5 ways to eliminate cancer cells

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stop cancer(NaturalHealth365) We now know that most cancers are preventable through simple, yet powerful changes in our diet and lifestyle habits. Yet, today we see nearly 1 in every two people getting some form of cancer in their lifetime and a typical cancer doctor is only permitted to offer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation – which will never cure cancer.

Are you looking to kill cancer cells naturally? On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Lise Alschuler, a naturopathic oncologist will talk about how to boost immune function, reduce cellular inflammation, balance hormones and blood sugar plus improve digestion and detoxification. If you’re a healthcare provider or individual concerned about cancer – do NOT miss this program.

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5 ways to defeat cancer – naturally

Of course, it’s worth noting, your conventionally-trained physician will think the following strategies are ‘unscientific’ and ‘not worth much.’ But, in all honesty, Western medicine (at this point) has sold its soul to the pharmaceutical industry. Can we really trust their limited (drug-oriented) perspective? I’ll let you decide whether this makes sense or not.

1. Attitude matters. Bernie Siegel, M.D., a pioneer in the field of modern medicine, strongly suggested that the path to healing resided in love. As Dr. Siegel explains, “a vigorous immune system can overcome cancer if it is not interfered with, and emotional growth toward greater self-acceptance and fulfillment helps keep the immune system strong.” Bottom line, when dealing with cancer, one should never overlook the power of forgiveness, gratitude or self-love (acceptance).

2. Get moving. It’s fair to say that most cancer patients would improve their outcomes by becoming more physically active. In some cases, one may be ‘over-exercising’ – which can produce an excessive amount of inflammation, (not good). But, generally speaking, the benefits of exercise include: better breathing, circulation, mobility, muscular strength, endurance and oxygen uptake. And, of course, let’s not forget its effect on improving mental and emotional health.

3. Are you eating an ‘anti-cancer’ diet? We all have cancer cells within our body. But, a healthy immune system will keep us safe from harm. And, quite frankly, there’s no better way to keep your immune system strong than by eating a diet rich in chemical-free vegetables, fruits, herbs plus fresh (clean) water. Avoid processed foods – at all cost – to reduce your toxic burden.

4. Supplement your diet – as needed. This is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to curing cancer. Everybody has their own specific needs based on genetic tendencies and past lifestyle habits. But, simply put, when you eliminate nutritional deficiencies – you tend to reduce your risk of cancer.

When considering supplementation, it’s best to consult a qualified healthcare provider and ask about vitamin A, B, C, D plus minerals like zinc, selenium, magnesium, digestive enzymes and probiotics to boost immune function.

5. Rejuvenate and restore your energy. Widely misunderstood and ignored by conventional medicine, most cancer patients need to build up their energy levels. Deep breathing exercises, tai chi, mediation and improving sleep habits will help to restore your energy. Other ways to rejuvenate the body include: resolving toxic relationships; reducing exposure to EMF pollution and getting out into nature – as often as possible.

Are you looking for natural ways to stop cancer? Join us on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour with Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Lise Alschuler – as we discuss the best ways to reduce the threat of cancer. This show will be packed with lifesaving information – don’t miss it!

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This week’s guest: Dr. Lise Alschuler, naturopathic doctor and naturopathic oncologist

Learn how to naturally overcome a cancer diagnosis – safely and effectively – Sun. Mar. 29

Dr. Lise Alschuler is a naturopathic doctor with board certification in naturopathic oncology. She graduated from Brown University with an undergraduate degree in Medical Anthropology and received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 1994.

Dr. Alschuler is the co-author of The Definitive Guide to Cancer: An Integrative Approach to Prevention, Treatment and Healing and The Definitive Guide to Thriving After Cancer: A Five-Step Integrative Plan to Reduce the Risk of Recurrence and Build Lifelong Health. Having fully recovered from breast cancer herself, Dr. Alschuler is widely recognized internationally as an expert in cancer treatment and prevention and is a sought-after speaker to physicians, patients, and the general public.

Discover the best ways to kill cancer cells naturally. Conventional medicine will never cure cancer. By offering toxic chemotherapy agents and cancer-causing radiation, Western medicine refuses to look at the true cause of cancer. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Dr. Alschuler will talk about how to naturally heal the body of a cancer diagnosis.

Jonathan LandsmanAbout the author: Jonathan Landsman is the host of NaturalHealth365.com, the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show and the NaturalNews Inner Circle – a monthly subscription to the brightest minds in natural health and healing.

Reaching hundreds of thousands of people, worldwide, as a personal health consultant, writer and radio talk show host – Jonathan has been educating the public on the health benefits of an organic (non-GMO) diet along with high-quality supplementation and healthy lifestyle habits including exercise and meditation.


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