Carrots have a “secret” weapon against cancer

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(NaturalHealth365) For nearly 100 years, carrot (juicing) has been an essential part of many anti-cancer programs. In fact, it has saved peoples lives by helping to rid the body of tumors while strengthening the immune system. And now, thanks to modern science, we have found proof about why it works.

The magical connection between carrots and cancer cell death

According to a recent study, a natural substance in raw carrots called falcarinol – can significantly reduce your risk for cancer. Studies have shown that falcarinol slows the growth of cancer cells, making cancer less likely to invade the body. Laboratory rats fed a diet containing raw carrots or isolated falcarinol were a third less likely to develop full-scale, chemically-induced tumors than those in the control group.

A team of researchers, from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England and Denmark, found the natural pesticide (falcarinol) reduced the risk of cancer. In nature, falcarinol protects the roots of carrots from fungal disease. And, the research confirmed that it has a more powerful effect than beta carotene.

The study just mentioned was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry is significant and may help point people in the right direction as far as the valuable role diet has in preventing cancer growth.

When will conventional doctors simply read the science?

The researchers carried out the test on 24 rats with pre-cancerous tumors by dividing them into three groups. What was found after 18 weeks is that the rats who ate carrots, along with their ordinary feed and the group which consumed falcarinol with their feed in the quantity equal to that contained in the carrot group were one third less likely to develop full-scale tumors. By the way, the experiment was conducted using raw carrots.

Common sense, (healthy) advice for every woman

Researchers at Harvard University found that younger women who ate two or more servings of carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables a day (including oranges, broccoli, carrots, romaine lettuce, and spinach) had a 18% lower risk breast cancer than women who ate fewer than four servings a week. There is a another study that found that the risk of breast cancer was 221% lower for women who consumed the highest levels of beta-carotene compared to women who ate the lowest levels.

The following are guidelines for preserving the most falcarinol in carrots. It was found that carrots boiled in water – for 12 minutes – results in a 70% reduction in falcarinol. Long-term frozen storage and blanching of carrot pieces saw a 30% reduction in falcarinol. Bottom line, raw (fresh) carrots are your best option – always.

Naturally, by juicing the carrots – it makes it easy to consume the proper amount. Once again – good science supports the idea that vegetable juicing is a wonderful way to live a healthy life. If you’re looking to add more vitamins, minerals and enzymes – start juicing today! Post your comments or experience – below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.


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  1. I will never understand why the evidence is intentionally overlooked as to the value of all raw vegetables? When the research is there, why not accept it? is trying to provide natural ways to utilize carrots and other veggies also for healing and health.

  2. I am an advocate of raw vege foods. Have been successful in treating patients with the most dreadful and incurable skin disease(observed) they say”Psoriasis” by using raw veggies. Carrot juice was taken by my son who had dengue.
    My mother’s blood been detoxified using raw vegetables and fruits
    and a lot more of positive results using Raw veges’
    Conventional doctors don’t just accept it for monetary reasons, perhaps.Or the pharmaceutical industry ‘s hold upon them.

    Its almost late for people to shift to these lifestyle. More and more people die of Cancer without knowing the source. their ignorance…and close mindedness,respect and high regard to conventional Doctors, they believe and accept what they say because they went to school and got credentials!!

  3. Raw veges and fresh fruits are best for any kind of disease when taken at correct combination and guidance from the experts.

  4. I love raw carrots. I don’t know why when they make juice out of it it tastes so horrible. I will not drink V8 because of the taste of the carrot juice in it. And I cannot stand cooked carrots at all. They turn sweet when cooked. How many or how much raw carrot consumption are you all talking about? And I also love raw spinach in salads but cannot stand it cooked. It stinks too bad to eat when it is cooked.It is divine in a salad raw. Same with cabbage, it makes wonderful cole slaw raw,but is nasty and stinks when cooked.

  5. Sara, Listen to Jonathon Emord for the answer. In short, the subtitle of his book says it all.

    Health freedom attorney Jonathan Emord talks about the global censorship of health information … Find out why the FTC and FDA want to censor the health information you need to thrive.
    His new book’s subtitle: “The Politics of Controlling Therapeutic Information to Protect State-Sponsored Drug Monopolies”

  6. Also, Emord followed up with “The Rise of Tyranny”

    “The author knows his stuff. Probably better than anyone. If you want to know the truth about the FDA and other similiar government agencies – this is the book for you. To the point. Fact based and eye-popping information. Two thumbs up.. Keep winning those cases Mr. Emord.”

  7. I’ve known about this among other fruits and veggies, since the
    late 70’s and early 80’s. Had the privaledge of studying with
    Bernard Jensen’s group and others and the Heal Thyself Books.

    It’s not a mystery to understand why conventional medical practitioners overlook the value of raw vegetables, and that is,
    because it is done deliberately because those in charge are all about the $$$$$money, and pushing drugs, keeping us ill so that their lively hood continues. Yes, it is all by design, we are
    not to be well beings, the name of the game is, Sick, treat the
    sick not heal the sick.

  8. Sara, Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money on raw carrots. They cannot patent the ‘formula’. I was taught a long time ago, if you don’t understand something, follow the money. Who stands to gain, who stands to lose. Works virtually 100% of the time.

  9. I’ve always stayed away from carrot juice because of it’s high suger count – doesn’t it feed cancer, helping cancer to grow??

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    Thank you for giving such a valuable informationon cancer treatment,This information is really helpful for my grandfather who is suffering from cancer
    and will undergo
    Once again thank you.

  11. I highly recommend organic grated raw carrots into your pet dog’s basic meals. I have done this forever for my ‘Boy’ and he wolfs the lot, no problem, together with punpkin seeds, both have anti-parasitic properties. Blessed be to all who have faith and follow the natural healing ways of health and nutrition. Anita x

  12. depending on whether they are the original carrot or the modified versions—be careful some say modified versions are toxic

  13. When will we all…especially the “scientists” admit that our bodies were made to be fed FOOD especially RAW food!

  14. Dr LLoyd S. Gordon

    Information like this is good news for those of us who believe in functional foods nutrition and I know at least one medical (allopathic doctor) who wants to pursue a research topic in relation to cancer who should find this interesting. I note however, the value of the raw carrot’s falcarinol in prevention, but what about treatment for the disease while it is in progress?
    Are there any pointers to that constituent holding any promise for remission?

  15. I do not understand very well the way how to use the carrots. Normaly I put the carrots in small peaces in my smoothies (twice per day). When I do it that way I´m consumming the juice and also the fiber of the carrot. As I don´t know where is the maggical, wonderful product that you call FALCARINOL I think the best way is to get the whole carrot and not only a part of it.