The natural healing community challenges Dr. Oz

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Safe Body Detoxification(NaturalHealth365) Thousands of natural healing advocates are screaming for justice. Recently, Dr. Oz attacked the benefits of organic food and this could mark the end of his career. To read his full article filled with shocking suggestions like, eating organic food makes you “snooty” or an “elitists” – you’ll have to purchase the latest issue of TIME Magazine (dated Dec. 3, 2012). Clearly, Dr. Oz must explain himself or face the consequences for his actions.

First, let’s take a look at what people are saying across the internet. Just one look at the Facebook page of Dr. Oz – tells the whole picture at this moment in time:

Heather Carson says, “Have you lost your mind or were you bought off? You have zero credibility now. BOYCOTT DR. OZ!!!”

Dylan Michael says, “You’ve sold out Dr Oz. Being a physician, aren’t you to uphold the Hippocratic Oath? One less show to DVR.”

Victor Dubs asks, “Do you consider the people who watch your show and eat organic, farmers market foods to be elitist snobs also?

Lori Timbol says, “really??? factory farmed is a choice over local organic????? and you expect the public to believe this crap?

Sandy Jardineiro says, “You sold out, Dr. Oz! Not. cool.

The comments go on for miles and miles and keep coming in. People want answers and they deserve the truth. Did Dr. Oz make a mistake? How is he feeling right now? And, did he really write this article or was it created for him by a public relations firm hired to attack the organic food industry?

The truth will come out – it’s just a matter of time

This is the biggest “flip flop” in the history of natural health. (can you think of a bigger one?) Just a few weeks ago, Dr. Oz featured Dr. Alan Greene, a pediatrician talking about the health risks associated with eating pesticides in non-organic food. In fact, Dr. Oz said that eating organic food is “worth the investment”. Now, Dr. Oz wants his TIME Magazine readers to believe that there is no difference between frozen, conventionally-produced (toxic) spinach and the locally-grown, organic variety? Dr. Oz you must come clean and answer some questions:

1. Do you really believe that eating organic (chemical-free) food makes you a snob? Why would you demonize the desire to live a healthy life by eating healthy food?

2. In your TIME Magazine article, you encourage people to eat tuna fish salad. Do you really want people to eat more mercury and increase their risk for brain damage?

3. I have to ask you (Dr. Oz) – were you paid by a P.R. firm to put your name on this article or did you write it yourself?

4. On the outside, you seem very concerned about the health of your viewers – do you support the labeling of GMO foods or is that a “snooty” concern?

5. Do you have a vested (financial) interest in any biotech or processed food company? Obviously, if you did, that would be a conflict of interest.

6. Why do you advocate the consumption of “feedlot” beef? Are you aware of the animal abuse within these factory-farm facilities? (I can supply video – if you ask me)

Naturally, I have to ask, what kind of food do you eat at home? Does your wife buy organic food or does she feed your family chemically-toxic food?

7. I’m curious – how do you feel about exercise? Does the desire for physical activity make us part of the “1%”? Should we feel bad about wanting to exercise?

8. Why did you fail to mention the risk of pesticide consumption when eating all these canned or frozen (conventional) foods? Did you forget what you already learned from your own television program – just a few weeks ago?

9. I think the natural healing community deserves the truth – will you accept my invitation to be a guest on the NaturalNews Talk Hour? I promise it will be a professional interview – giving you ample time to explain yourself and earn back your credibility.

We, at NaturalHealth365, look forward to having Dr. Oz respond to these questions or anything else he would like to say. In the meanwhile, keep sharing this information with as many people as you can and post your comments – below. (thank you for spreading the truth)

About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the managing director of and host of the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show sponsored by and Jonathan is helping millions of people worldwide create health and physical fitness through a variety of educational and entertaining articles, teleconference calls, live shows and special events.

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  • Sondra Carlson

    I think big money has a lot to do with this.

  • Chris

    I would like the hear his side of the story. I would hope that, as some journalists do, they put words into his mouth. Who knows, maybe it is a play by Time to take down Dr. Oz. Crazier things have happened! Let’s hear your side, Dr. Oz.

  • Nacheska Gentry Combs

    Dr. OZ, you can do sssooo much better…stand up for organic, local, health

  • Deborah

    I also eat organics for health reasons. It was my insurance when we couldn’t afford health insurance for several years. I know I spend less on food. My refrigerator is full instead of my pantry. My job was demoing food in stores and I watched people. The customers in the big discount stores and ones in lower income areas lined the bottom of their baskets with soft drinks then went for LOTS of packaged bags and boxes and LOTS of meat while complaining their food stamps didn’t cover it all. Most were over weight and had no life in their eyes. They also talked to me and anyone who would listen about all their health problems. In the grocery stores on the better side of town the customers were a lot thinner and had lots of fresh food with hardly any sodas and less food over all. They were WAY more happy and had life. Knowledge is health. It’s better for my health not to worry about dr. OZ being wrong and GREEDY. I’ll just take him with an OZ. of salt and let my life be an example some my like to emulate.

  • Dean Caltogirone

    Someone asked me the other day, Do you Dr.Oz is Credible? I thought so at the time that he was Sincere and Honest with his Viewers,Definetly Not Now, He’s been paid off to save his own show by helping kill off innocent Children and people who believed in him, if you Remember Who his Big Advertising Sponsers were during the Calif Prop37 Campaign on GMO’s was Monsanto, this Show should be banned for this Man has NO More Credibility. Dr.Oz Redeem yourself and Tell the Truth …Now Do the Right Thing!

  • Patty Teufel

    It’s a bit hard to believe that a man who seems so sincere to help would make such ignorant, ridiculous statements about Organic food! I’d like to hear his response to this outrageous betrAyel to his audience!!

  • Roma Toutant

    I cannot believe that after all of your encouragement to eat ‘pesticide-free’ organic food that you have turned completely around. Were you bought? What do you hope to gain by calling us snobs, elitists, undemocratic, etc., etc.? And would you truly attempt to have us believe that cruel feedlot beef that has been pumped up with antibiotics and growth hormones is every bit as good for us as grass-eating, meadow grazing cattle? What about free-run chicken and eggs? What happened to your conscience? Are you the least bit conflicted within yourself? You will lose more than you hoped to gain by agreeing to have this article published …. your credibility and your ‘fans’ are gone or are on the way out ….. will you retract …. what a man you are if you do that!!! Otherwise, you will have become another Monsanto Monkey sitting at home eating frozen food and feedlot beef watching some afternoon ‘soap’ cause we sure won’t be watching you! Good luck, Mr. Oz!

  • john k

    I knew this guy was a phony years ago when it was revealed he had shares in the vaccine industry…
    dont watch mainstream TV.

  • Norm

    Simply any freshman agriculturai student can tell you, that it takes a healthy soil, to make healthy produce, that means a soil with its own eco system, and a healthy eco system can NOT exist when drenched in chemicals. Most of the little critters that make a healthy soil die. Further organic produce have to manufacture thier own antibiotics to stay healthy and that translates into a healthier consumer of that produce,thus when grown with all the “cides” that they are soaked in the produce do not produce the nutrients that they would have produced when grown organically. If you look into Dr. Oz’s eyes while he was doing this interview you can almost see that he knew he was saying something he really did not want to say.

  • Norm

    Has anyone ever done a strictly independant study of cancer rates among farm workers, and/or people living and working in growing areas wherby heavy amounts chemicals are used?

  • mel

    Second that one John K … don’t pay attention to mainstream anything.

  • margey

    I was pleasantly surprised when DR. Oz had Jeffery Smith (Genetic Roulette) on his show to teach about GMO’s and Labeling (during CA Prop 37 campaign,) I just saw the clips with Jeffery Smith in them, and Dr. OZ said that his own wife did voice over on Jeffery’s Smith’s movie, Genetic Roulette. Something’s up. How could he switch sides so quickly? He must have gotten big bucks and sold out. Obama did the same thing regarding GMO’s….4 years ago he promised us he’s lable GMO’s, this year he opposed prop 37, and his wife has an organic garden on the White House lawn!

  • Lexie Ross

    As a holistic journalist for over 30 years, I have a major reason for eating organic. IT TASTES BETTER!!

    And why would anyone want to eat foods laden with poisonous Roundup; tomatoes mixed with firefly genes; or eat meats that are given hormones to fatten them for market in 30 days that cause Mad Cow Disease which is now appearing in younger and younger people and is being labeled Alzheimer’s. I’ve seen and heard the research. The public is being kept in the dark as to what is be done to their food. Don’t believe any TV doctors, they all have controlling sponsors and opportunities to earn money from supporting products. If possible, grow your own food.

  • Norman Frodsham

    Why worry about Dr Oz, he has made his bed, and now he MUST lay on it !

  • wendy

    Deborah – wonderful observations and attitude!

  • Patrick

    Plain and simple, Dr. Oz is scum! He said he would not vaccinate his own kids but then recommends the very same poison vaccines because his accountant told him that he owns a piece of a company that makes the vaccines. There should be groups forming to occupy his show. Stand up and be disruptive! Call him on his lies! Put him out of business! Just for info, the one thing the white house and the Monsanto headquarters have in common, they only serve organically grown foods. Go figure!

  • Maria Willocks

    I don’t want to say anything bad about him untill we can hear his version but ALWAYS I thought he wanted to make a change in people to have better health!!!!!!

  • Norm

    One can drill down and discover the main reason we have a burgeoning health care problem.Lack of Minerals “is” the root cause. It can not be that simple you say? Well then I challenge inquiring minds to do the math, and when you do the math the solution is simple as well “educating” All the junk food junkies out there eating nutrient dense food and especially minerally dense foods are way cheaper than foods lathered in chemicals. Yes you may have to pay an additional 30-40% but you only have to eat 25% of what you would normally eat to get the nutrients your cells need. And if you factor in the Doctor, and Pharmacy costs as a result of eating junk food it adds up to being a most expensive choice, and it is usually the poor that through lack of nutritional education and or guidence that pay the price, thanks to a government that is deply in debt to special interests

  • Ajax

    As Patrick says in his comment, Dr. Oz pushes vaccinations, but he and his family do NOT get vaccinated. That’s hypocrisy at its worst (and most dangerous). What a sell-out Dr. Oz is.

  • Elaine

    Could it be that eating all that non-organic, chemically-laced food has addled the good Dr’s brain? This is shocking and I’d say confusing to those of us who have followed Dr. Oz for so many years. So which Dr. Oz should be believe and will the REAL Dr. Oz please stand up — or did he just do that?

  • Patricia Norris

    Dr. Oz, this is beyond unbelievable. I have known of you through “Hands of Light” and through mutual friends, some of your special patients. I always thought of you as a moral and spiritual person. I wonder if you could have said the latest things attributed to you, or whether Monsanto or someone else has somehow put this together. If you did say those things, please resign right away; you have no place in the health industry.

  • Zak

    What a gutless person (I can’t even call him a man) for not standing up to the corporate sponsors and for going against his own true beliefs. And if they weren’t his own true beliefs then he’s even worse. Was it gutlessness or greed? In any case he has no integrity.

  • maha

    Used to watch Dr Oz a lot earlier this year. Lately I feel like he promotes so many supplements and he always says this the best he has seen that works for the same remidy earlier he would have mentioned another supplement. I felt he is flip flaps so much. I like to watch his show just for educational purposes he uses good and easy examples the way our body works. But i wouldn’t be surprized if he has been paid by the big GMO companies.

  • Barb

    Dr. Oz, I am,alongwith hundreds of other people, eagerly awaiting your response to this total weirdness! I simply will not believe that the man I quite to so many others, in attempt to aid them to better lives through good nutrition and reasonable exercise, has done such a complete turnaround. When I hear it from your lips,then I will believe it and I will grieve. To paraphrase a comment to a different hero, in a different era – “Say it ain’t so, Mehmet!”

  • Lynn

    uh-oh, Dr. Oz what ever were you thinking? You build up your audience to respect your opinion to turn on them????

  • Bryce

    I … am… SO MAD!!

    I live with my parents and my mother totally believes Dr. Oz has the truth of health… This hits me on a personal level.

  • Leo

    I am not sure why the uproar over Dr. Oz is something new. I used to be a fan and watch his show. A few years ago I found out that he had a seat on the board of directors for a pharmaceutical company. At that point he became irrelevant. Welcome to showmanship and big money syndrome. The public needs to investigate who and what they believe are creditable sources of information.

  • Denise

    He has been threatened by the big industries, he cannot compete with them. They are the Elite he is talking about.

  • ron

    He’s a sell out

  • susan

    no more dr oz for me. sorry buddy but i dont respect liars or traitors. it takes a bad person to flip flop like that on organic food. shoot i remember when they went to his home on several occasions he showed us his organic food in his kitchen.
    i cant believe anything that comes out of your mouth anymore about anything. you liable to tell or advise me to take something that will hurt me now. i dont trust you anymore. bet and hope this is your last year on tv !!!!!!!!