Charlotte Gerson needs our help

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charlotte gerson(NaturalHealth365) As many of you may know, I consider Charlotte Gerson, daughter of the great physician Max Gerson, a dear friend. Over the years, Charlotte has contributed greatly to my audio/video educational programs and live events. Today is Charlotte’s 93rd birthday and she needs our help.

For several decades, Charlotte has been a tireless advocate of the Gerson Therapy and has promoted the health benefits of a natural lifestyle including lots of fresh (organic) vegetable juices. This lifestyle has given Charlotte tremendous strength and vitality – over the years.

But, since her second fall in 2014, Charlotte has had a difficult time regaining her health and the financial burden is beginning to take its toll. Click here to find out how you can help Charlotte.

Charlotte Gerson talks about recovering from a near-fatal hip fracture

In 2013, Charlotte tripped over an electrical cord in her home and shattered her pelvic bone – which would normally be a ‘death sentence’. But, as you will see in the video interview below, Charlotte defied all the odds. Enjoy this incredible testimonial about natural healing!

Charlotte Gerson needs our help

The following is an except taken from a newly-created website: about the video (above) and the challenges faced by Charlotte today.  It was written by Charlotte’s children, Howard and Margaret Straus:

This might be one of her last interviews. Since her second fall, she likely won’t be doing any new interviews anytime soon.

While she was still healing from her first fall, Charlotte unfortunately suffered a second fall in June 2014. This time she broke her femur. She had to be hospitalized, caught a hospital infection and was forced to a long stay in a nursing home.

Everybody who knows Charlotte can imagine how dreadful this was for her.

In the meantime, her home needed to get set up properly with all the equipment, ramps, special bed, special chair and much more. It took a lot of time, money and effort and all she wanted was to come back home to her juices and her good Gerson food.

Today, at age 93, Charlotte has no pain, she is cheerful and is surrounded by lovely young people who care for her around the clock since her family can not be with her all the time.

We do not expect changes in this situation, her health is basically all right, it is just so much harder to recover from this type of injury at her age. Charlotte is indeed feeling the effects of her advancing age. She will require assistance for the rest of her life.

We want Charlotte to be able to stay in her home, with her good food and her good assistance.

With all this being said, this kind of home care is not cheap and money is getting thin. That is why we created this webpage and started The Charlotte Gerson Fundraiser.

We kindly ask you to help Charlotte by giving to the Charlotte Gerson Fundraiser to help keep her in her home with the love and care she deserves.

Howard & Margaret Straus
(Charlotte’s son and daughter)

Editor’s note: To offer your help – simply click here to make a donation to the “Charlotte Gerson Fundraiser.” Thank you for your support.

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  • brit

    Medicare usually helps with that equipment, doesn’t she have Medicare?

    • Guest

      Non-skilled personal care in your own home is not covered.

      • Sherri

        But children…her children should be taking care of her full time now!

  • Deirdre

    Lovely woman, very inspiring and uplifting. Wonderful interview [donated]. Thank you!

  • Patrick McGean

    -Jonathan, Charlotte is association you can treasure. The Cellular Matrix Study has
    17 90 year old members, we would love another. From the first time I joined your call in program we have been studying the effects of organic sulfur on humans.
    What we would expect from Charlotte is the clean up those electrical chords and start dancing, many of our 90 year old kids dance.

  • unfortunately I have been out of work for over 3 years now and cannot contribute financially 🙁 Then again, the way things are in the health care job market, I do no longer want to work in that set up – but if it is any way helpful I could take care of Cahrlotte for a few months….. if it can be arranged 🙂

  • peace

    I believe that Charlotte Gerson has devoted her life to helping people. I find it tragic that now that she needs help her children are begging for money. Charlotte has a house in California worth over $600.000. Sell the house… that should cover the expenses for poor Charlotte Gerson.

  • casandra

    Why Charlotte does not go to one of her clinics? I am sure her staff will love to look after her and make her feel at home. Kids of today are to busy and selfish with their own lives to give a second thought to their parents…sorry state of the world.