Big pharma has a new profit plan for the next generation

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New Drug Plan(NaturalHealth365) National studies have estimated that 30 – 40 percent of prescription medications go unfilled – especially when the prescription is given at the doctor’s office. So, pharmaceutical companies are pushing for drugs to be prescribed where the drugs are sold – your local pharmacy. After all, more drugs sold equal greater profits.

The total breakdown of healthcare in the United States

As the Obama Health Care Plan rolls out, we see costs going up; fewer doctors available to care for sick people and new plans being developed to handle an increased demand for medication. The newest trend has been to allow local pharmacies to diagnose and administer health services for chronic health conditions.

Don’t believe me? Just type into Google “Walgreens to diagnose” and you’ll discover that Walgreens has become the “first retail store chain to expand its health care services to include diagnosing and treating patients for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and high cholesterol.”

Once you understand the business model – you realize this is the way drug companies can develop a nation of pill consumers for every ill. Commercialization of health care is shifting away from the doctors’ office and entering the local retail establishment.

Make no mistake about it – big pharma has a clear vision for creating a society of drug addicts from cradle to grave. I, for one, want no part of that system and will do everything in my power to avoid getting trapped into the “sickcare” system.

Drug companies are using computer technology to increase their profits.

Touchscreen kiosks found in pharmacies will help patients’ self-diagnose common ailments and new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations will make it easier for consumers to get drugs without a prescription. Yet, raw milk producers are shut down and organic food producers are constantly “monitored” (threatened) by the FDA for supplying healthy food. What is this world coming to?

Greedy corporations are taking it to the next level

Pharmaceutical companies must be salivating over the notion that our next generations (our kids) will gain easier access to all types of medications. The pharmaceutical industry view retail outlets as a “game changer” – enabling them to tap into a virtually limitless supply of new drug customers.

Clearly, this new way of doing business can only generate more sales for local pharmacies – as they attract new customers to their prescription counter. Industry insiders predict that CVS, Walgreen and Target (to name a few) will create business models centered around earning “dispensing fees” for selling all these drugs.

You may even see retailers like, Wal-Mart and Publix lower their leasing costs for retail clinics if they notice increased prescription drug sales. The ongoing consolidation of the pharmacy industry will continue throughout 2013 and beyond. In 2011, the top six dispensing retail and specialty pharmacies – CVS, Caremark, Medco Health Solutions, Walmart, Rite Aid and Express Scripts accounted for 64 percent of United States pharmacy dispensing revenue.

Naturally, the pharmaceutical cartel sees a bright future with retail clinics for many reasons. Stores with retail clinics tend to be located in affluent communities with higher rates of home ownership, higher median incomes and lower rates of poverty – compared to stores without clinics. Poor people get the cheap (sickening) food and rich people get the toxic drugs. Looks like big companies make money – no matter what.

The matrix is everywhere – don’t get trapped

Major corporations want you sick and tired. The newest “full service” drug store sells soda pop, high fructose (GMO) corn syrup snacks, artificially-flavored “weight loss” frozen dinners, toxic milk, zero calorie (diabetic) goodies and cigarettes. Then, to improve your quality of life – when you get sick – they’ll sell you poisonous drugs that destroy your liver and shorten your life. Save your money (and your life) – avoid the matrix of deceit and live by the laws of nature.

My idea of a perfect life (free of the matrix) is divinely-driven with purpose and fueled by fresh food; pure water and clean air. Be sure to act with kindness and develop loving relationships – what could be better than that?

About the author: Jonathan Landsman is the managing director of and host of the NaturalNews Talk Hour – a free, weekly health show sponsored by and Jonathan is helping millions of people worldwide create health and physical fitness through a variety of educational and entertaining articles, teleconference calls, live shows and special events.


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  • Andrew Gartner

    Why does this NOT surprise me?

  • Bob Triani

    I was in Rite Aid the other day and I was amazed to see a huge aisle in the middle of the store with natural food,organic food
    and lots labeled non-GMO. To me,this means there is a growing demand for these type of products or a big chain like this would not waste their time stocking it.It might not be a big victory but its a trend that may be starting. As I left the store around 3PM,there was a HUGE line at the McDonalds drive-thru across the street even thought it was past lunch and too early for dinner.That took the bright smile off my face quick enough.