Benefits of juicing dandelion greens

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Juicing with Dandelion Greens(NaturalHealth365) Some weeds can be highly effective in juice form. One of the best – that most people hate to see on their lawn – is dandelion. This weed has some powerful health benefits including, detoxification, allergy relief and great for normalizing blood sugar.

A deeper appreciation for the ‘common’ dandelion

Dandelions are technically called a weed, but in the natural health world we like to call them “dandelion greens”. We juice the entire leaf, yet not their yellow flower, but the green leaves that emanate out below the flower. So where can you find these magically delicious greens?

Most all health food grocery stores have them and/or your local food co-ops, and they are quite reasonable in price, usually just a few dollars for about 20 leaves.

One word of caution! I don’t recommend to ever pick them from your yard because of the overuse of pesticides on lawns, and even if you don’t use pesticides on your lawn, your neighbors most likely do, and these pesticides will find their way onto the weeds.

Why should I consider juicing dandelion greens?

Dandelions are one of the most potent greens we can juice that help rehabilitate and detoxify the liver. In addition, dandelion greens are excellent for keeping our vision in sharp form, as well as being beneficial for detoxifying our kidneys and entire urogenital canal.

Some of the additional benefits of dandelion greens:

1. High in calcium (usable calcium!)

2. Rich in iron

3. Low in calories

4. High in antioxidants

5. High in minerals – essential and non-essential

6. High in protein (actually more than spinach)

7. Naturally high in B vitamins

The power of fresh dandelion juice! (This makes more than 1 quart, and is for 2 people)

2 cups fresh dandelion greens or 6 leaves (not the flowers)

5 ribs of celery

1 cup spinach

2 large English cucumbers

2 apples

1 lime or lemon

A bit of fresh ginger root (if you like the taste)

Naturally, if you can, it’s best to always use organic produce. I must say – I’m excited to be part of the community. If you would like to see a particular juice recipe or have any questions about juicing – let me know in the comment section below.

Enjoy the day!

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About the author: Linda Kordich has been married for 33 years to Jay Kordich, world renown health educator and the “Father of Juicing”. She is the co-author of their new book, Live Foods Live Bodies and teaches throughout the world on the ‘Powers of the Gentle Art of Foods and Juices’. For more information about Jay and Linda Kordich – visit:

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  • Benign Adviser

    It is important to know that certain weeds and plants can be more effective f they are consumed in the form of juicing. This aspect has been well covered using the example of dandelion.

  • Gail

    Someone has recently asked me about juicing when you have IBS – the benefits; which recipes are most suitable, etc. Thank you for all you do! God bless.

  • Lorene

    I’m confused about the purposes/benefits of juices vs. smoothies. I’ve heard that when you want to “do a detox” you’re better off making smoothies because of the fibre. Yet most of what I hear/read has to do with juice fasting (or juice feasting, as it’s sometimes called). I would like to see an article or hear a podcast that clearly explains the reasons for making juices or smoothies and what reasons there are to choose one over the other. Thanks

    • Ankhara

      Hello Lorene both juices and smoothies have their value! Fruit juices however are not recommended unless you dilite them (1/3 juice 2/3 water due to the high fructose level. Fructose is not ava.ilable to cells in the way that glucose is and has to be processed by the liver. So many fruits have been hybridised to be unnaturally sweet that we can easily overdose on sugar/fructose without meaning to! Green juices with a dash of sweetner in the form of a green skinned apple thrown in with the kale etc is great. Pure mixed vegetable juices or mixed vegetable and non-tropical fruitjuices such as apple, ginger and spinnach are also great. When we go on a juice feast i/e/ drink only juices, , we allow the digestive tract to rest completely. That means the huge amount of energy which goes into digestion, can go into healing instead. The vast amount of nutrients in a superfood like Kale means that the body is fully niourished without having to work at extracing anything. Its important however to prepare the body before a juice feast so that you clean out your colon and digestive tract of us much gunk as possible and then nourish it. If you don’t clean out your digestive tract, it will be harder for you to absorb all that green goodness. I use a simple olive oil flush, a psyllium husk fiber shake and a capsule of cascarasa sagrada at night to clean me out. For the days before I will only consume smoothies, living soups or salads again to lighten the digestive load. By day three of a juice feast you will have started to shed any sad old cells and started to burst into life with lots of new ones. I recommend a base to green smoothies as follows: two sticks of celery for the sodium and mineral content, an apple, a cucumber for the alkalising properties and potassium, alfalfa sprouts amino acid rich and packed with just about every nutrient known to humankind and a dash of flaxseed oil for those EFAs which are so critical for cell membrane health. Without the amino acid ( protein precusor) and EFA addition you can be left with cravings which take you off your fast. This combination provides full spectrum nutrition. You can drink this as it is adding water to taste and add different green leaves or green powders or vary the type of sprounts according to what system or organ you want to heal. e.g A teaspoon spirulina gives you a velvety juice and is great for anyone with anemia. After a jiuce feast, start with one day, then 3, then 5 etc, replace some of the lost good bacteria – swept out perhaps with the psyllium husk, with rejuvelack, saukraut (fermented cabbage), kefir ( fermented raw milk) or some probiotic capsules for a couple of days.
      Smoothies are blended fruit or vegetable whereas with juices the liquid is extracted leaving behind a pulp.Smoothies contain that all important fibre so important for a healthy heart and colon. Without sufficient fibre and water we will be constipated and as a result have a high level of toxicity in the body. Fruit lend themsleves to easy blending since they are soft, juicy and fibrous. My favourite blend is mango, banana, orange and papaya with water to taste.
      Its good to remember that when you detox physically, you also detox emotionally so be prepared for some stuff to come up. Journal, take it easy and sleep for some extra hours with a few rose quartz crystals to aid self-love and forgiveness. Love, light peace and blessings!

      • Lorene

        Wow! Thank you for this. It’s very helpful.

  • cc

    Seems previous generations knew the value of (more) bitter types of plants. Living in an inner city Italian neighborhood in the fifties, our parents often served dandelion salad, as well as an all time favorite – broccoli rapini. I believe they also made a dandelion wine. Somehow back then they knew nutritious foods and learned them word of mouth and from previous generations. Then we all got educated and not many people seem to know much about nutrition, except those of us that have to seek it out on the internet.

  • DJ

    The dandelions I see at the natural food store look like they’re kind of “dried”, like they are ready to make tea with. Is this the correct dandelion to juice or should they look more like they came right out of the yard. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • Deb Cambria

    I skip the apple most of the time and just add ginger and tumeric and lemon with cucumbers and celery. I skip the apple due to the high carbohyrate content. The lemon helps the bitterness of the dandelion.

  • Effah Kwarteng Emmanuel

    please can you blend only the leaves without adding the others