Cancer ignorance: Mainstream media says baldness is not a choice when it comes to recovery

Cancer ignorance: Mainstream media says baldness is not a choice when it comes to recovery
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(NaturalHealth365) Bald may be beautiful, but it shouldn’t be inevitable for cancer patients. Yet, some organizations are encouraging well-meaning people (adults and children alike) to show their support of cancer victims by shaving their heads.

The problem is that equating cancer with toxin-induced baldness overlooks one very critical fact: Dangerous chemotherapy is not the only choice when it comes to treating cancer. Nor should it be considered the best. There are natural cancer treatment and prevention options that do not take such a dangerous toll on the body.

Normalizing hair loss sends the wrong message about available cancer therapies

While raising funds for pediatric cancer research is well-intentioned, a great deal of harm occurs when the public receives the message that the only way to effectively address cancer is by undergoing chemotherapy. Groups like St. Baldrick’s Foundation and other cancer charities encourage the public to shave their heads in support of children going through cancer.

The message sent to the public by these well-meaning groups is that baldness is a badge of courage that every patient experiences. One of the organizations even goes so far as to quote a supporter as stating, “Shaving my head is the most meaningful thing I’ve every done in my life.”  Fueling the fire of false perceptions, the organization goes on to say, “We’ve heard this from so many. From the moment your hair hits the floor, to seeing the impact your fundraising makes, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.”

The problem is, the only thing chemotherapy can guarantee is that the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the drugs will continue to get wealthy. There is no guarantee that the cancer patient will survive the onslaught of harmful toxins, there is no guarantee that cancer cell growth will be slowed or stopped, and there is certainly no guarantee that chemotherapy is going to prevent cancer from recurring even if cancerous tumor growth is slow or reduced.

Not only are followers of these organizations heeding the message that baldness is a normal part of undergoing treatment for cancer, but the message is making it to mainstream and local media as well. With these misguided organizations encouraging community groups to hold local head-shaving events as fundraisers, the publicity through local media serves to perpetuate the perception that baldness is not a choice for cancer patients.

Follow the money: The real winners with chemotherapy are not the patients

The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was one of a growing number of voices speaking out to promote the truth about chemotherapeutic drugs. These drugs were actually derived from poisonous nerve gas developed for warfare purposes. If the facts were better covered by mainstream media and better understood by family doctors, there would likely be fewer people waiting in line to shave their heads as a sign of solidarity.

You can discover more about what Dr. Gonzalez had to say about the many unrevealed facts surrounding chemotherapy by watching this video – below:

The point of Dr. Gonzalez’s message is clear: There are nontoxic alternatives to chemotherapy that are geared toward improving patient health rather than improving bottom lines for big pharma and, in many cases, doctors as well.

Unfortunately, few healthcare providers in conventional medicine understand how chemotherapy came about or the full repercussions of using chemotherapy to treat cancer. Most are also either unaware or dismissive of alternative approaches to slowing or preventing cancer growth. The unreported success stories from patients opting to use alternative, natural treatments – and keep their hair – are stories rarely told by mainstream media.

Nor, will you see mainstream media coverage of how statistics are skewed to make chemotherapy appear more effective than it really is. The truth about how oncologists purchase chemotherapeutic drugs at wholesale prices, then mark them up for insurance companies is also a side of the sick care system  that is seldom revealed.

According to the research of economists Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, co-authors of the best-selling Freakonomics, “Oncologists are some of the highest paid doctors, their average income is increasing faster than any other specialist in the medical field, and more than half their income comes from selling and administering chemotherapy.” This legal profiting from drugs is unique to the cancer world, where the system allows unscrupulous doctors to gain wealth from keeping patients ill and in fear, and pharmaceutical companies continue to come out on top.


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