New research: Conventional cancer treatment proven to fail

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woman surprised reading(NaturalHealth365) Despite what Western medicine claims, we’ve known for some time that “standard of care” chemotherapy and radiation treatments are largely ineffective – especially in those patients suffering with stage 3 and Stage 4 cancers. Now, another study has shown undeniable proof of the ineffectiveness of certain cancer drugs.

Some cancer drugs are designed to render EFGR (epidermal growth factor receptors) ineffective and block the growth and reproduction of cancer cells; however, studies have shown that cancer is spreading anyway. Clinical trials may have shown these drugs shutting down EFGR receiving docks on cells through which many cancers thrive, but cancer still persisted in most of the patients tested.

Despite highly-toxic ‘therapies’: Cancer cells still know how to survive

It was UW-Madison graduate student Xiaojun Tan who discovered the cancer was literally finding a cellular “back door” – an alternative survival strategy. While the drugs inactivated the EGFR as expected, cancer cells were finding ways to utilize the inactive EGFR.

Xiaojun Tan along with Yue Sun and Narendra Thapa found inactive EGFR engages in a process called “autophagy.” Healthy cells use this process to conserve energy in lean or stressful times, and cancerous cells do too – as when compacted within a tumor. Elevated levels of the LAPTM4B protein move the inactive EGFR into place for autophagy, and from there, a cascade of cellular changes actually supports the survival of cancer cells.

EGFR in normal cells is beneficial; however, in cancer cells, the EGFR gene is in effect reprogrammed to produce too much of it. This can cause too much growth and a resultant spread of cancer. Tumors literally become ‘addicted’ to EGFR.

Standard Western medicine will NEVER address the true cause of cancer

Tan and his research partners speculate that to stop cancer, these drugs would have to be combined with other compounds that block this autophagy process. However, for now, the drugs remain ineffective. Cancer is still finding ways to grow because conventionally-trained physicians never seek out the true cause of a patient’s cancer.

They consider diet and lifestyle choices ‘trivial’ – in terms of treating cancer.  Most conventionally-trained physicians have literally been brainwashed into believing that the only way to ‘treat’ cancer is with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Not once in their medical training have they been told about the importance of the ‘inner terrain’ (bodily fluids) – which have a tremendous influence on the health of our cells.

These ineffective drugs are just another example where cancer treatment protocols – put forth by the medical community – leave the public vulnerable and exposed to disease. Yet, at the same time, lifesaving information about natural cancer cures are often ignored or suppressed by the cancer industry.

And, let’s not forget, the cancer industry is BIG business: In the United States, alone, patients are spending around $127 billion per year on conventional cancer treatments – with out-of-pocket expenses continuing to rise. Couple this reality with the fact that these treatments don’t work and we’ve got a terrible system of sick care.

Ultimately, it’s going to be up to us to decide on making better lifestyle choices – which minimize their risk of getting cancer by detoxifying the body and boosting immune function.  Eating organic foods; reducing EMF exposure; avoiding GMOs; cutting out the use of toxic chemicals found in personal care products and developing a physical activity routine that promotes strength and vitality will greatly reduce the risk of disease.

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    The newest term being used by pharmaceutical companies is medicinal medicine. This is giving the public a false sense of security. All medicinal means is a chemistry alteration of a natural substance.This term doesn’t change the side effects.