9 supplements to boost your energy

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Best Supplements for Energy(NaturalHealth365) Are you ready to energize yourself and fully heal from the chronic stress of everyday life? Burning the candle at both ends or, as some describe it adrenal fatigue, is a term used to describe how modern living has many of us frazzled and running on fumes.

This perpetuated cycle can leave us exhausted – damaging essential communication between the endocrine and immune systems that are responsible for keeping chronic illness at bay. Does this sound like you? Then, reclaim your energy for living with these 9 energy boosting supplements.

Experiencing an energy crisis? Adaptogenic herbs to the rescue

American Ginseng: More mild than Korean or Chinese, American ginseng can help restore energy from immune-debilitating health concerns such as asthma, pneumonia, chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues that affect the digestive system and lungs. This herb can even help with ‘jet lag’.

Ashwagandha: This herb is great for adrenal fatigue, lost sexual energy and offers lasting stamina. Ashwagandha even helps you sleep to restore energy for the next day. Known as “Indian Ginseng” this herb can lower cortisol by optimizing the adrenal gland’s response to stress.

Maca: Known as “Peruvian Ginseng”, this endocrine-enhancing root elicits its medicinal effects on the hypothalamus and pituitary to enhance stamina and decrease fatigue. Maca can also help revive energy after extreme illness.

Rhodiola: It’s only 10 am and you feel like it’s time to go back to bed. This adaptogenic herb works by multiplying energy stores giving you a boost throughout the day.

What’s all the ‘buzz’ about bee pollen and vitamin D?

Traditionally speaking, bee pollen has been used to increase endurance and promote longevity. This truly remarkable superfood contains ready to use amino acids that are essential to recovering from chronic disease and preventing immune-related deficiencies.

Are you one of the millions of people deficient in vitamin D?

Vitamin D is responsible for regulating over 1000 genes in the body. Supplementing with this energizing vitamin – which is actually a hormone – can improve focus, mental wellbeing and immune vitality.

Simply put, vitamin D is required for every essential component of human health. Just about every holistically-minded healthcare provider emphasizes the importance of getting vitamin D tested and maintaining optimal levels of between 50 – 70 ng/ml.

Promoting healthy energy through detoxification

Methylated B12 is responsible for methylation processes that protect DNA. Methylated B12 also helps to optimize the nervous system and promote sustained energy throughout the detoxification process.

Chlorella is considered one of nature’s perfect superfoods. Its ability to remove toxins improves metabolic processing and helps to restore that ‘pep’ in your step.

Are you deficient in the ‘master antioxidant’?

Glutathione is often called the most important antioxidant because it recycles other antioxidants. Supplementing with glutathione will promote efficient energy, metabolism and help to protect us from the stress of environmental pollution.

In closing, it’s always best to enlist the help of a qualified medical professional – especially when dealing with serious health issues. Remember, not all supplements are created equally and quality is your first priority.

Always look for select standardized herbs and nutrients in their most bio-available forms. Making health your #1 priority has incredible rewards.

About the author: Christine M. Dionese L.Ac, MSTOM is an integrative health expert, medical journalist and food writer. She’s dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health. Christine practices, writes and speaks on environmental functional medicine, epigenetics, food therapy and sustainable living.


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  • Rebecca

    Glutathione is produced by the body. However, a poor diet, pollution, medications, stress, infections, radiation deplete the amount your cells have to work with. Research has shown that glutathione removes toxins in a very unique
    way. Toxins stick to glutathione, which then carries them out through the bile and stool.

    I personally found that it improves my energy and protects me by boosting my immunity. Though trial and error I found the right Glutathione supplement and the difference it has made has been remarkable.

  • Gail

    Rebecca what Glutathione supplement do you use?

  • Rebecca

    Hi Gail, I use LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric GSH Glutathione.