Doctor prescribed aspirin killed millions: Are ‘mandatory’ vaccinations next?

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aspirin tablets(NaturalHealth365) Vaccine proponents seeking to marginalize parental fears over the safety of the MMR vaccine and other shots may want to avoid the old standby statement that having children inoculated is as safe as administering aspirin. That’s because evidence has surfaced that it was likely the lowly aspirin that caused millions to die during the early part of the 20th century.

Recent analysis suggests that the pandemic flu was likely not the reason behind the dramatic increase in fatalities seen in 1918-19. The deaths, from that era’s flu, have long been used as an excuse to encourage the masses to receive vaccines against seasonal flu each year – despite questionable effectiveness and dangerous side effects.

Drug companies would like you to forget about the dangers of aspirin

In analyzing the pandemic flu fatalities of the early 20th century, Dr Karen M. Starko hypothesized that taking aspirin, not the flu, contributed to the high incidence and severity of not only viral pathology, but the bacterial infections seen in many as complications, and even death. Naturally, the question to ask is … why?

Because, at that time, physicians did not understand that a typically-prescribed aspirin dose could cause hyperventilation and pulmonary edema. Back then, doctors were providing patients with 8 to 31.2 g per day – without any knowledge of the deadly side effects.

The cover up of the aspirin-related deaths have been characterized, by some, as the greatest industrial catastrophe in human history – with 20 to 50 million people losing their lives. It is also characterized as the launch of the drug industry, with many believing that healthcare began taking a backseat to pharmaceutical profits.

Unscientific claims threaten our civil rights and health freedom

How significant is it to learn that the pandemic flu was likely not the cause of millions of fatalities?  Over the years, the threat of widespread death from the flu virus has had a number of life-threatening consequences.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, trusted by many as the ‘authoritative voice’ on public health, took part in the creation of pandemic laws that can now be found on the books in every U.S. state. Such laws allow the government to use military force, if necessary, to administer untested, unknown vaccines, chemicals, and other pharmaceuticals and medical treatments to the public.

Could mandatory vaccinations pave the way for another medical catastrophe?

An analysis of healthcare practices at the time of the supposed pandemic flu reveals that just before the spike in fatalities in 1918, aspirin was routinely recommended in dosages known today to be toxic. Such levels have proven to cause deadly pulmonary edema. Sadly, it is now clear that these deaths contributed greatly to the overall pandemic mortality attributed only to the flu virus – when, in reality, it was aspirin-induced death.

The realization that it was actually aspirin that killed millions of people in the early part of the 20th century has led many to draw the correlation between the supposed safety of aspirin and the mandates for administration of unknown, untested vaccines with dangerous adjuvants, like aluminum – which are also promoted as ‘safe.’ Ignoring the well-documented risks of vaccinations, many fear, could also cost millions of deaths.

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  • d-dectiri

    30 grams??? that’s an OUNCE OF ASPIRIN…2 tablespoons…yikes? and even 8 grams is 2 tsp !

    • pam r

      This is a perfect example to show how many mistakes conventional medicine makes. At one time they used Mercury to treat people and all other kinds of illegal drugs like heroin. Now , they say vaccines are safe and take them all – one day people will look back on this as just more insanity from these people.
      Unfortunately all their mistakes kill many people in the process and they make money.

  • Shasta

    My great grandmother, a doctor of osteopathy, nursed many patients through that epidemic and apparently didn’t lose one. Though of course I can’t ask her, my guess is that she did NOT use aspirin.

  • Shasta

    Lou, just saw your comment. See mine above. Wow.

  • bodica

    Homeopathists had a 94% survival rate during that flu pandemic. I surmise that the 6% fatalities were patients dumped on Homeopathic Hospitals from ‘Old School’ Hospitals to keep THEIR stats down. Even so, they had a 63% survival rate – lost over 1/3d of their patients.

    Aspirin as derived from willow bark has some benefits, wisely used and in appropriate quantities. However, it is widely synthesised today.