Natural solutions for people with candida

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(NaturalHealth365) In conventional medicine – many physicians believe that candida infections are either non-existent or a localized (minor) health issue. In truth, candida is a fungus that normally lives in humans and under normal conditions does not cause harm to the host. On the other hand, it can become an opportunistic agent and can cause major health problems within immune compromised individuals.

Candida overgrowth promotes chronic disease

The uncomfortable symptoms of Candida overgrowth are all encompassing and range from fatigue, lethargy, poor memory, feeling spacey, insomnia, muscle aches, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, boating, vaginal burning, itching, loss of libido, endometriosis, anxiety, irritability, drowsiness, pressure above the ears, rashes, indigestion, heartburn, burning on urination, laryngitis and food cravings. All of these symptoms can be a sign that candida overgrowth is lurking behind the scenes – causing a major stress on the immune system.

The causes of Candida

The typical American diet with cooked, refined and processed foods is eventually going to inhibit the proliferation of the friendly bacteria and curtail their functions. Another destructive substance that destroys beneficial bacteria is man-made chemicals from air pollution, pharmaceutical drugs and insecticides in our food supply.

Friendly bacteria are absolutely essential for control of the bacteria, yeast and other parasites that populate the intestinal track. In healthy intestines, there are approximately two to three pounds of friendly flora residing in the gut. The major purpose of good bacteria is to produce lactic acid, and a natural form of antibiotic which sterilize and prevent the overgrowth of most negative microorganisms.

How to take charge of your intestinal health

To keep your intestinal environment healthy, there are some methods that make a huge different in helping you fight a yeast infection and intestinal dysbiosis. Studies have shown acidophilus to be useful in the treatment of yeast infections, herpes simplex 1 and II, acne, mouth ulcers, and travelers’ diarrhea. It also helps in controlling auto-immune symptoms related to rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Two products that aren’t often mentioned in anti-candida protocols are whey protein and colostrum. Colostrum contains components that inhibit the growth of candida – in an indirect fashion. These components have many protective factors that not only help with candida symptoms, but help heal the holes made by the yeast overgrowth on the intestinal walls that cause “leaky gut syndrome”.

Colostrum strengthens the immune system

In the late 1980’s, researchers from Denmark reported at the European Conference on Clinical Aspects of HIV Infection in Brussels, that colostrum tablets proved to be effective for thrush (oral candida) in HIV-affected individuals given ten times a day for ten days. In addition, whey protein contributes to the reduction of unfriendly bacteria and the establishment of an environment supportive of friendly bacteria. Remember, the purpose of any candida elimination diet is not just to kill off the yeast, but to feed the good bacteria.

Replacing missing nutrients should be a focus of any health program. When you improve your health with a higher quality of food from both animal and plant sources you are actually riding yourself of candida – naturally.

By the way, there are some powerful herbs that help to remove excess yeast from the body. Do your own research and try olive leaf, garlic, oregano oil, Pau D’ Arco, coconut oil, neem, black walnut and grapefruit seed extract. Tell us about your success – post your comments below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  • sharon

    Constitutional homeopathy treatments cleared it up for me over 20 years ago.

  • Erin

    Great article, thank you. I also believe that there is a connection with candida/yeast overgrowth & seborrheic dermatitis. It is important to stay away from sugar in all forms, including fruits!, processed food(s). It’s not easy due to cravings but, it’s the only way.
    Sharon – What were your treatments?

  • Jay Stuart

    I had the most awful case of candida I had ever seen and I have been involved in the nutrition arena for 17 years. There is a lot of information but it is very limited in helping someone who is suffering from a severe case of candida. I mean, I looked like one of the zombie dancers in the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video. The best thing for someone having candida to that extent is coconut oil-also in the form of MCT oil if you can find it, bentonite clay(to help remove die off), a good source of fiber, and a good probiotic(mine was Dr. Ohirra’s from Japan). These ingredients are full proof and NOTHING is more powerful. It received too much poor information before I came up with this list of ingredients, so I assure you, THIS WORKS!! Good luck!!

  • Diane Cousins

    Go on a no or low-sugar diet for 90 days – the diet is described in the eBook How to Use Food to Help You Be Healthy Happy and Increase Your Chi. Start taking L-glutamine 3x’s a day on an empty stomach as it heals the intestinal lining better than anything. Do a serious colon cleansing, usually involving a high colonic and then consistently eat probiotics and fermented foods. May you heal quickly.

  • Clare

    – To sharon, what constitutional homeopathy treatments helped you?
    – When people comment, could you please list the amounts of what worked for you? I’m assuming you are adults (dosage makes a difference ’cause a lot of treatments are based on your weight and there is a general average weight considered for adults).
    -When we starved out yeast, my son’s acne cleared up. Looking for a diet/treatments that is/are easier to follow outside of home now. Just couldn’t keep on the restrictive diet.

  • Sandra

    I agree with the natural approach that is suggested in this article. I am still in the process of healing a severe case of systemic candida but I am 95% there. And natural remedies were instrumental in my recovery.

    I’ve seen great results with taking caprylic acid tablets (coconut oil)Start with 1x 250mg and work your way up to 6x 680mg per day – only take more when you have not had die off symptoms for days!

    I also took a high strength probiotic and chlorella (3x per day) to prevent constipation, which hinders healing the intestines.

    Olive leaf extract is fantastic, too, but very strong. I think that’s best taken towards the end of the treatment to minimise die off symptoms.

    My advice is to start with a gentle antifungal while you follow a candida diet and reduce stress at all costs.

    I know from my own experience how hard it is to find nice recipes without yeast and sugar in it.

    Hence I am sharing the ones that helped me on my blog Feel free to hop over there and get some inspiration for healthy, nourishing meals you can cook.

    Health & Happiness