Microwave oven alert: The dangers of microwaves revealed

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man microwave dinner(NaturalHealth365) When I first thought of writing about the dangers of microwave ovens, I hesitated. By now, most health-conscious individuals are at least somewhat aware of the dangers of microwaves or EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) in general, I thought. Surely, even more must know about the dangers of microwaving food for human (or pet) consumption?

Then I read some startling statistics. Still today, 90% of American homes have microwave ovens that are used for meal preparation. That’s 9 out of 10 households in the U.S! Based on this fact alone, I was convinced that another review of the dangers of microwaving was certainly worth the effort.

The ugly truth about heating up food with microwaves

Microwaves use electromagnetic energy (similar to radio waves) set to a specific frequency in order to agitate water molecules in food. As these molecules get increasingly agitated, they begin to vibrate atomically and eventually generate heat. The increasing levels of agitation that occur when the microwave is on is why microwaves can heat food so quickly and why they do so from the “inside out.”

Sounds pretty benign so far, right? The problem begins at the very basic level. The friction that heats the food also causes substantial damage to the surrounding molecules, tearing them apart and deforming them. Unfortunately, over time, as a person eats food from a microwave – the consequences can be devastating.

What does science say about the dangers of microwaves?

The former USSR banned use of microwave ovens in their country in 1976 and studies as to the questionable nature of microwave ovens began in the late 1980s. These studies have gone largely unknown and at times they have been suppressed by gag orders and big business lobbying efforts.

One of the most significant studies was conducted in 1991 by Swiss researcher Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel in partnership with Dr. Bernard H. Blanc of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute of Biochemistry.

Hertel and Blanc gave volunteers various preparations of milk and vegetables, some served raw, some served after being heated conventionally and some after being heated in a microwave oven. Blood samples were taken right before consuming the food and at various points after consumption. Significant changes were discovered in the blood of the individuals who consumed microwaved food, including a decrease in hemoglobin and cholesterol values and higher white blood cell counts (Leukocytosis) – which is often a sign of an inflammatory response caused by infection or other factors.

”Leukocytosis which cannot be accounted for by normal daily deviations is taken very seriously by hematologists,” Hertel said. “Leukocytes are often signs of pathogenic effects on the living system, such as poisoning and cell damage. The increase of leukocytes with the microwaved foods were more pronounced than with all the other variants. It appears that these marked increases were caused entirely by ingesting the microwaved substances.”

Eating food from a microwave increases your risk of cancer

Other reports have discovered that microwaving fatty foods leads to the release of dioxins (known carcinogens) as well as polyethylene terpthalate (PET). Dishes made specifically for microwave oven use have been found to leak BPA, or biphenol A, a xenoestrogen that has been linked to breast cancer.

A 2010 study conducted by Trent University concluded with “unequivocal evidence” that “microwave frequency radiation effects the heart at non-thermal levels that are well below federal safety guidelines.”

If all this science isn’t evidence enough as to the harmful effects of microwaving, common sense might do the trick. Have you ever tasted an egg after it has been “nuked?” What about some broccoli or a cup of coffee?

You have to admit, food just doesn’t smell (nor taste) right when it comes out of the microwave.

Raum and Zelt, in their “Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally and in the Microwave Oven,” sum it up nicely in terms that are in alignment with “The 7 Essentials System ™” for healing (and feeding) the body naturally:

“A basic hypothesis of natural medicine states that the introduction into the human body of molecules and energies to which it is not accustomed is much more likely to cause harm than good. Microwaved food contains both molecules and energies not present in food cooked in the way humans have been cooking food since the discovery of fire. Microwaves, including those in ovens, are produced from alternating current and force a billion or more polarity reversals per second in every food molecule they hit. Production of unnatural molecules is inevitable.”

So, play it safe, not sorry. Ditch your microwave today and go back to cooking the way nature intended. Your body – and the planet – will thank you.

About the Author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (“Dr. V”) is a best-selling author and specialist in Chiropractic, Bio-Energetics, Meridian Stress Analysis, Homeopathy and Digital Thermography. After 30 years in active practice, she decided to “retire” and devote her time to sharing her personal, non-toxic Breast Cancer healing journey with others. Her years of experience and research have culminated in “The 7 Essentials™ “, a step-by-step coaching program that unravels the mystery of healing the body. Her website and personal healing journey have touched the lives of thousands of women around the globe. To get your F.R.E.E. 7-day mini e-course and to receive her weekly inspiring articles on the power of natural medicine – visit: BreastCancerConqueror.com


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  • Shaun Pearman

    Here is a little known fact: if you heat water to boiling in a microwave, then let it cool, then use it to water seeds you are trying to sprout, the seeds will NOT sprout. My son discovered this with a science experiment where he compared sprouting and plant growth rates with water from many water sources such as tap water, distilled water, lake water, and urine. Every water except microwaved water sprouted the seeds. Don’t heat your drinks in a microwave oven.

    • Kay

      That’s really interesting.

    • also just watering plants with microwaved water will kill those plants – no, i still did not test it, i love my plants too much 🙂 but one of my friends did.
      our microwave serves one purpose: heating the heating pad – and some times keeping my dough away from drafts, just as storage chamber; unfortunately it is built in, so i cannot just take it out, but it works well for the heating pad if i don’t feel like making a hot water bottle.

    • kiwi-ian

      Interesting. My son did this test, comparing microwaved water to stove heated water and a non heated control, for his science fair. As a science fair judge I have seen dozens of similar tests involving hundreds of plants. From seeds to sprouts to mature plants and all variations.

      I have NEVER seen a test where microwaved water was shown to be any more harmful than stove heated water, though often see tests where the heated water (all methods) is less good than the unheated control.

  • Kay

    Totally agree, I haven’t used a microwave for at least 6 years and before then I only used one now and then to defrost something I’d forgotten to take out of the freezer to defrost naturally. I’d never use a microwave now. There are probably quite a few people who only live on microwaved ready meals, unfortunately.

  • Gail of Gaia

    It is hard to convince people of the real dangers but your son’s experiment tells alot! I’ll have to use that 🙂 Tell him good job young man.

  • Donald

    Does microwaving water in a microwave alter the water molecules? I sometimes heat water up in a cup and then use the water for a beverage such as tea or coffee. I don’t put the tea or coffee in the microwave but just the water.

    • Joel

      I would recommend using a device like Sunbeam’s “Hot Shot” water heater. It only costs about $20 and it actually boils water faster than a microwave.

    • Mike Williams

      Put simply, no. Unless you count “heating them up” as “altering”, no.

  • Thomas_Avit

    I stopped using microwaves over 25 years ago. Common sense told me then that anything that can alter the taste of water (for tea in my case) could not be good for the human body. guess I was right.

  • Rowan

    I just want to point out microwave cooking does not cook from the inside out-it starts
    with the outer layers and the inner being cooked by heat transfer

  • mango

    nature never intended to cook anything

  • 1555

    I witnessed a real life experiment my neighbor unintentionally conducted in our 9,100 feet high based mountain town. He moved up here from Texas to work as a ski lift operator and to snowboard. Young, healthy robust young guy. At least 3x daily I could hear his microwave on the other side of my wall.

    He cooked all his meals in microwave. Every week he looked less robust. I asked him about the microwave meals, and he just loved his microwave, and was not giving it up. But he did have to give up living in the demanding mountain conditions. As he was moving back to Texas, after less than 2 months of living up here, he was pale, underweight and had huge dark circles under his eyes. After reading this article I understand why . Thanks for publishing this !

    • Mom of Super Heroes

      No doubt the microwave played a part, but honestly, it was the processed foods he was eating. We have to nourish our bodies with real food or we will become like your neighbor. Thanks for sharing the story. I am trying to let go of my microwave. Ugh . . .

  • Russ

    I agree with mango we ate food raw and now our food is unsafe to eat raw, or how about if you burn your food on a grill you are releasing toxins. So each to his own opinion also the study’s are just that. The bottom line is if you think it is bad for you then it is, for your belief system is the most important part of human kind.

    • Jim Jones Koolaid

      Yes high heat also causes carcinogens. The indians believed boiling meat was far better than cooking it over a spit but sometimes it was necessary when time was short.

  • Mike Williams

    This is a load of crap! Temperature is determined by the amount of molecular motion in a substance. Microwaves increase molecular motion by vibrating the hydrogen-oxygen bonds that make up water. That’s all it does! There is no residual radiation and no atomic changes. Microwaves heat unevenly, “tv dinners” that are commonly microwaved are bad for you in many ways, and there MIGHT be some truth to the claim about BPA leaching out of SOME microwave-safe dishes. But the rest of this article is just garbage.

  • pam r

    I have stood near the microwave with an EMF detector and when the microwave is on you do not want to be near it. I would not eat anything that came out of it after seeing the sky high reading on the EMF meter.

  • Nodrogscuba

    Good article, I did the plant experiment about 10 years ago and YES the water heated in the microwave would not support the plant, it simply died. I have not used a microwave since and will never KNOWINGLY eat anything that has been heated in a microwave.
    In my opinion, the convenience of saving a few minutes, is not worth the risk. With all the long lasting “smoke” over this, there has to be “fire”. I use a toaster over, my conventional oven and eat at least 60-70% of my food raw. After a few weeks without, I rarely missed it and today I am appalled that more people are willing to take that risk for such a small benefit.

  • Nodrogscuba

    By the way, my experiment included a plant that was planted in the same soil composition, same type of pot, same sun, same amount of water, and it was growing normally.

  • kiwi-ian

    I would also like to comment on the article above.

    1) The friction caused by MWing does NOT rip molecules apart. MWs work best on water which is simply hydrogen and oxygen and I can assure you that that molecule stays un-ripped. Temperature is a function of movement, if MWing were to rip molecules apart at about 100ºC (boiling point of water – the temperature MWs heat it to) then I wonder what grilling, baking and frying would do when they heat to 180-220ºC?
    2) There is no evidence whatsoever that the Soviets ever banned MW ovens, this was made up by anti MW oven campaigner Bill Kopp. All references to this ban can be traced back to Kopp, Wayne and Newell or Mercola.
    3) Hans Hertel’s work has never been published in a peer reviewed journal, nor in English (Hertel spoke German). He has never released his results only his conclusions. His study lacked controls (8 subjects one of whom was himself and they all knew what they were eating) but more importantly, tested more than one factor (pasteurised vs raw milk, fresh vs frozen vegetables, raw vs cooked vegetables, organic vs mass produced food) and on top of that he imposed MWed food. There is no way one can get valid results from just 8 subjects with 5 factors.
    4) MWing non-MW safe plastic dishes may cause leaching of PET and some dioxins, but so would putting these dishes in a conventional oven. It is the heat, not the MWs, that is the problem.
    5) “Common sense” is not reserved only for those that oppose MW cooking, there are many sensible people who think MW cooking is fine.
    6) Using the term “nuke” for MWing is fine but completely disingenuous. It implies some sort of “nuclear” radiation or radio-activity. Physics 101 (Radiation) would soon put that away. I know you were just using it for effect but there are those who believe that radiation and radio-activity are the same. They are NOT, they are DIFFERENT (yes, I’m shouting) and the use of radio-activity in an argument on MW radiation merely shows ignorance of the science of radiation.
    7) Raum & Zelt do not exist. The paper you cite is by Hans Hertel (see comment 3) and published in a German magazine called Raum & Zeit. A typo by authors Wayne and Newell (who wrote “The Hidden Hazards of MW cooking” which is what Mercola’s site is based on) and a scientific misunderstanding (neither of the authors has any scientific credentials and they mix up all sorts of things in their articles) added to lack of verification of sources led them to think this was a separate article by 2 authors. It isn’t. By the way, all MW ovens have transformers to convert the AC input to DC output. The comment that alternating current has an effect is totally wrong as magnetrons work on direct current.

    So often we hear the call for “informed consent” and “full information”, yet this article does not inform, it is a biased one sided article that completely ignores the science. You should do better than just accept internet articles just because you agree with them,you should search for the truth.

    • Jim Jones Koolaid

      Science is easily manipulated by moneyed interests and the peer review process is easily abused to exclude valid studies. Money money money. I remember once going to a Walmart and a Trader Joes that were right next to each other. Its not a double blind study, but I can tell you there was about a 50lbs average difference in body weight. No way the organic food was the cause, as many double blind studies have found that pesticides don’t harm us much. Or they are just bought and paid for by Big Ag.