Tragic breast cancer news: An epidemiologist speaks out

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Breast Cancer News(NaturalHealth365) In a recent lecture given at Life University in Marietta, GA chiropractor and epidemiologist Dr. Paul A. Goldberg shed some light on the recent hype given to Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy.

Through the lens of his research and clinical experience since first being trained in public health at the University of Texas Medical School over three decades ago, Goldberg was adamant in insisting that Jolie’s move to remove her breasts because she carries the BRCA1 was a “tragic move on her part. “Women today have been misled to believe that the genes they possess entirely determine their future,” Goldberg contending, but “This is not true.”

Tragic, but true, western medicine ought to be called “fear-based medicine”

Jolie’s public announcement has proven to be a significant American public health risk. Pageant queen Miss Washington D.C. Allyn Rose and TV host Sharon Osbourne have also announced to the world their plans to undergo preventative double mastectomies – highlighting that today’s trend in cancer “prevention” has taken a radical turn for the worse.

“For the media to glorify Ms. Jolie’s actions as courageous and prudent is misleading,” Goldberg contends. “It leads women down the primrose path to ongoing medical procedures and treatments, utilizing a false consciousness that supports the medical establishment financially. Much worse is that such a mindset leads women to disfiguring their bodies and becoming less able to take control of their own health destiny.”

Goldberg fears that tens of thousands of healthy, young women may choose to follow this trend and “unnecessarily live in fear” and make “knee jerk” decisions that may ultimately negatively affect their health in the future.

Health advocates around the world hope to see more public health experts like Goldberg rise up and speak against this madness.

There is hope within the world of “epigenetics”

As Goldberg astutely points out there are proven alternatives to cancer prevention. “Rather than cut off breasts in knee jerk fashion,” Golderberg said, “We need to ask why some women with the mutated gene get breast cancer and why others do not.”

What Goldberg was referring to was the science of epigenetics in which researchers are discovering that genes are turned “on” and “off” through environmental factors including diet, stress, toxic build-up, and even sunlight.

For example, according to Goldberg’s research,

Adequate sunlight alone leading to increased Vitamin D levels is likely by itself to significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer There are many diet relationships to consider. Overeating and obesity contribute to higher breast cancer. An overly rich carbohydrate diet, particularly if high in refined carbohydrates contributes to many types of cancer. Numerous studies have shown that our intake of many macro and micronutrients has a significant effect on cancer genesis. A compound found in cruciferous vegetables is well recognized to be a cancer preventive and can also be found in supplements in concentrated form i.e. indole -3- carbinol.

A hygienic lifestyle with a plant based diet, sunlight, activity, avoidance of carcinogens and exogenous estrogens while working to keep stress levels at reasonable levels is a positive way to promote good health and to prevent cancers of many kinds, including breast and ovarian cancer. In addition these are all actions women can do on their own that put them in control of their own health rather than putting themselves at the whim and control of the medical system.

Taking Dr. Goldberg’s advice literally will not only prevent untimely death for both men and women, it will save thousands of women needless emotional heartache and the trauma done to their bodies by having their breasts removed.

Seek out a natural health care provider today to help turn “on” those genes toward ultimate health and wellness and to turn “off” those that will lead to sickness and disease.

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Paul A. Goldberg, MPH, DC, DACBN, DCBCN. “A False Consciousness Promoted To Women.” Life University College of Chiropractic lecture. Marietta, GA. May 28, 2013

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  • John Lagan

    Nothing changes – This quote from Patrick Rattigan’s free booklet ‘Cancer Epidemic, A Question of Survival’, 1996:

    “The medical cynics, engaged in the ongoing competition to demonstrate that it is quite impossible to insult the intelligence of the public on matters of health, have always found fertile ground in the field of breast cancer; the crowning achievement being when one of the jokers convinced healthy women to have both breasts removed to prevent breast cancer.”

  • Dr. Goldberg is very wise. I completely agree. Your genes are not your destiny.

  • Maria

    I believe in doing what will give one peace. I, too, am BRCA 1 – I choose a double mastectomy after going through Ovarian cancer. I don’t like to gamble. Yes. food is everything, but you can not control most of your outside enviroment. I chose life.

    • Wendy

      Your genes are not your destiny, as the doctor says. Note also that the BRCA-S1 gene is present in EVERY CELL IN YOUR BODY! So even if breasts are not there, all the other cells are and you could get cancer anywhere else in the body. So it is not a valid solution in my opinion.

  • Cocky van Hesteren

    Your genes are indeed not your destiny! By adhering to a healthy lifestyle, f.i. The Genotypediet (Dr. Peter D’Adamo) you can change the effect of those ‘sickenimg’ genes! This is the magic of epigenetic!
    Cocky van Hesteren
    Micronutritionist on Genotypediet.