Dandelion tea obliterates cancer cells

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dandelion tea(NaturalHealth365) Those bright yellow weeds blooming all over suburban lawns each spring may soon be known as more than just a springtime nuisance. A proposed clinical study will look at the potential cancer-killing properties of dandelion root extract in hopes of mirroring the promising results already seen in lab studies.

Dr. Siyaram Pandey, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, University of Windsor, and principal research investigator on the project, is recruiting 30 cancer patients to take part in the study, which will take place at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre. The clinical trial follows lab studies in which dandelion tea, containing dandelion root extract, showed promise in the fight against cancer.

The benefits of dandelion tea revealed

Dandelion tea has been prized for years by proponents of natural and alternative health remedies for a number of reasons. It has been shown to enhance detoxification, by stimulating urination and replacing the potassium lost in the process.

Even more noteworthy, dandelion tea is widely known as a potent disease-fighter, credited with boosting the body’s immune system and helping the body to heal, while combating heart disease, combating cancer and reducing the effects of aging.

Scientific studies highlight the power dandelion tea

The proposed clinical study, which will take place at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre, will involve patients with end stage blood-related cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia. The study will address the question of whether results of the clinical trial will mimic the earlier lab test results, where dandelion tea containing dandelion root extract was shown to kill cancer cells.

During the lab tests, researchers studied the effects of the dandelion tea formula on a number of commercially available leukemia cells. The team found that the dandelion tea caused cancer cells to destroy themselves, known as apoptosis.

As part of the process, the research team created a new company, Windsor Botanical Therapeutics, in order to gain the ability to form a contract with a licensed Health Canada drug manufacturer for the purpose of creating the dandelion extract that can be used clinically.

Dr. Pandey says the first phase of the clinical study is part of the overall Dandelion Root Project, an effort designed to bring to light the scientific evidence for using dandelion root extract and other natural health products in a safe, effective way to combat cancer.

Is Canada going to set an example for the rest of the world?

This phase of the clinical trials already have the blessing of Health Canada in 2012. The end goal of this early stage will be primarily to determine the correct dose necessary to impact cancer cells.

The research got under way after Dr. Pandey was approached by an oncologist who noticed that cancer patients drinking dandelion tea were improving. The results have been promising enough to attract financial support via grants from philanthropists.

Only time will tell if this information can get out to the general public. There are many people – within the pharmaceutical industry – that want to keep the public in the dark. It’s up to each and every one of us to spread the word. People need to learn more about the healing power of dandelion tea plus many other substances within the plant kingdom.

Can dandelions kill cancer?

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  • Truth59

    So if dandelion tea obliterates cancer, I wonder if Dandy Blend coffee substitute which has dandelion in it does too? I’m sure the company would not be allowed to tell me if I asked so I’m asking you.

    • John Carter

      Whilst I do not know the brand, I would say that the more it is processed the less effect it would have… having said that I am sure it is much better than coffee…
      As for me, I use 2 types of dandelion, 1 is a chunky pieces of the root that has been roasted and so it has a richer and complex flavour (like coffee) the other is just the root dried and not roasted – this one is quite bitter and I like it least bit I understand the bitters are more stimulating for the liver and so I use this one less often and without sweetners

    • pam r

      Probably good but not potent enough.

  • Andrea van de Kleut

    I made a dandelion oil extract that i rubbed/massaged on my foot that is effected by gout 1x or 2x a year and in a day or less the pain is gone, and stays gone for quite a while.!

    • John Carter

      Care to share how you made the extract? A friend of mine gets gout and I am sure he would love this 🙂
      Thank you in advance

      • Andrea van de Kleut

        sure, I pick the blossoms (yellow flowers )ONLY enough to fill a small jar to the top. fill it with virgin olive oil and let sit for 2/ weeks. Then open strain and squeeze the flowers , and the left over oil is what i use. makes the skin soft and helps my gout pain quickly.

        • Brenda

          Thanks Andrea! Nice of you to share this medicine with us!

  • JES

    Isn’t that interesting? I took a 2 yr. study program at the Northeast Institute of Botanical Medicine, culminating in 2014. One thing that I learned was that Dandelion Leaf is majorly effective for the kidneys, but that Dandelion Root affects majorly the liver (with each slightly affecting the other organ, as well). Dandelions detox the soil they grow in, too. Sooooooo, my personal experience has been that I began drinking Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Root Tea, 1-3 mugs/day. It tastes a bit like a very weak coffee. I love it especially with 2-3 drops of either Sweetleaf Vanilla or Hazelnut liquid stevia (no blood sugar issues). YUMMY!!!

    Lately, after hearing Dave Asprey speak about his Bulletproof Diet and beverages with raw butter from pasteured cows, I sometimes add in 1 tspn.+ of Kerry Gold Butter to my dandelion root tea, as well. This is supposed to help any constituents that need fat to carry them into my cells do so more efficiently. I find this “dandelion tea plus” recipe very effective for me and a very cool “comfort food/beverage” that is not only quite healing, but very satisfying. It makes a great “dessert drink” for after meals, when you don’t want to add in a bunch of carbs! (It’s a great treat for “lower your A1C diet” that my hubby is on, and makes you feel much less deprived.)

    Also, in the Spring every year, I go to a part of my lawn that has remained untreated for more than a decade and harvest the dandelion flowers. Afterwards, I squeeze as many as I can into a jar with unfiltered vinegar in it. Let it sit for 5-6 weeks (shake occassionally) to make the extraction strong, as the acetic acid in the vinegar extracts the vitamins and minerals from the flowers. You can remove the flowers and drain off the dandelion vinegar after this time. It can be made into a healthy salad dressing.

    In case you wondered from all of that, YES, I am a Certified Natural Health Professional with an MSEd, so I like to share and teach. That is partly why I know this much about health and healthy foods, herbs, and beverages.

    One more tip, if you are having a lot of joint, ligament, fingernail issues and/or poor immunity against viruses, etc. you should look into your Silicon/Silica levels. Silica helps the phagocytes in your blood become strong so they can gobble up invaders and viruses. If you are low (many people in the US are low, if they don’t have silica-rich well water), you may become susceptible to viruses, etc…. Something I just learned about that is extremely important, so I thought I’d share. To get more Silica (think Horsetail Grass Supplements), like Biosil or Alta Health Silica Supplements, or Volvic Water in the healthfood store. From what I have read on-line, it is sometimes recommended to take Silica to assist the body in detoxing aluminum. Also, good for men with prostate issues, as well as (of course) Zinc. I find taking Silica has significantly improved my always too mobile lower back and sacral area! It’s suppoed to help your skin/wrinkles/collage, too. O.K. Off topic too long. Just thought I would share some important info. I’ve recently been looking into!

    Finally: DANDELION ROOT TEA IS AWESOME!!! I buy it by the case from Amazon Subscribe and Save program, and save a bundle. How great to know it is an anti-cancer product, as well! Thanks so much to the author who released this important information to your readers!

    • Truth59

      I do the same with Dandy Blend. It is yummy with either heavy cream or coconut cream and butter and flavored stevia. One note on the butter, the Kerry Gold formula has been changed. Irish butter is not as pristine as it used to be, I guess depending on the particular farms the cows are grazing on.

    • technicallysane

      Thank you so much for the info JES…..I really appreciate it. I’m getting up in age and even though I’m a fitness instructor for seniors, I’ve been plagued with arthritis and aching joints over this past week and wondering if the Dandelion tea would help it ?
      Other than that I’m pretty healthy and don’t take any prescription drugs…..at almost 80 y/o I think that’s pretty good:)

      • Lee

        Hi Guest,
        I just wrote a long response to the comment above made by technically sane. If I can’t put the comment here as a response to you, then please see what I posted to technically sane. You each wrote about concerns with aching joints, and that’s the basis of my response.

        Perhaps you caught Jonathon’s Sunday interview today. It’s guest, Dr. Ellen Jensen discussed the body’s natural detox systems. I’ll reiterate what she said about aching joints.

        natural detox route is the lymph system. Lymph is a clear fluid which
        flows through-out the body, just under the skin. Tears, among other
        things, are part of the lymph system, as it flows through the skin,
        bowels, kidneys, sinuses, etc. Whereas the body has 5 pints of blood,
        the body has 45 pints of lymph fluid. Lymph has no natural pump like
        the heart, however, and so flows as a consequence of movement. Gluten,
        pasteurized milk products, and sugar all clog lymph flow. So does lack
        of movement. Lymph can also be constrained by pressure on the body,
        such as wearing bras which fit tightly, or any garment which squeezes
        the body, inhibiting lymph flow.

        The liver
        processes lymph fluid. As she noted, a jammed up liver means a jammed
        up lymph system, where not well processed (cleaned) lymph kind of
        stagnates in various locations. Symptoms of lymph congestion caused by
        liver congestion include lung congestion, sinus congestion, and aching

        To help clean the liver (as well as the colon), this is a smoothie recipe she favors. Add to the blender:
        a.) one apple, with peel, chopped up
        b.) one cucumber, peeled, chopped
        c.) 1″ slice of raw red beet, chopped
        d.) juice of one lemon & juice of one lime
        e.) 1 T. each of hemp seed, chia seed & flax seed
        f.) a handful of mixed greens
        g.) 15 soaked almonds

        she didn’t mention them, there are simple homemade liver flushes one
        can find on many websites. While dandelion tea will definitely help
        keep the liver clean, if the liver has become clogged, something more
        than tea is likely needed.)

        To keep lymph flowing, she recommends:
        a.) Use the above blender drink.
        b.) Consume plenty of lemons and limes.
        c.) Walking.
        Drink lots of pure (non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated) water. For a
        sufficient amount, take your body weight in pounds, and divide in half,
        and that is the number of recommended ounces/day.
        e.) Mullen tea is especially good at keeping the lymph fluid clean (if the liver is not clogged).
        Skin brushing. Because the lymph system empties at the heart area,
        start with the bottoms of the feet and brush upwards to the heart. For
        the area above the heart, start at the hands and brush upwards and over
        the shoulders, and then down to the heart.
        g.) Juicing celery, parsley, kale & cucumber (and ginger root may be added for circulation).
        Practice good stress maintenance. Stress makes the body acid, and this
        acidic state prompts the lymph system to pull minerals out of the bones
        (to protect against the acidity). Having to carry these extra minerals
        slows down the lymph flow. The lymph system may then eventually dump
        these minerals into the kidneys, making kidney stones.
        developing the habit of stopping often through-out the day to slow down
        and calm down, will help a lot with keeping the lymph flowing. She
        recommends her patients put red dots around the house or work place, as
        reminders. Every time they see a dot, they can stop (red for stop), and
        relax by taking five good deep breaths (in through the nose and out
        through the mouth).

        The website link for Dr. Ellen Jensen is bernardjensen. com

    • technicallysane

      Thank you so much for the info JES….I really appreciate it. Can you tell me if the Dandelion tea will also help arthritis? I’ve had aching joints for this past week and can’t seem to get relief even with homeopathic medicine.

  • Kim Martelle

    I find it interesting that Cannabis also has remarkable cancer fighting abilities and Health Canada still states it has no medicinal value!

    • Darline Viernes Idan

      How come then that there are 10 commercial medication produced from artificially produced Cannabis molecules? The answer is, it is FRAUD what they claim. corruption.

  • Rick

    (financial support via grants from philanthropists) this sounds encouraging but who is going to keep an eye on the possibility that philanthropy for a very long time now has been used mostly to find and suppress! Put up the coin, set up the scientists and go about the usual business!!!

  • Neodim Kollobok

    Dandelion root is a well known and widely sold herbal supplement in drug stores accross Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. It costs less than $2 per pack and its application towards detox of liver and purification of blood is based on long traditional usage history among population of those countries.

  • pam r

    WOW! Thanks Lee

  • pam r

    I believe they are talking about digging up a dandelion and then actually drying and preparing the root from what I have read about this.

  • soshelpme

    Fresh ones work better according to this TCM doctor, https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=NvL7-KGq7VY