Conventional breast cancer prevention programs are a hoax

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Breast Cancer Prevention(NaturalHealth365) Do you believe that conventional medicine is really interested in breast cancer prevention? There is a major flaw in the way mainstream medicine thinks about breast cancer. You see, conventionally-trained physicians do not consider the fact that we are dealing, not with breasts, but with women.

Women are cultural beings. The way they treat their breasts depends on the culture. Women could bind them, squish them, pinch, pierce and tattoo them, stuff them, un-stuff them, cut them off to prevent cancer, and even nurse a baby with them!

Why do women abuse their breast?

The bra is designed to achieve an artificially shaped breast. To do this, it applies constant pressure to the breast tissue, and this pressure impairs the circulation within the breast tissue, especially the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is the circulatory pathway of the immune system, responsible for cleaning up the tissues by flushing out lymph fluid. This fluid may contains cellular debris, toxins, cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses, as it flows to filters, called lymph nodes, which are central components of the immune system.

The dangers of wearing a bra – exposed

The lymphatic vessels that drain the tissues of this lymph fluid are tiny, thin, and easily compressed by a bra. This causes fluid congestion within the breast tissue, breast pain, and in many women cysts develop as this fluid collects. Over time, these cysts can become fibrous.

Fibrocystic breast disease should be called “tight bra syndrome”.

Meanwhile, the breast tissue becomes increasingly toxic because of this impairment of the toxin removal system. In addition to toxins created in the stagnating tissue, the cancer-causing toxins we take in to our bodies in our petro-chemically polluted food, air, and water course throughout the body but cannot be effectively flushed out of the bra-constricted breasts because of the bra.

These environmental poisons are the bullets that cause cancer. The bra points them directly at the breasts. You would think that knowing this link between bras and breast cancer would be the end to this epidemic. We did when we first saw the amazing results of our 1991-93 Bra and Breast Cancer Study, which was published in our book, “Dressed to Kill”. But culturogenic diseases don’t work that way.

The bra is iconic. Artificial breast shape is culturally important. Some women fear being bra-fee more than they fear breast cancer.

The multi-billion dollar bra industry opposes any research into the bra/cancer link. Like the tobacco industry, bra manufacturers fear lawsuits for causing disability and death with their products. If there is no research, or “insufficient evidence”, then no lawsuits is possible, they hope.

Also, feeding off of this disease is a huge breast cancer detection and treatment industry that has grown fat on cancer, including “pink ribbon”, multi-billion dollar fundraising campaigns, while refusing to do any research into the bra/cancer link. Ending this disease ends the profit stream.

On the other hand, if doctors and hospitals could charge for “bra removal” as a type of surgery, they would probably think more highly of the bra/cancer link.

The fundamental nature of a “culturogenic” disease

Industries that make products that cause disease are invested in suppressing information about their harmful products. Meanwhile, the medical profession profits from the detection and treatment of the resulting disease, and looks the other way as to the cause.

And, with women conditioned into wanting bras, they feel relieved at mainstream medicine denial of any link to cancer. But that’s only human. Do you expect smokers to focus on their smoking as a cause of disease, or anyone else with their addiction?

Is our culture addicted to the bra?

With all the money going into breast cancer, it is too profitable to prevent. Meanwhile, there is constant brainwashing of the public with advertisements and media promoting cleavage and compelling conformity. And, the public proudly persists in this fatal fashion.

Ladies, they’re YOUR breasts. Take care of them as nature intended. Fortunately, you don’t need a prescription to take off your bra.

About the author: Sydney Ross Singer is a world-renown medical anthropologist, author, and director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii. A pioneer in the field of applied medical anthropology, Sydney, along with his wife and co-author, Soma Grismaijer have written numerous groundbreaking books that provide new theories, research, and revelations on disease causation and prevention, including the internationally acclaimed books, Dressed To Kil. For more information – visit: and

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  • diann

    I think you’re right. I stopped wearing underwire bras a few years ago. I don’t have those little bumps anymore.
    Every woman should read this article.

  • Christine

    You can replace the metal underwires with hard,flexible plastic that is sold in packs on the Internet. A switch should be a non–aluminum under arm perspiration.

  • Michaelle Edwards

    Bras definitely cut off circulation and it is hard to find one that does not. If there is a red mark under your breast when you take your bra off, I think that means circulation and lymph flow has been restricted. Self massage of the breast is very important as well and many women are afraid to touch their breasts because it is a cultural taboo. The breast has been sexualized and we have forgotten that the true purpose is to feed our babies. Another cause of poor circulation in the breast is poor postural habits that inhibit blood and lymph flow in the chest, arm pit and breast area. The bra is like a crutch as it holds up the breast without having to exercise the back extensors to keep them higher. Another issue is that women never get sun on their breasts because that is a taboo. Men are allowed to take their shirts off but women cannot which is unfair to women’s rights. The American breast been sexualized and used to sell products.

  • Anakka420

    I dont agree with this article for me….I have very large size DD breast. Bras are the best thing to happen, each of my natural untouched breast weighs 5 pounds, without a bra, my life would be hell. I dont have any bumps or any sign of cancer. I will never get cancer, because unlike most people I realized that cannabinoids keep you cancer free and that making cannabis *marijuana for those media washed readers) illegal was genocide upon us. Once they removed cannabis cancer engulfed us. And they profited from this by prisons and medical treatments. Still we let it continue which is what is so surprising. I am in Washington so I am legally able now to take Vitamin M (cannabis) concentrates. I have always known since I was little I was going to live to be 150. While everyone ages around me, I continue to take my vitamins. As for Bras, for those of us that need them, have our quality of life improved because of them, and because of the underwires, choose wisely and get one that really fits. Make sure the cups are really your size.

  • R Howard

    Definitely a culture thing. I’ve known about the correlation between cancer and bras for quite some time. And even after sustaining the life of three babies (now young adults), I am still nearly as flat as a door. Thanks for that little push.
    Time to shed!

  • Asha

    Of course this does make it harder, the bigger one is – and I for one have never been anywhere near ‘flat’ since age 12 -as it hurts a great deal when doing any form of exercise if not wearing a bra! But how can something that feels uncomfortable, that you can’t wait to throw off, and that you have to struggle to get into in the first place, be good for you…! I think the main problem we have here is that the breast has been so sexualised (which would be the main reason that women rush to put their babies on bottles instead of simply feeding them as nature intended) that it has almost become an object of shame!!

  • Tammy

    I wear sports bras. They are soft cloth with elastic around the bottoms for a certan amount of support. Since I discovered them I wear them all the time. They are so comfortable compared to a regular bra. If I have to run for any reason, my breasts stay in place and do not bounce around and yet they do not feel tightly incased as a regular bra can cause them to feel. I would not go without one in public anywhere unless you can completely hide that you aren’t wearing one because it does cause stares. And especially at work where you will probably be told that it is unappropriate.


    i do agree

  • Leah

    Does anyone have stats on what the breast cancer rates are in countries where bras are non-existent?

  • Barbara

    I do agree with this article having read information like this is so many places for so many years……it just makes sense. I’ve worn underwire demi-bras for years and have yearned for something healthier. But, because there are so many reasons to wear SOMETHING under our shirts…..(at least they bound them up years ago)…..I went looking….and found the Genie Bra. I hate those infomercials as much as the next gal, but was in Bed Bath & Beyond one day and there they were. The thing just LOOKED so comfortable! I had a $5 off coupon (you do know you can even use expired coupons there…right?) so I gave it a try. It is pure heaven. Sheer genius! Softly stretchy, no tight straps, no underwires, no binding, no hooks or closures…one piece, and as a matter of fact….I can’t even feel the thing….absolute comfort. AND, it does keep me from bouncing around, and keeps me from showing when I am cold….you know what I mean. The trick is to get the right size. If it is too small it won’t do you any good but will be just as bad as a conventional bra. I am a small person, petite, size 6, and I purchased a medium, even tho I am small. It was perfect. It’s sort of like a sports bra only it doesn’t smash you flat and doesn’t have the straps that show outside of all your clothes. You get to retain your natural shape and curves while it keeps you from bouncing around. I’ve noticed that I don’t have that “aaaahhhh” moment any more when I take off my bra like I used to… feels so natural. (They are actually pretty too….even my husband thinks they’re sexy…..healthy IS sexy!)

    Usually you can find them locally in sizes S, M, L, and XL. On their website you can buy them up to a 4 XL, and in so many colors. I’ve had really large women say they are the most comfortable bra they’ve ever worn.

    It’s worth a try…..and if you don’t like it….bring it back. You can find them everywhere now. There are two in the box…..for $19…or less if you have a coupon and you buy them from BB&B. (No, I don’t work for BB&B OR Genie Bra – I get nothing for this endorsement except pure COMFORT from wearing one!!!!)

  • Tammy

    I definitely get looks all day long with no bra on, but my comfort is ideal to me. Funny, after years and years of not wearing a bra ~ I get pain in my breasts when I do wear one. A good doctor I once knew told me that women need to massage their breasts apart, not together to from cleavage. To drain the lymph I was told to go from the center of the breastbone and rub outward.
    evil evil bras….

  • Sandy

    It may be that bras exacerbate breast cancer, but it certainly existed before bras were invented. Documented breast cancer cases of which I am aware include:
    The wife of the Lord Chancellour Egerton died of a cancer in her left breast in 1624.
    “Nabby”, the daughter of John and Abigail Adams died of breast cancer in 1813.

    The bra was first invented by a Frenchwoman living in Argentina in 1889.

    Consequently I am not persuaded by the arguments against bras which this article offers for our consideration.

  • Barb

    Whether we like it or not, this article is a good one. However, until recently, I too was a large size – large and heavy for my 5’4″ height. Lots of neck and back pain. I would never gone without one. It was so uncomfortable. And with all the estrogen and estrogen-like compounds today, women’s breasts are going to continue to be larger than they used to be. So it is a never ending circle that we must deal with!

  • Marge

    What do we wear than..not to jiggle all over and from people seeing our breasts through the clothes. Please let me know.

  • clothespeg

    The underwires can be completely removed from bras to make them more comfortable to wear. I always wear loose bras anyway, and don’t get any marks when I take the bra off. It would be nice not to have to wear them at all, but somehow I don’t feel “dressed” without! 🙁

  • Sharon

    I’ve been studying this issue and have a few things to add to your excellent comments. Removing the underwire or replacing it with plastic does not protect you as long as the bust line and bra shape are changed by the bra. The Genie may work – I’m going to try it. Mr. Singer sent me a study of French female athletes, some of them large breasted, who went a year without wearing a bra, not even a sports bra. They were uncomfortable for a few months as their breasts adjusted, but the breasts became comfortable and they actually did better in their sports when their breasts could move naturally. At the end of the year their breasts were measurably more elevated and firm than they were before this study, and they have decided to continue living bra free. The shape improvement is because ligaments in the breasts atrophy when one wears a bra, and going bra free gradually allow the ligaments to return closer to the nice shape they would have had if they never had worn a bra, because bras cause sag! I’ll check out the Genie bra and share that if I like it. Thanks.

  • Hanny June

    I love totally this article. I was a bra wearer until several months ago but now Im 110% converted to bralessness. I had 10G/12F(depending on brand) size breasts and suffered terribly with sore breats, neck and shoulders. Since going bra free several months ago I am so so much happier and my breasts love it, no longer do I have the breast pain and my neck has been good as gold. Im at the point where I really don’t care what people say or what it looks like because its my body and I have to live in it. Yes, initially it took a bit to get used to and now I feel its the only way to go. Im hopeful that it might even start a new trend where I live.