Bad carbs increase risk of cancer by up to 88 percent

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pasta-maker(NaturalHealth365) Evidence of how harmful certain carbohydrates (‘bad carbs’) can be to our health keeps mounting, and a recent study adds even more motivation to cut out those sugars that trigger the growth of cancer cells.

The study has shown that consuming foods dense with unhealthy carbohydrates can significantly increase the risk of prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men from cancer-related illness.

Sugary beverages and processed foods are the most detrimental bad carbs to eat

Bad carbs refers to processed foods and sugary beverages known for their sugar and processed grain content. These foods have now been found to markedly increase cancer risk.  Conversely, healthy carbs like vegetables, whole grains, fruits and legumes are increasingly associated with cancer prevention.

The new study shows that those who drink sugary beverages such as sodas and sweetened juices are three times more likely to get prostate cancer. A higher intake of processed foods like pizza as well as packaged burgers and meat sandwiches was found to double the risk of prostate cancer.

In contrast, eating healthy carbohydrates such as legumes, whole grains non-starchy vegetables (skip the corn and potatoes) and fruits seemed to help prevent cancer, reducing breast cancer risk by 67 percent.

Clearly, all carbs are not created equal

Part of the message here is that not all carbs are bad.  In fact, the body needs carbohydrates for fuel and creates it when the cells and tissues convert glucose into usable energy. Carbohydrates help to fuel critical organs and systems like the brain, central nervous system, kidneys, heart and muscles.

However, bad carbs cause the body to flood with too much glucose which then needs to be stored as fat. It now appears that consuming these kinds of carbs also contributes to creating internal conditions that are conducive to the growth of cancer cells.

This recent study connecting bad carbs with prostate and other cancers was based upon health records tracking over 3,000 people since the 1970s. Foods consumed by participants were organized by glycemic index and glycemic load, which are measures of carbohydrate quality related to their impact on blood sugar levels. The foods eaten were then compared with resultant cancer rates.

The study ultimately found that persons who ate the most high glycemic load foods were 88 percent more likely to have prostate cancer.

Eating more legumes, vegetables and fruit will help to prevent cancer

The worst bad carb foods are sugary beverages like sodas and fruit juices as well as processed lunch foods.  The sugars in these beverages are already considered a major cause of the diabetes and obesity epidemics in this country.  Now they have been linked to an increased risk of cancer.

By contrast, study participants who favored low-glycemic index foods like vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fruits had a 67 percent lower breast cancer rate.  Legumes in particular were associated with cancer prevention and a 32 percent reduced risk for prostate, breast and colorectal cancers.


Reference: Makarem N, Lin Y, Bandera EV, Jacques P, Parekh N. Dietary carbohydrate intake, glycemic index and glycemic load in relation to adiposity-related cancer risk: results from the Framingham Offspring Cohort (1991-2013). Presented at Experimental Biology 2016, April 2-6, 2016; San Diego, CA

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  • Roddy Pfeiffer

    Your body can’t tell “good carbs” from “bad carbs” the so-called “good carbs” turn into sugar in your blood as fast as a Snickers. Some carbs are in the form of whole grains which pass through the digestive tract intact. This does not make them good food any more than eating gravel.

    • pam r

      Whole grains such as millet and buckwheat are good carbs problem is people don’t chew 80% of digestion start in the mouth. Also, good carbs release glucose slowly into the body it has fiber unlike a snickers bar.

    • Cheryl Ann Jobe

      Your body cannot tell good carbs from bad carbs? How was this conclusion reached?

      • 1555

        It looks conclusion was reached by Trollese.

  • Marcy N

    Good advice, now to get people to give up their addiction. Sugar has been proven to be an addiction not unlike drug addition. Manufacturers know this, but does the public?

    • 1555

      Thanks for bringing this up. According to research sugar is supposedly more addictive than heroin.

  • Katherine Gilbert

    Many white flour products have sugar in them. Soda is still a staple for many people. When I go out with friends I would say just about everyone of them orders a cola with their meal.

  • Mildred Pincus

    I don’t think it is possible to cut out all simple carbs unless you completely change your lifestyle. The average American will eat out at least a few times a year. As soon as the restaurant places bread on the table there is a mad grab for at.

    • 1555

      They don’t have to eat that bread !
      The average American doesn’t read this newsletter. So the average American does eat it. The average American is grossly overweight these days. Yet when we travel other countries are not full of ‘hogs in designer clothes’ in their street. Why is that ?

      Sugar is actually considered medicinal in oriental medicine – in small amount, at appropriate situation. Yet the average American eats 175 POUND of it each year ?

  • eyesandears

    Just listen to the grandmothers of old and ‘eat your vegetables!’

  • 1555

    Just think if the gent purchased some dry organic beans/lentils, organic Romaine lettuce, a jar of organic grass fed ghee/or same price California organic olive oil, and the 3 bananas, his bill would have been the same – mine is.

    Yet the Romaine would last him longer, the dry beans/lentils cooked from scratch would make several meals/dips etc. eaten with some chopped up carrots even weeks later, cooked fresh then.

    I do a lot of ‘educating the troops’ over the years….used to have a health store, and worked for a naturopath..Even my sister in law has been brainwashed by her physician “she really likes”. But I gave her a book by Dr. Perlmuter, MD, “The Grain Brain” and she no longer has any Margarine in her fridge. She read the entire book, and said she is not going to change everything at once. But she changed so far about 90 % over 6 months.
    I consider that an awesome progress.

    Us consumers educating each other/and ourselves, can make the huge change by pushing the ‘powers to be’ that do not have our interest in mind.

  • 1555

    And make sure you soak you legumes, cook them yourself. Canned legumes/beans,etc. are not presoaked. Grandmothers soaked them, tossed soaking water into the garden , and then tossed out also the first cooking water.

  • 1555

    Bread – let’s look at it. I love bread, grew up on it. Sourdough bread.

    I have learned recently that when in 1,600’s brewers yeast was introduced to leaven bread , instead of making natural sourdough risen bread, doctors were warning that it would weaken the nations.

    We make organic whole rye, sourdough bread. Rye is very beneficial for muscles, and also it makes arteries clean and flexible. So to offset our obsession with electronic, brain activities, TV, and a lack of movement, the rye is a great balancing food.

    I let the dough process for almost a week – just stir for a few seconds with a wooden cooking spoon. Then bake it – and yum ! No other flour than the whole organic rye,some salt and caraway seed and fennel seed).