The side effects of calcium supplements are deadly

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Calcium News(NaturalHealth365) How can an important nutrient like calcium be bad for you?

There is no question that calcium is essential to life and to normal cellular function. That said, too much calcium is not only bad for you, it will make you die before your time.

Osteoporosis, a disease of the bones, has long been characterized as being primarily a deficiency of calcium in the bones by conventional (western) medicine. While osteoporosis involves far more than a deficiency in bone calcium, this concept has led most doctors to convince their older patients that their bodies have too little calcium. This is completely wrong.

Their bones have too little calcium, but the rest of their bodies have too much calcium.

How can there be too much calcium in the body if there is so little calcium in osteoporotic bone?

This is a logical question to ask. In fact, it is the continuous release of calcium from osteoporotic bone that chronically increases calcium levels throughout the rest of the body. The longer one is suffering with osteoporosis, the greater the excess of calcium outside of the bone.

In older persons, there is an epidemic of hard, rocklike ectopic calcifications in the tissues, notably the arteries, of older persons these days, and much of it is due to the continuous release of the calcium stores from osteoporotic bone.

How does calcium supplementation play a role in the calcium status of the body?

Calcium is supplemented with the idea of forming new bone. It simply does not do that. A large enough amount of calcium supplementation will actually increase the density of the bone, but this increase in density does not reduce the chances of osteoporotic fracture, which is the only significant measuring stick of therapeutic success.

It simply results in a cosmetically enhanced but structurally poor bone.

However, at the same time the supplementation delivers a small amount of calcium to the bones, a very large amount is distributed throughout the body, both in the form of rocklike depositions and in the form of increased calcium inside the cells of the body.

Both supplemental calcium and elevated dietary calcium increase the chances of a heart attack, as well as death from all causes.

Amazingly, and sadly, this is absolutely true. All chronic degenerative diseases are characterized by some increase in oxidative stress inside the cells. The more calcium levels increase inside cells, the worse the oxidative stress becomes, and the worse the underlying disease becomes.

Since all chronic degenerative diseases eventually kill, anything that aggravates the disease process ultimately hastens the arrival of death.

What should be done for osteoporosis and other chronic degenerative disease?

Calcium should never be supplemented in any amount, period. Dairy intake should be minimized. Virtually all older persons have excesses of calcium in their bodies. There is absolutely no danger of a generalized calcium deficiency existing in the body. A very basic protocol of treatment should include:

1. Vitamin D
2. Vitamin C (osteoporosis is a focal scurvy of the bones)
3. Bioavailable magnesium
4. Vitamins K1 and K2
5. Essential fatty acids, such as is contained in fish oil with EPA and DHA
6. Addressing deficiencies of sex hormones (estrogen, testosterone)
7. Addressing deficiency or excess of thyroid hormone

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About the author: Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified internist and cardiologist. He is also bar-certified for the practice of law. He has written extensively on the importance of eliminating toxins while bolstering antioxidant defenses in the body, with particular focus on vitamin C. His upcoming new book will be released in a few months, entitled, Death by Calcium: The Toxic Supplement.

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  • joni3

    Is it possible for too much calcium to cause cardiomyopathy? I believe that is what happened to me – but so far no doctor I have spoken to has agreed.

  • anqele

    Wow! Thanks.

  • rwhite

    Good article. I wonder though, what one might do to address deficiencies of estrogen, testosterone, and deficiencies or excess of thyroid hormone. And what is a bioavailable magnesium?

    • wowie49

      How bio-available, would depend upon the person. There are food-sourced magnesium supplements, which would have to be- at least- somewhat -or even very bio-available, since we are SUPPOSE to be getting this from our food, anyway.
      Technology has managed to expand nutrient content, inside encapsulated products. – Otherwise,-with the nutrient quantity offered,- the supplement would be the size of a baseball.(maybe football?) There are food based supplements, such as Innate, Megafood, etc…that would provide magnesium. There are also, Ionic liquid mineral concentrates, containing magnesium. Quite popular, is “Magnesium Oil” from an ancient sea, which, though not an oil, has an oily texture-as it is rubbed onto the skin, & absorbed into the body. Hope these suggestions are helpful.

  • Bella

    Interesting findings. Could you please give more details about calcium deficiency during pregnancy? Would pregnancy be an exception for considering any calcium supplementation?

  • nolabug

    Interesting but confusing. I have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma. One of the harmful side affects of this cancer is elevated calcium. I do not take Calcium supplements but do drink green smoothies in an attempt to improve my overall health. I need to know if this is a problem. I have not noticed any increase in blood calcium since beginning the smoothies. Is there a problem using this approach?

  • JW

    Why doesn’t ANYONE who writes this stuff include what to use in regards to bioavailable Mg, etc.? It’s always “don’t take this” but never “use this instead.”

  • Babs

    Thanks Jonathan for the calcium up-date.


Wow! It’s extremely interesting that every health expert has his or her own take on what’s good, bad or ill advised relating to the health of us humans. And yet even in light of the fact that ‘every single individual has an exact individual biochemical/biological genetic make-up’. Not to mention ones’ existing variable other lifestyle factors that should also be taken into consideration when nutritional advice is being recommended.

    Though I’m merely a lay person I would weigh in to encourage
    consumers that’s based on my personal health experiences and success the wise and sensible approach to consider is to locate a ‘recommended’, ‘qualified’ Nutritional Practitioner to request a complete nutritional work up.

    In this way one can precisely determine a complete advisable lifestyle regime that indicates the correct levels of the specific nutrients their body may or may not be in need of currently. For with due respect to our health experts which we can benefit from and should value their input, nonetheless, their advice can only be general (if they’ve not tested you) and usually isn’t age or gender specific. 

    For these reasons and other important considerations a complete regular individual nutritional evaluation is by far a more reliable practical and cost effective way to ensure that you are functioning at your optimal level of nutritional self sufficiency. Additionally this approach usually can and will identify and recommend any other health supports/modalities, such as Chiropractic adjustments, etc., advisable in helping you achieve your body’s total balance and harmony including peace of mind. 

Cancer recovered ‘naturally’ 40 plus years and counting!

  • JohnnyR

    Calcium is the base mineral in the body that sets the pace for how other minerals are dealt with. Calcium is absorbed in the jejunum of the small intestine and is only absorbed if the pH is low enough to trigger the absorption. If you are deficient in HCL, you will have a problem, especially as you age because HCL is produced at a slower pace as you age.

    Calcium carbonate is a KILLER for humans and it is put into most processed foods and sold as a supplement. It is also used as an antacid. Calcium carbonate and all antacids STOP THE KIDNEYS ABILITY TO PROCESS CHROMIUM! Since chromium is the primary mineral for the pancreas, you get the booby prize when you take antacids or calcium carbonate.

    Is it any wonder that is so much pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer today?

  • sherri

    I was wondering what your thoughts are on AlgaeCal which is calcium from plants?