NH365 002: Curing autoimmune diseases naturally

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naturalhealth365 podcast(NaturalHealth365) Conventionally speaking, there is no ‘cure’ for autoimmune diseases. In fact, the best you can hope for from western medicine is toxic medication with lots of trial and error – to see what may help slow the progression of disease. But, what if there was a better way? Would you be interested?

In this episode, Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365 talks to Denise Otten, author of Curing Courtney and natural health and lifestyle coach about the ‘triple antioxidant protocol’ that cures autoimmune diseases.  Denise specializes in helping families to eliminate the stress of autoimmune conditions naturally without the need for toxic drugs or risky surgical procedures.

Denise successfully saved her daughter’s life

Denise will talk about how she successfully helped her daughter, Courtney, overcome a deadly condition called, autoimmune hepatitis – which threatened to take the life of her 7-year old daughter. After 5 years of unsuccessful treatment, by the best pediatric hepatologists in New York City, her doctors said, ‘the meds aren’t working’.

In fact, they suggested that Courtney take a leukemia-type drug and possibly wait for a liver transplant. That’s when Courtney’s mom said ‘enough’!  But, she needed to find some answers – fast.

What to do when frustrated with your doctor

Denise decided to walk away from conventional medicine and looked for alternative treatments. Thankfully, she found a winning formula that she shares with all of us on this podcast – below.

Program highlights include:

  • Denise talks about, her daughter, Courtney’s remarkable story of recovery from autoimmune hepatitis.
  • Learn exactly what the ‘Triple Antioxidant Protocol’ is and how it cures autoimmune disease.
  • Discover what foods to avoid – at all costs.
  • Denise talks about the key to success in overcoming AI disease.
  • Find out how Denise can help you – personally!

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  • Matt Brinck

    On ALA Dr BM Berkson recs NOW brand. I take 1800 mg a day. He was the lead researcher for the FDA for 23 years on ALA since he disobeyed Attending orders and saved two lives from toxic shock to the liver from eating bad mushroom. They were out of hospital within 2 weeks. Totally blew everyone away. 90% of ALA goes right to the liver, plus it crosses the blood brain berrier. Berkson was told to watch them die and monitor their vitals. The attendings were mad because they would lose money for transplants. I just heard you say someone on East Coast…what a joke.

  • Carol Ann

    This is the most interesting interview I have listened to, The tips will work for just anyone. Health is found only with diet and the right supplement protocol.

  • Rosaline W

    Is there anything medically that would work on autoimmune diseases? Of course not, so it seems nutrition and supplements are the ticket to health. They may put you on a regiment of drugs, but that will only give symptom relief, while causing some nasty side effects.

  • Nancy Fabiano

    Autoimmune conditions include many common ailments. Autoimmunity is the underlying cause of more than 100 chronic conditions. There are about 50 million Americans coping with an autoimmune illness.

    Thank you for increasing awareness of what can be done to cope and ultimately overcome the devastating effects of this condition.

  • synrgii

    DENISE OTTEN: Excellent work in helping your daughter. Lots of parents have sick kids and simply don’t do what it takes to help them. No license is required to have kids, but it is to have a dog, car, or ice cream cart business?? This world is jacked.

    JONATHAN: Thank you for providing excellent programs, as always.

    BOTH: I appreciate your sharing the “Triple Antioxidant Protocol” right in the interview. I have to look into that further.