5 powerful healing benefits of Aloe vera juice

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Aloe Vera Juice News(NaturalHealth365) People have known about the benefits of Aloe vera juice for practically an eternity. In fact, its use dates back almost 6000 years to ancient Egypt. Various documents including Pliny the Elder’s Natural History and the Ebers Papyrus from the 16th Century BC mention using Aloe vera for health purposes.

The juice itself has a leaf pulp that is rich in a wide variety of nutrients. Not only is it a powerful healer for the skin, but it works for internal healing as well. Part of the benefits of Aloe vera juice are attributed to its high concentrations of saponin, which can act as an anti-microbial agent.

1. Heal the gut (naturally) with Aloe vera juice

One of the things that Aloe vera juice is best known for is curing constipation. It has also the ability to normalize the pH in the system and balance friendly digestive bacteria. Issues such as IBS, colitis and indigestion can all improve by regularly consuming Aloe vera.

These findings were reported in Prevention magazine in 1985 by a doctor from the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine.

It can also cleanse and detoxify the body. Its properties carry through the digestive systems and heal the tissues.

2. Boost your immune system

Aloe vera juice contains a myriad of nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and B vitamins. These antioxidants boost immunity by fighting free radicals in the body.

Naturally, many health experts believe that preventing inflammation (with plenty of antioxidants) is a great way to reduce your risk for getting cancer.

3. A great way to support a healthy heart

Studies have shown that Aloe vera juice can help with blood circulation as well. In fact, the medical journal Angiology, The Journal of Vascular Diseases demonstrated that among patients with high cholesterol, drinking Aloe vera juice could decrease fatty deposits in the arteries.

In this study, 5000 patients with angina were given Aloe vera juice for 5 years. The frequency of angina attacks were reduced over time.

4. A simple way to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Studies have also shown that drinking Aloe vera juice can lower blood sugar, and this news is particularly interesting for people with type-2 diabetes. Plus, in case your doctor hasn’t told you, Aloe vera has been shown to support the pancreas to produce insulin.

5. Reduce excess cholesterol levels without toxic drugs

The same study mentioned above that was covered in Angiology also revealed that patients had an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) levels, and a reduction in LDL (bad cholesterol). Of course, it (almost) goes without saying that drinking Aloe vera is far safer than using statin drugs.

Admittedly, many people don’t like the strong taste of Aloe vera. But, if you don’t want to drink it straight, it is possible to hide the flavor a bit by mixing it into juice or a shake. Drinking it regularly will enable you to experience the benefits of Aloe vera juice described above, and that is just the beginning, as it also helps skin health, combats inflammation plus much more.

A word of caution – if you are drinking a lot of Aloe vera juice – beware of one minor (potential) side effects. Aloe vera contains a laxative substance called anthraquinone and it can cause diarrhea.

And, of course, always seek the highest quality by looking for organic Aloe vera juice – which is readily available at your local health food store.


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  • raymund turner

    i look forward to reading your postings. very informative in dietary-nutrition news. theres so much revealation. thanks and blessings.

  • Doreen Schneider

    I want to thank you for sharing all of this important, actually vital information with the public…I am a Natural Health Consultant..and I am so happy to see the average person learning all this information that will improve their health and longevity. Thanks again
    Sincerely Doreen Schneider

  • Dr. Michael Haley

    If you find pure inner leaf juice properly extracted and avoiding outer leaf contamination, you don’t have to worry about the laxative effect which comes from the outer leaf. Also, when you research “acemanan”, one of the many phytonutrients of aloe vera, you all the more appreciate the potential immune system benefits from drinking aloe vera. I know people that used to have cancer that consumed 3 glasses per day of raw aloe vera gel inner leaf only – without any laxative effect. This video shows you the proper filet technique used – right from the leaf is best: youtube/rKXLMD2Dv8o

  • Teddy

    Yes, fresh is always best. Grow your own plant which takes two years to reach full medicinal value. The benefits both from internal and external use are extensive even as shampoo and conditioner. Unless the aloe extract is stabilized with the patented technology of Kerrington Labs which was later licensed to Mannatech, Inc., an active healing property is destroyed by an enzyme liberated once the gel is removed from the leaf. However, the healing results from using the processed aloe vera products are also extensive, but fresh is always best.

  • Dr. Michael Haley

    Teddy, I am curious regarding some of your comments: “Unless the aloe extract is stabilized… an active healing property is destroyed by an enzyme liberated once the gel is removed from the leaf.” What is the active healing property that is destroyed that you are referring to? What enzyme are you referring to that is liberated during the filet process that is responsible for such destruction? The research of Rodney Stockton (the “Aloe Pioneer”) demonstrated that full medicinal value took 5 years of plant growth.

  • foreverjuice

    I tried and seen great results

  • sarada

    hi, you have given us nice valuable information on Aloe vera. Thanks. I also have some information on the same:

    trendsvcv. blogspot. in/2013/11/aloe-vera.html