Blood Root kills cancer cells

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(NaturalHealth365) Blood Root is a flowering perennial plant native to eastern North America that displays delicate white flowers in the spring. But, the power of the plant lies in its root system where a special plant alkaloid or chemical is stored. That herbal chemical is called Sanguinarine.

Ancient medicine grounded in good science

Historically, Blood Root was used by the Native Americans to heal many aliments such as stomach problems, respiratory issues and removal of superficial tumors and warts.

Established research in PubMed, science direct and Medline suggest that the alkaloids in Blood Root are good candidates as chemo-therapeutic regimes and successful immune therapies. In fact, positive effects have been shown in laboratory studies for prostate, breast, pancreatic plus many other types of cancer.

How does Blood Root kill cancer cells?

There are numerous studies that detail the effects of Sanguinarine and cellular reproduction. The bottom line is that it causes cancer cell apoptosis meaning that it causes cancer cells to die. The beauty of Blood Root is that it does not harm healthy cells, but only kills the cancer cells. How wonderful is that??!!

But I must caution you that Blood Root by nature is an emetic and if not taken properly, can cause nausea and make you vomit. DO NOT attempt to follow a regime of Blood Root on your own!

Always consult a qualified (trusted) medical professional before you attempt to use Blood Root.

However, like any other form of treatment, whether it is botanical or chemical in nature, the treatment may kill the cancer cells, but it does not correct the root cause of any particular cancer.

Cancer is the symptom and not the cause. You must address what allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.

There are multiple reasons that cancer develops in the body:

1. Poor nutritional habits.
2. Toxicity from the home environment.
3. Toxicity from the external environment.
4. Stress and a body that is out of balance energetically.
5. Unresolved emotional issues that have been buried.
6. Dental issues from toxic amalgams and root canals.
7. A compromised immune system.

There are literally hundreds of herbal plants that have anti-cancer properties. Blood Root is one of many that shows promise for strengthening the immune system and healing cancer. Post your comments – below.

About the Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as “Dr. V” maintained a successful practice – specializing in Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy, Digital Thermography and Chiropractic. After personally overcoming Breast Cancer without the use of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery – Dr. V currently helps to empower women about healing and preventing breast cancer….naturally. For more information about Dr. V’s personal Cancer Coaching – visit:

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  • Susan Willis

    While I enjoy your exposition and opinions, it would elevate your work if you provided the reference and study citations for your statements. Without this, I am not able to share your material with science-minded friends or colleagues. The best health sites and newsletters regularly document their work. Please do this. Thanks!

  • Helga Tronrud

    I have a produce called DIVINE HERBS containing 100% detoxified blood root. I am able to provide statements, testimonials, pictures etc. I have been helping people for over 10 years. This is the safest and most powerful product on the market !!!

    Please e-mail me: – if of interest.

    Thank you ….. Helga

  • Ted Lindsay

    Susan: This is a useful starting point for anyone interested in any field associated with herbs, cancer, etc. and will send you on a search if you are in any way curious as to the use of this knowledge and does not need further documentation. That is your job and mine.
    Thank you Dr Desaulniers for this stimulating info, onward to the internet………..

  • Evelyn Davila

    Well, I appreciate you DR Desaulniers for the information you provided. Despite what other (colleagues) say or want to you to provide, I believe this is very useful information for many of us. Keep up the good work. Evelyn Davila

  • Rae LaGetti

    My vet showed me pictures of case history, bloodroot injected into spindle cell sarcoma on front shoulder of patient (a dog). this tumor grew, shrunk, gone, regrew….anyways you get the idea. 15 months later the cancer is healed. I don’t know what other supplemental support. Fascinating to see this photo journal.

  • Sandy

    Ditto, Ted. People need to stop asking others to provide their information for them. Natural Health takes WORK and doing research on your own.

    You can’t cite “studies” (which mean nothing anyway) because if there are any, there are very few. The medical establishment is NOT interested in studying anysubstance they cannot patent and turn into a poison.

    You will never convince people who want “proof” of everything. They are doubters and even if they found enough information to support the contention, they still wouldn’t believe it, because again, they MUST have a scientific study. Not going to happen.

    I am happy to learn this about blood root and will begin MY research. I will listen to others, whose opinions I value, like this author, Mike Adams, Robert Scott Bell and others I may encounter. And then, I will just try it, because there is nothing to lose by trying an herb. Nothing!

    BTW, I also wanted to add another fact I posted on the B-15 story. I have found that all pits, such as plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, all have an amazing property. When cracked, inside the pit is a tiny little kernel that tastes like an almond–and all these pits from different fruits taste like it.

    If you’ve never tasted a “real” almond, this is what they taste like, and now I understand why the government has mandated pasteurization of all almonds–almonds are much larger than these little kernels inside the pits, but ALL of them have B-17 and B-15 and because they all have cyanide, they KILL cancer cells, without harming the body.

    What an amazing discovery I have made and I am happily incorporating these little “kernels” into my regime every single day, but I am also going to try the blood root.

    Good luck to everyone and don’t waste your time trying to convince anyone. It’s not YOUR job–it’s theirs.

  • brian allen

    in the past i have requested blood root capsules but i have had no response—I wonder why

  • aleks semen

    If is not in the book..doesn’t exist ( typical aristotelian stupidity taken as evidence ( against all naturakl evidence ) by the western medicine)
    Therefore so many diploma’s and so little acknowledges and efficiency. Practical I mean, because statistical( perfect lie) everything looks and shine better.

    About this absurd obsesive mania to ask referencies from one or another book or revu ( this is the technology of 99% doctorate scientificaly institutionaly accepted plagiat= produce a lot of money, very lucrative)may I ask you all :
    from whom and what were the writen referencies are comming from when the Hypocrates and Asklepyos invented all possible things about the real medicine and all possible cures, nowadays “forgoten”because the Big Pharma who kill us with their poisons ! Big Pharma is WMD and a total mystification only for profit. Three generation in my family never used any kind of medicine( drugs) and their age to die was 90-92 years old.
    They used only traditional ancient medicine and cures. Only one was addicted to official medicine/ pharma cures and he died at 69 yeras old !
    If I wasn’t doctor as you everybody , because the high doctoral collegues I was about 6 times to be dead. I’ve rescued my self from the University misery of the so called medical science.
    Then my advise is : look for a real doctor ( not function in this institutions) and avoid Big Pharma and try to think for your self, because you got a brain too from Mother nature or God as you like it ! Use it, please !

  • Susan Willis

    I appreciate the value of anecdotal evidence, case studies, and experiential results. Often, in complex health situations, we have little else to go on. Great healers through the ages obviously started there. Still, when an article appears such as this one on blood root, and states supportive findings by “numerous studies” and “established research in PubMed, science direct, and Medline…” and the author is a doctor, I do expect the studies to be listed.

    There is nothing wrong with walking in both worlds when it comes to health–appreciating natural healing traditions and appreciating scientific methods. While at times the two approaches don’t converge, many times they do. I use both…regularly curing new skin cancers with aqueous Vitamin C or Curaderm, practicing alternative cancer treatment for the last 23 years since I got breast cancer, and giving birth at home, for example…while at the same time using the diagnostic, monitoring, and emergency skills of conventional medicine.

    It helps to educate the medical community when we can speak their language. That’s all I’m saying. They practice “statistical medicine” and speak in “studies.” It’s a fascinating and a worthy challenge, at least for me, to be able to bridge the gap. So if I’m going to allude to studies in an article, I include the references.

  • Margie

    I have personally used blood root salve for skin cancer. I have also used it on places that I wasn’t sure was a skin cancer and it didn’t do anything at all but if it is cancer it definitely works.

  • Dr. V

    Thank you for your comments.
    Susan, I certainly appreciate your desire to have references to validate the information that I am offering. Unfortunately there are many charlatans in the internet world who offer false hope , not based on evidence based science. All my blogs and articles on other natural web sites do contain sources and references. I will add those in the future so that it cuts down on the research time for our Natural Health 365 readers.
    About Blood Root….It can be taken internally (along with proteolytic enzymes) and it can also be applied externally in a salve. Use the salve for superficial tumors only.

  • Helga Tronrud

    Me gain ……Helga, with the DIVINE HERBS which eliminating all cancer cells and leaving healthy cells untouched.

    Dear reader “Rae LaGetti” ….. the DIVINE HERBS also help animals and fast ….not two years ….days. I have fotos helping doggy ….. the DIVINE HERBS pull out any tumor. Please contact me at and I will e-mail you fotos and info.

    We have also helped HORSES !!!

    With love, light, energy and passion,


  • Susan Willis

    Thanks, Dr. V. I look forward to reading more about your work and findings. Blessings.

  • ann

    Coconut wata prevent my mother from getting a stroke