Contaminated chickens from China sold to Americans

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Chicken Warning(NaturalHealth365) Are you eating contaminated chicken? Unfortunately, the days of ‘farm fresh’ chickens raised to feed families (locally) are long gone. In fact, United States government-run health agencies seem to have no problem allowing China to process our commercially-raised chickens for human consumption.

What could possibly be wrong with modern farming practices?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has granted four Chinese poultry processors the ability to ship processed chickens to American markets. What that means, to the American public, is that chickens slaughtered in the United States are now able to be sent to China for processing and then sent back to the U.S. for consumption.

We can only ‘hope’ that China is shipping back the chickens sent to them by U.S. companies – without any health-related issues. In my opinion, for the health of every nation, we must get back to feeding our families locally, which will dramatically reduce food costs; improve our nutritional profile and save natural resources.

Are American consumers being deceived by government ‘health’ inspectors?

Of course, China and U.S. government health officials will tell us that ‘everything is fine’ – when it comes to our chicken food products. But just one look at our pets and we can see something is very wrong. Chicken treats, for our pets, have been imported from China with disastrous effects. Many of the dogs that consume this garbage have become sick and died.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have received about 2,200 plus reports of pets becoming ill or dying after eating jerky treats; over 400 died. Most of these reports involve dogs. And, keep in mind, the amount of pet food imported from China has grown 85-fold in recent years, with nearly 86 million pounds of pet food being imported in 2011.

Food politics are putting lives at risk in China and the United States

The poultry trade between the United States and China has been strained for years. Under the Bush administration, the USDA moved to allow imports of chicken from China. However, china banned imports of American beef, since 2003, over worries about mad cow disease.

In response, Congress blocked Chinese chicken exports. China retaliated by slapping huge tariffs on American chicken. The fight ended up at the World Trade Organization, which ruled that the tariffs were too high. After that, the USDA then audited Chinese processing plants, giving approval for them to process chickens from the United States and Canada.

Rates of food poisoning are on the rise

Ask the average U.S. citizen – as they’ll probably assume that government health agencies adequately inspect the American food supply to ensure our safety. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, USDA inspectors are not required to verify that only ‘approved’ chicken is being processed. Additionally, because the chicken is only being processed, a USDA “country of original” label will not be required on the food products. These government (corporately controlled) health agencies won’t even do their job – how can we trust them?

It has been no secret that China has wanted to export chicken to the U.S., in exchange for reopening its market for beef sales from the U.S. They want to export their own poultry and this measure, which just passed will be the first step in reaching their global agenda.

The response has been overwhelming negative

Common sense tells us there are serious health concerns with eating factory-farmed, China processed chickens. But, when politicians get nervous – you know it’s bad. Senator Chuck Schumer said:

“Given Chinese processors poor track record with regard to food safety standards, the USDA should be taking every possible step to ensure that the chicken that ends up on our plates and in our McNuggets is safe – and raised right here in the United States – where we have significant oversight and safety standards.”

He goes on to say…

“Based on prior outbreaks and a pattern of violations, we know that there are real risks from eating meat raised in China, and we have to be vigilant to ensure that unscrupulous processors in China are not trying to take shortcuts while processing chicken from the U.S., and are not trying to substitute cheaper and less safe Chinese fowl.”

The connection between disease and conventionally-raised chicken

This April, the World Health Organization announced that avian influenza (bird Flu) has been found in a number of people in China. Travelers and Americans living in China were asked not to touch birds or pigs and avoid live bird or poultry markers.

Cooked chicken, we are told, will not pass the bird flu to people consuming the meat. Though, the thought of those chickens being substituted for American chickens isn’t very appetizing.

The FDA tends to overlook serious health problems like arsenic in American chicken feed additives. Despite a three year old petition calling for the immediate withdrawal of the FDA’s approval of arsenic-containing compounds in chicken feed additives nothing has been done. Bottom line – there is a high probability that many Americans are eating toxic Chinese chicken products – without consent.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we buy local, organic food. Support your local farmer because the health of you and your nation depends upon it.

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  • Bob

    the days of ‘farm fresh’ chickens raised to feed families (locally) are long gone.

    Not right, we purchase farm fresh chicken from local families here in Maryland, and there are many choices of where to purchase. Not just chicken but pork, beef, lamb, turkey and many others options are available all farm fresh, meaning NOT factory food, and the taste is far from different compared to factory food.

    Here is one example:

    I wholly agree that eating factory food may be deadly, but many people do not have the choice or the option, they must purchase from the stores close to where they live.

    For years the Chinese have been killing our pets with pet food and pet food ingredients shipped here and then we have children’s toys containing toxic materials and now we are getting sick and being killed from food.

    I will just only mention fish and seafood that comes from not only China but most Asian countries that is not fit for human consumption. Just about all shrimp is unsafe to eat. Oh, you say it came from the Gulf so it’s safe?
    No it’s not. There is probably very little seafood that I would put in my mouth, much less chew it and swallow it.