medication remains next to chlorine in the drinking water that all they want to do is watch TV?

    • eyesandears

      They simply believe in ‘pop-a-pill’ for instant results. The confusion lies in not comprehending the difference between alleviating a symptom and cure.

      A three year old I’m familiar with has had every flipping medication under the son during his short life – tons of antibiotics, Tamiflu numerous times, Tylenol, cortisone, and many more. He is always sick…and loves to go to the doctor (the allopath’s dream patient). He often wakes screaming in the night complaining of pain. Most recently, mother, who is studying to be a respiratory therapist, has taken it upon herself to give him ‘breathing treatments’ sans prescription; and her doctor sees no problem with this. This child isn’t sick, he’s being destroyed by medication.

      • sadly i could not agree more with you!
        not that i am totally against doctors (allopaths) unfortunately i have yet to meet one who is willing to admit the flaws AND swim against the stream. In my family we had to just stop going and get treated by the chiro (who charges less and spends 30 to 45 minutes actually treating you; even had the kids sports physicals done by him) All our doctor experience has been mostly negative as in: take this medication, come back if it does not help and we will give you some thing else.
        I also agree with you, that the majority of people seem to live with the mindset that pill popping will cure all their ills 🙁 the fallacies of modernization? or just brainless following?

    • technicallysane

      I think you’re right, the majority of people are so dumbed down they have been thoroughly indoctrinated by government and medical mafia thugs.
      All I know is that at my advanced age, I will NOT allow anyone to threaten my life or health by coercing or forcing vaccines on me. They can all go to h***.

  • lizzite

    If backed into a corner, I’d “fill in” the vaccine record myself. Or, if already in the office, make a note of the batch # and then tell the clinician to dump it in the sink. Or else.

  • Denny Rogers

    Vaccine manufacturers have the opportunity to report on adverse events, not a legal obligation. Guess what they do not get reported.