Colostrum contains super health benefits

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(NaturalHealth365) Colostrum is the first food of life – naturally designed to maintain health and prevent disease. This is a baby’s first food and as such is incredibly effective at keeping a baby healthy while providing the foundation for growth. Sadly, most people (including health professionals) have never been taught its health benefits.

Colostrum is the secretion from the mammary glands before a mothers milk starts to flow. It is provided in the first 24 to 48 hours, and provides essential nutrients for the immune system. Bovine colostrum is biologically transferable to all mammals – including man. It even has identical factors to those of human colostrum and is actually many times richer in immune factors.

How to bring your body back to life

One of the primary functions of colostrum is gut health. The health of our gastrointestinal tract which consists of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and the intestines is essential to preventing disease. The gut has also been called our “second brain” and digestive issues are usually the source of most physical dis-eases.

We don’t need to look further than the gut when looking to alleviate most illnesses. Gut health is thought of in terms of diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, heartburn, and other GI problems. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore intestinal health when looking at conditions that seem unrelated such as: food allergies, autoimmune disorders, Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

A healthy digestive system is your first line of (disease) defense

When the bacteria in the gut are out of balance, dysbiosis is one of the consequences. In other words, the proportion of beneficial bacteria is out numbered by harmful bacteria – which leads the way to a “leaky gut”. Don’t ignore digestive disorders – look for a qualified, naturopathic physician to help you heal the gut.

Leaky gut is when the permeability of the gut lining increases so that toxins and pathogens (normally held in check) pass though the gut lining – moving freely throughout the body. The intestines now become the gateway to freedom for every type of bacteria, fungus and toxin – causing fatigue, brain fog plus many other chronic health problems.

Boost immunity with nature’s first food

Leaky gut can be devastating and the effects can last a lifetime. Colostrum has a cornucopia of essential immune boosting substances known to help heal leaky gut. There is a reason it’s the first feeding for a human being. Thankfully, breast feeding is making a popular comeback and will certainly help future generation – providing mothers keep their body healthy and strong.

In the book Colostrum, Life’s First Food, Dr. Daniel G. Clark’s message is loud and clear – bovine colostrum “rebuilds the immune system, destroys viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and accelerates healing of all body tissue, while helping with weight loss and builds lean muscle, while slowing down and reversing aging.”

According to Clark and the well-known naturopathic physician Dr. Bernard Jensen, colostrum plays a therapeutic role in AIDS, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, allergies, herpes, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections, gingivitis, colds and flu.

Is your diet filled with “superfood” nutrition?

Bovine colostrum is not for everyone – especially vegans. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to choose what’s best for them. And, naturally, there are many other ways to rebuild the health of the colon such as, eating fermented foods; supplementing with prebiotics or probiotics and minimizing the use of antibiotics.

Keep in mind, the best quality colostrum comes from healthy cows that roam on chemical-free pastures without hormones or antibiotics. The processing has to be done without the use of high temperatures and pasteurization. And, powdered colostrum is more concentrated than its liquid form with a longer shelf life.

Did you know that conventional doctors once used colostrum for its antibiotic effects before the introduction of penicillin? Are you using colostrum? Post your health recovery story below.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people.


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  • swarnmittal

    i got this really big information, on clostrum n i would like to keep my own cow n tt. my son,s constipaion and one my question is can it tt. my osteoarthritis of knee jts. n psoriasis.if possible plz. ans. to me. thankks.

  • Jack Perham

    Hey Guys great article and a topic i have really been digging into since i joined the WAPF and became a HLC. Just a question… does bovine colostrum occur also in Raw Goats milk? to the same degree..

    Kind Regards

  • Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn clan

    Where can I get some Bovine colostrum?

  • Megan

    I started using probiotics 5 years ago and dont get exeama anymore

  • Patricia

    Is there a particular colostrum brand you might suggest?



  • leslie

    great info and article but the link given as a source ( out of date/ not available for ordering product. I would suggest Transfer Factor.

  • leslie

    I have used the transfer factor plus “Tri-Factor” by 4Life to rescue my cat from intermediate-grade lymphoma of the intestines…19 months (equivalent to about 10 years in human life!) later the cancer seems to be returning and I will try it on him again. I shouldn’t have stopped the treatment at all but he has had a great remission even still.

  • leslie

    I have used the transfer factor plus “Tri-Factor” by 4Life to rescue my cat from intermediate-grade lymphoma of the intestines…19 months (equivalent to about 10 years in human life!) later the cancer seems to be returning and I will try it on him again. I shouldn’t have stopped the treatment at all but he has had a great extension of life.

  • Sandy

    I would suggest listening to Robert Scott Bell’s show on Natural News Radio. He has, not only a colostrum product advertised on there, but also raw whey protein and a very superior probiotic formula. I have found the products he advertises on his show to be far superior to anything I have found anywhere else.

    Robert talks about healing the gut all the time on his show, so if you listen on almost any day, you should be able to pick up more information about this.

  • Robin

    I’ve been researching colostrum for a while now and I’ve found it must be 6 hours colostrum, that is colostrum that has been collected within the 6 hours window or it is not considered colostrum. It’s also important to come form grass fed cows. The Surthrival brand looks good.

    Robin @





  • Mrs Rosetta Liset

    Hi I live in England I have a 11 year old doughter who has a servere Nurological Disorder, please can you tell me where can I get Boviene Colestrum, is the HEALTH SHOP MIGHT HAVE SOME, we are doing oll kinds of Supplements, but my doughter, is not olways keen in taking them, and we olso have Certified Organic Food. In the past we have done HBOT Oxigan Therapey, and Therapey Learning. Music therapey as my doughter has Distonted Hearing. We look forward to hearing from you Mrs Rosetta Liset.

  • DJ

    You’re such a good mom, Rosetta. Your daughter will be in my prayers.

  • Lisa Schwabe

    Your article is very interesting.
    I have heard about the value of colostrum before.
    But to tread it is a problem,because it is so difficult to get natural and certified organic products.

    Somebody asked already if goats milk is just as good ? ? ?

  • Helen

    Mrs.Rosetta Liset, have you heard of the science of Nutritional Immunology? Feel free to contact me for more info at – do not give me. Keep on researching for the natural ways of healing. We all have the best doctor in the world, our immune system.

  • cindy toler

    YES please address the question about using raw goat milk!
    Thanks, Cindy

  • sarum

    Not vegan but really do not wish to take what belongs to the calf. There has to be another way.

  • Angie

    Hope this helps, looks like a good product..

  • Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, Ph.D.

    Make sure you are getting real colostrum, not transitional milk. Always ask for a 3rd Party validation and if they won’t or can’t give it to you, walk away. I am the owner of Immune Tree, we are the ONLY colostrum as validated independently by Cornell University and we just won the People’s Choice award over 5 other companies; With over 4000 votes, Immune-Tree colostrum has won the coveted Healthy Living People’s Choice Award with an astounding 89.33%. Source Naturals was a distant second at 4.55%, Jarrow scored 3.98%, Symbiotics 1.40% and TBR Labs had less than one percent of the vote.

    Always ask for validation!

    In health always,

    Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

  • PerCoBa

    Great article–for those of you asking about goat colostrum-it is my understanding that it is even better than bovine (cow) colostrum, but, of course-much less of a supply and harder to procure, which is why most companies use bovine. Free colostrum samples available from PerCoBa Colostrum ( Another great book is “Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet, Prilosec & other Acid Blockers” by Martie Whittekin, CCN. PerCoBa insists the calves get the colostrum they need first and then the extra is sold to us–only 0-6 hour colostrum! Hope I don’t sound like a salesman–I’ve used PerCoBa for 20+ years and my doctor comments “you’re never in here between physicals”…hmmmm. :-) for the new and improved –

  • Dann White

    This is something special about Colostrum. I got many new things from your post. I have a link for Colostrum products and wish to share with you.
    Wide range of Colostrum products.

  • Michael Felix

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