Dr. Oz attacks the benefits of organic food

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Safe Body Detoxification(NaturalHealth365)  This story has been updated – as of Apr. 23, 2015.

Most health conscious consumers understand the benefits of organic food far outweigh the cost factor. Conventionally grown and processed foods are filled with toxic pesticides – which dramatically increase your risk for allergies; attention deficit disorder (ADD) plus many other chronic health problems. Yet, the entire organic food industry is under attack by multi-national (junk) food producers; the “lame-stream” media and corporately-controlled mad (GMO) scientists.

Recently, television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz suggested that there is no good reason to buy organic food. But, this is the same “health” doctor that told millions of viewers to eat organic food just a few months ago. Why was there a change of heart?

Editor’s update: (10/20/14)  Since the original publication of this article – Dec. 2, 2012, the videos of the Dr. Oz show (revealing his position) have been removed because they are no longer available through Youtube. (I wonder why?) Having said that, we would love to hear what Dr. Oz thinks about organic foods – in his own words, sometime soon.

In a shocking editorial piece in TIME Magazine, Dr. Oz has completely changed his opinion – suggesting that eating organic food is “elitist” and only for about 1 percent of the population. He says it’s good for you but not “democratic”. Since when has eating healthy food become such a political issue?

Is the corporate agenda of the biotech industry behind this story?  By harping on the idea that there is no nutritional difference between organic and non-organic food – it completely avoids the issue of toxic chemicals in our food supply. Personally speaking, I think it’s a shame if any healthcare professional suggests that toxic food is safe to eat.

We would LOVE Dr. Oz to create an entire show about the benefits of organic food.

In my opinion, Dr. Oz ought to use his influence in the media to increase the popularity of organic food.  The only way we can create a positive change in our food supply is by increasing awareness – about the dangers of processed foods – and vote with our purchasing dollars.

Share this story with as many of your friends and family as possible. Organic food is under attack – and it’s up to us to help save humanity from the corporate giants that care little about us and poison the planet for sheer profit.

The original TIME cover story was published on 12/3/2012 and is entitled “What to Eat Now” by Dr. Mehmet Oz. It’s available at: https://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2129811,00.html

The full story is available to Time subscribers only. Here are some excerpts from the article (below), with Cornucopia’s responses:

Dr. Oz: “Nutritionally speaking, there is little difference between the farmer’s-market bounty and the humble brick from the freezer case.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz compares conventional and organic foods throughout the article by focusing exclusively on the differences between a handful of nutrients. This is exactly what the agrochemical and conventional farming industries, and their front group, the Alliance for Food and Farming, would like the American public to focus on. Just two months ago, Dr. Oz told the viewers of his syndicated television show to buy organic vegetables to avoid pesticide residues. Now, in his copywritten Time story, the word “pesticide” or “agricultural chemical” is never mentioned.

Dr. Oz: “Dispelling these myths — that boutique foods are good, supermarket foods are suspect and you have to spend a lot to eat well — is critical to improving our nation’s health. Organic food is great, it’s just not very democratic.”

Cornucopia response: What can be more democratic than consumers voting with their food dollars to support organic farmers who protect our environment and our health by eschewing harmful and polluting agrochemicals?

Even if there were no direct benefit to our families (plenty of published scientific research indicates there is), when we choose organic food we are protecting farmers and farmworkers from exposure to toxic chemicals. Many farmers, farmworkers and their children have elevated levels of certain cancers and chronic diseases.

Dr. Oz: “The rise of foodie culture over the past decade has venerated all things small-batch, local-farm and organic — all with premium price tags. But let’s be clear: you don’t need to eat like the 1% to eat healthily.”

Cornucopia response: Organic foods are not for the “1%.” Organic foods are for everybody, and are accessible and affordable to most families who prioritize their expenses. Many organic consumers forgo other “luxuries,” whether it be iPhones, vacations, new cars — all of which are advertised in the same Time magazine where Dr. Oz’s article appears — in order to be able to afford organic foods to protect their family’s health. These decisions should be applauded, not turned into a character flaw.

Dr. Oz: “After several years of research and experience, I have come to an encouraging conclusion: the American food supply is abundant, nutritionally sound, affordable and, with a few simple considerations, comparable to the most elite organic diets. Save the cash; the 99% diet can be good for you.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz’s research apparently missed the countless studies showing that organic foods are nutritionally superior, lower in pesticide residues, lower in antibiotic-resistant pathogen contamination, etc. In addition to being published in peer-reviewed journals, testing by independent sources such as Consumer Reports (Consumer Union) and government agencies such as the USDA corroborate these findings.

Dr. Oz: “I consider it a public-health service to the consumer who has to feed a family of five or the person who wants to make all the right choices and instead is alienated and dejected because the marketing of healthy foods too often blurs into elitism, with all the expense and culinary affectation that implies.”

Cornucopia response: The added expense of buying organic foods is an investment in health. In the interest of public health, Dr. Oz should have mentioned the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic preservatives, artificial dyes and sweeteners, and other harmful inputs used in conventional farming and food production. Comparing nutrients is just one aspect of a cost-benefit analysis. Dr. Oz owes his loyal fans, who respect his judgment, a more thoughtful and nuanced analysis.

Dr. Oz: “There’s no question that free-range chickens and grass-fed, pasture-dwelling cows lead happier — if not appreciably longer — lives than animals raised on factory farms. They are also kept free of hormones and antibiotics and are less likely to carry communicable bacteria like E. coli, which are common on crowded feedlots. If these things are important to you and you have the money to spend, then by all means opt for pricier organic meats.”

Cornucopia response: Yes, Dr. Oz, avoiding hormones and antibiotics is important to us, and it should be to you, too.

However, just because a package says “free range” or “grass-fed” does not mean it is certified organic, and therefore is not certified to be produced without some of the most dangerous and objectionable drugs. Concerned consumers should go out of their way to seek out the organic seal.

Dr. Oz: “But for the most part, it’s O.K. to skip the meat boutiques and the high-end butchers. Nutritionally, there is not much difference between, say, grass-fed beef and the feedlot variety.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz’s statement is not backed by scientific data, which consistently shows lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat and higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fats and vitamins in grass-fed beef compared with feedlot beef.

Dr. Oz: “Let’s also take a moment to celebrate the tuna-salad sandwich, which is to lunch what the ’57 Chevy is to cars–basic and brilliant.”

Cornucopia response: It is unconscionable that Dr. Oz touts the nutritional benefits of canned tuna, without mentioning the FDA and EPA warnings concerning methylmercury contamination. The FDA and EPA recommend that women who may become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children limit their consumption of canned light tuna to no more than 12 ounces per week, and their consumption of canned albacore tuna to no more than 6 ounces per week.

Dr. Oz: “Preserves and jams without added sugar can be great sources of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium.”

Cornucopia response: Preserves and jams without added sugar often contain added artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, which has been linked in studies to cancer and neurological damage. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are banned in organic products.

Dr. Oz: “We know more about the connection between food and health than ever before — down to the molecular level, actually. This has provided us the curious luxury of being fussy, even snooty, about what we eat, considering some foods, well, below our station. That’s silly. Food isn’t about cachet. It’s about nourishment, pleasure and the profound well-being that comes from the way meals draw us together.”

Cornucopia response: Dr. Oz spends the entire article attempting to convince the American public that there are few, if any, differences between conventional and organic foods. Yet in his closing paragraphs he tacitly acknowledges that we “know more about … food and health than ever before – down to the molecular level.” This contradicts his earlier statements that there are no differences.

Most people who buy organic foods do so not because they are “snooty,” as Dr. Oz suggests, but because they seek to protect themselves and their families from the widely recognized harmful effects of pesticides and other agrichemicals.


About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the managing director of NaturalHealth365.com and host of the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show sponsored by NaturalHealth365.com.  Jonathan is helping millions of people worldwide create health and physical fitness through a variety of educational and entertaining articles, teleconference calls, live shows and special events.

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  • Linda

    Could it be Dr. Oz was given an ultimatum- Drop your stance against the great and powerful corporations, or we will eliminate
    you and your family… ?!?!

    People, find the truth and trust no man~!

  • James

    Eventual he sold himself to the devil. The devil is hanging on to his fingernails
    and will dissapear for ever soon. The forces of Light already won!!

  • Susan Caliman

    Excellent post, Jonathan…..Dr. Oz also appears to be promoting a special type of “class” distinction as well!

  • Joany Lawrence

    I wonder just how much $ he got…
    or was he threatened? I already thought he was beginning to slide when he interviewed non-GMO people on his show.

  • Susan

    Of course he has to do what ever they want. They wouldn’t give him a show backed by all those sponsers selling synthetic vitamins and artificial food if he didn’t. He knows which side his bread is buttered.

  • truthbetold

    i just finished watching video 1. Actually, as much as Oz is a sellout, this show does have some truth. I eat organic, but I always wonder, ‘Does this really have less pesticides or does it say organic just to hike up the price?” YOu have to wonder if organic food really is organic in ‘organic stores.’ I do….of course I want no pesticides, but who really is telling the truth. And of course, labs can’t be trusted. it would be interesting to take an independent lab, a lab with no connectiosn to anyone, and test to see…

  • truthbetold

    too bad all pesticides can’t be taken out, everywhere. As if that would happen

  • truthbetold

    ok. my dad is an MD. He is oblivious to pesticides. He thinks its ok to have Critter Control on his own property. When I gave him the facts and dangers, he thinks I am nuts. THey are brainwashed.

  • Cat

    This is not news, he sold out many years ago!! I stopped watching him when he got his flu shot on TV to encourage others to do the same, yet his wife and kid dont get them, hmmm. It was probably not a real flu shot but he did it to promote his big advertiser Walgreen’s and their flu program.

  • truthbetold

    Dr. Oz…you want us to eat organic(in the videos) but you promote flu vaccines, the kind that disable and cripple. Get real. and how about the time Oz slammed Wakefield- talk about a Big Pharma sellout.

  • sandy

    Great article, but the man does not need the money, he is a doctor and this is just pure greed on his part. I was wondering how long it would take him to sell his soul to the devil.
    He should have stood up for what was right, go back to being a doctor, let the TV business go and keep his Self-respect.

  • Sonia

    I used to think of him as sweet, harmless and occasionally interesting. I just saw another show where he’s helping a ‘sleep specialist’ – who’s income relies on lots of folks having insomnia- attach melatonin.

  • Grinrevere

    There is a reality to the cost of organic foods and it is true that it is less affordable. However, that has to be looked at in the context of the whole food system where mass production and subsidies does make unhealthy, agribusiness food less costly than what is required for small farmers to grow healthy organic food. That is a perspective missing from both sides presented on this issue.

  • Nancy

    It is always difficult to determine what is actually organic when shopping for food. However, the government rules state that organic produce must have an organic “seal” on the package if it is truely organic.

  • cocodave

    could not watch this bull $$it
    so glad that I do not have TV
    sold out to big $$$
    Dr OZ is fake soil out

  • Alice Allenbrand

    Most of my friends or those I speak to about using Organic, often say, “We, I, can’t afford t it”. These folks then will go to the tobacco counter for their smokes or buy the very expensive processed foods??????

  • Sandra

    My father was a nice man in public and a tyrant at home. Dr. Oz has cultivated a public persona that doesn’t seem to reflect his true character. I suspect he is leaning more towards being driven by greed and power, though he pretends to be “for the people”. And as for organic foods being for the elite, how ridiculous. I live on a very modest pension but I choose organic always because of my health, the health of others, the welfare of animals and the planet. I never take vacations, go to spas and rarely eat out. I have an old car that I maintain, a very humbly decorated apartment and no fancy gadgets but I feel like I am rich because I live an ethical life with the welfare of all beings as my guiding principle. I am certainly not the 1%!

  • Fred Clement

    I have always thought Dr Oz was corporate, and he just proved it. I guess it is possible the devil corporations made him an offer he could not refuse. They will do what ever it takes (bribes, threats, even murder) to keep the people in the dark.

  • Steve Kalishman

    Not to mention genetically modified food.

  • Marc Authier

    The first pesticides were used in Nazi concentration to extrminate Jews and Gipsies.Doctor Ox is sold himself indeed to the Devil. There is a limit to say anything for money. and such insanity and it says a lot about TIME WARNER lack of ehtics also. Pesticides are violent poisons and they accumulate in the blood and compound. They are hormone disrupting substance highly toxic for endorin system and cancer causing ! Doctor is in my eyes a CRIMINAL ! because he knows what pesticides and all these substances work. Somebody should make him eat a kilo of the stuff to this mass murderer. Because it is really like committing mass murder when you desinform people about the dangers of a chemical and its really dangerous and bad science. Dr Ox may you burn in Hell you and these US corporate faxcists from Iime Warner. Wall Street is runned by psychopathic pigs ready to do ANYTHING to make a buck including this !

  • Marc Authier

    Pretending that a substance first invented and used to exterminate Jews and Gipaies and political opponents in Nazi concentration camps is harmless is equivalent to say that eating plutonium is good for you. TIME also is criminal to let such a bough imbecile and clearly a Monsanto puppet to write insaniaties. Doctor Oz should maybe change his name to Doctor Mengel, the famous nazi doctor. The Nazi hired more than 10,000 doctors to make horrific experiments. If they didnt they would be sent to the showers and massively sprayed with Zyclon-B. Zyclon B you guessed was the first insecticide invented. The others were derived from also nerve gases. Doctor Oz and Time Warner are absolutely disgusting and criminal to spread false indormations that will kill you !

  • Dan

    Probably he was blackmailed , either mainstream pesticide /gmo pushing or he’s shows , public appearance will be terminated. He caved in, betraying public trust , endangering he’s audiences health ,joining dark forces. Man is over , another worthless by pedal , although wealthy.

  • Linda

    I will share this article on Dr. Oz’s facebook page. He is slammed with hundreds of negative comments. Let’s keep it going. The word is spreading – all his mainstream viewers will see this.

  • Viyahta

    Dr. Oz is a very influential TV personality. Most of the health food stores in my area have a special section titled “Seen on Dr. OZ”,and they frequently sell out of his recommendations. He obviously is getting pressure from his sponsors or other corporate contributors and is changing his position. After seeing his wife on The View I’m betting she is all organic which means Dr. Oz has a major conflict before him. This conflict will manifest in his physical body, and like the colon issue he had some months ago, we may see some other health issues surface. We all reap what we sow so Dr. Oz will be a lesson of this truth.

  • Garret

    I do not understand all of this Hoo-Hah. I feel that Dr Oz gave a very balanced and frank discussion. He admitted that pesticides were dangerous for us, and are more prolific in ordinary foods, and that Organic is better.
    Whether the big difference in price is worth the small difference in Toxic levels, is a decision we have to make for ourselves. I personally feel that it is, and I will continue to buy Organic, and grow as much of my own produce as I can.
    BUT, I do feel that this was a fair and balanced discussion, giving all the pros and cons.
    Get on with your life and cut out the REAL poisons:
    All Take-away foods and fizzy drinks, and you will already be doing your body a lot of good.

  • mae

    wow! Dr.0 you really did it this time. i do whatever my heart tells me to do

  • CJ Albert.

    Dr Oz, Typical Shill Bill Hicks Warned Us About. youtu.be/zBRpW5sEvJk

  • K. Jean Cottam, PhD

    Why eat organic? Toxic chemical poisons are far better for you! I am thoroughly fed up with crass pesticide peddlers telling me that there is no benefit in eating organic food. Of course, this food must be really organic and pesticide-free. I am excluding phony organic food.

  • Debbi

    Why not speak directly with Dr. Oz; challenge him directly rather than “boycott” him? I am fortunate that I am able to afford organic foods and to purchase a CSA each year. There are many very poor families where I live. They have little resources and/or receive food stamps or food bank assistance. Organic foods in the local stores are not always fresh anyway! I’m not about to boycott Dr. Oz. I’d rather have dialog and understanding. Your quick jump to besmurch someone as well-loved as Oz makes me wonder…about YOU!

  • karen richards

    If anyone thinks that eating GMO foods( genetically modified foods, which by the way alter ones DNA, is good for you, then go ahead,it’s your choice, just don’t be making false claims that eating these pesticide,herbicide and fungicide laden food is healthy for you. Clearly, Dr.Oz has gone over to the dark side.

  • Megan

    he always has been big pharm! I watch him to get a good laugh at how much a sleople he is and to kno what others are talking about that they heard him say so I can show them truth on sites like this!!!!!

  • RedTulie

    I trust absolutely NO medical doctor (with very few exceptions and after really checking them out). They have proven themselves to be liars, pimps for BigPharm, and murderers via the drugs they peddle. What is and has been done to America’s children at the end of their mercury-, formaldehyde-, aluminum-filled syringes (and so much more!) is nothing less than eugenics. You know them by their fruits–and the fruits are utterly rotten and poisonous.

    The episode where I witnessed him receive some sort of injection, purported to be a flu vaccine, was when I wrote him off totally. Either one is telling the truth or one is not. Clearly, he is controlled by his BigPharm sponsors, if not the criminal AMA. Those that unplug from the medical matrix are few and far between and lose much because of it. However, those who do unplug have honor and integrity and that’s something quite rare in today’s world.

  • Mirmaid

    My guess is that he was pressured into supporting those that contribute to his show. I feel bad for him that he has sold out, lost credibility, sees himself like many Drs who feel god-like and are really slaves to a medical culture that dictate. I left nursing for that reason, have studied natural health practices and disease reversal for 12 years now. I am confident that most of us and almost everyone here is far too educated in what is good and bad. I hope Dr Oz reads what people are thinking of him and frees himself from the $$$ and TV and practices what he began to preach before the corporate conglomerates
    enslaved him for money sake. I don’t respect his word and know better but I did like him in his early endeavor when Oprah promoted him. He just got weak and sold out. Who can resoect that???

  • Berry

    I have a painful, chronic inflammatory bladder condition called Interstitial Cystitis. I have a very complicated medical diet due to IC because what I eat directly impacts the inflammation in my bladder. Since I switched to eating 100% organic my symptoms have improved more significantly than I can even begin to explain. My bladder knows the difference between conventional and organic produce because the pain and inflammation that I experience when I eat non-organic produce is very significant. There is also a very noticeable difference in taste (organic being much better), and appearance. I don’t need Dr. Oz or any “studies” (likely funded by gmo companies) to confirm that there is or isn’t a difference between organic and non-organic produce. I KNOW that there is a tremendous difference by the appearance and taste of the food and how my body reacts to it.

  • Susan

    Dr Oz just did a show, the last week in Nov. dispelling myths. He opened the show with a piece on Melatonin. He lied, and got everyone nervous about taking it, saying it has all kinds of side effects. An article that I hope OZ will read and learn from. “What You Need to Know about Melatonin—Conversation with the Maven of Melatonin Russel Reiter.” Google it as it is to long to fit here. These points were not covered on OZ show. Shame on him.

  • Eileen Rose (@EyeLeanRose)

    “I just re-watched his Oct 17 GMO episode where he has Jeffery Smith on and discloses that his wife was the narrator for Genetic Roulette. In his attempts to appear neutral he says the only way to get pro-GMO scientists on is to boot off all the other guests first. I remember reading about some thugs that went after him because of that episode. I’m thinking he’s afraid for his own and his family’s safety.”

  • Wholesale Organic Food

    Organic livestock must have access to the outdoors and be given organic feed. They may not be given antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal-by-products.

  • Larry Mcnally

    If there is one thing that I can say to this Doctor is that he is disturbed. He cannot make up his mind about what to say to people and what really matters. Perhaps money is a big factor in this change of principle or idea since he is a popular one who can really convince the masses but I believe that if he continues to chage leaf like that, he will have serious problems and that no one will believe him anymore.