Surprising solution for Ebola virus

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Vitamin C Cures Ebola” hspace=(NaturalHealth365) Whether the infectious disease branch of modern medicine is truly unaware or just does not want to admit they are completely wrong on how to cure a viral syndrome remains a debatable point. Certainly, their “find a vaccine for everything” approach to viruses is not the answer.

Even if a vaccine could be introduced into the body without associated toxins and severe side effects that was effective in decreasing the chances of contracting a given viral infection, such an approach does absolutely nothing for the individual who is already critically ill with an overwhelming viral count in the body. And it does nothing for the individuals who remained virus-free yet suffered debilitating side effects.

Can we say the obvious about vaccines?

Of course, no serious attempt has yet been made to detoxify vaccines, and no serious efforts have been made to allay the very real panoply of substantial side effects that so many vaccines can inflict. Even truly effective vaccines, of which there are not many, still do a substantial amount of harm to many individuals who would never have contracted the given infection in the first place.

The interests of the public health are never served by inflicting upon it an array of medical conditions that would never have otherwise existed in the name of preventing a given infection. To add to the concerns that so many individuals have today toward infections that they are lead to believe have no reliable treatments, Hollywood has contributed its own version of hysteria in both TV and movies with the many stories of killer epidemics that are somehow managed just in the nick of time to assure the happy ending.

In these movies, invariably, the epidemics are finally addressed with some ‘magical’ vaccine or antidote. A partial list of such movies includes Contagion, Outbreak, Quarantine, Virus, and even one called Ebola Syndrome.

The Ebola virus can be destroyed naturally – despite what you’ve been told

To date, not a single virus has been tested that is not inactivated (killed) by a large enough dose of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Many other antioxidants have similar virucidal effects, but vitamin C appears uniquely to be of greatest potency and clinical efficacy, as its simple chemical structure allows for it to be disseminated throughout the body with little restriction.

As such, it is able to effectively address viral populations present in both the intracellular and extracellular spaces. Other antioxidants have been found to have higher ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values – measurements which are used to quantify the antioxidant capacity of supplements (or foods). However, a virus can never be incapacitated by a potent antioxidant if the chemical structure of that antioxidant does not permit direct contact between the virus and the antioxidant.

Vitamin C is both very potent and optimally bioavailable in accessing any viral infection.

Why is vitamin C so effective in killing viruses?

A primary way in which vitamin C destroys viruses, or sets them up for destruction by the immune system, is by activating the ‘Fenton reaction’. In a nutshell, this reaction can proceed inside the virus, inside cells in which viruses are replicating, and on the surfaces of the viruses themselves.

The result of this reaction that is stimulated by the presence of vitamin C, one or more transition metal cations, and the local presence of peroxide is the immediate production of hydroxyl radicals. These radicals are the most reactive oxidizing agents ever identified. As such, they radically upregulate oxidative stress and end up destroying whatever is in their immediate environment.

The effects of vitamin C in “mopping up” after it inflicts its viral damage are further supported by its potent and multifaceted support of the immune system. There is no other substance that singularly does as much to promote increased and strong immune function as vitamin C.

Among many other effects, vitamin C directly stimulates interferon and antibody production, while effectively supercharging the functions of the white blood cells by becoming very concentrated inside those cells.

To be balanced, it is also important to note that the effects of vitamin C on chronic viral infections, such as chronic hepatitis, AIDS, or HIV-positive states are less profound, as the virus works its way into physical locations much less accessible by vitamin C than when the viral infections are acute. Nevertheless, long-term, highly-dosed protocols of vitamin C often completely control and even occasionally cure these diseases.

O.K. – let’s talk about the clinical results

The actual evidence showing what vitamin C has done and can continue to do if properly utilized is there for anyone to see and review. The ‘multi-C protocol’ will reverse and cure any viral syndrome if secondary organ damage has not already advanced too far. Even then, many cases that would seem hopeless can still show dramatic clinical responses.

Review for yourself the incredible clinical results of Frederick Klenner, MD, – who is truly the father of the clinical applications of vitamin C. Also, check out the H1N1 patient in New Zealand who was going to be taken off of life support when vitamin C finally came to the rescue. (it’s the 1st video on the page)

A few more points about Ebola need to be considered…

This is a disease that spreads most effectively among populations that have a substantially poorer nutritional status than is seen in the United States and other well-fed populations around the world. Of course, any exposure to a high enough titer of virus can allow an infection to “take hold,” even in a well-nourished individual.

Furthermore, it has been published that there are a substantial number of individuals, often healthcare workers who treated Ebola patients, who have a symptomless infection when exposed to Ebola virus. This further supports the concept just mentioned that the nutritional status of the exposed individuals is a very important consideration in determining the likelihood of the infection proceeding to severe illness or even death.

My final crucial point about all this ‘hysteria’ …

Don’t worry. If Hollywood and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) want to induce the populations of the world into a full-blown panic, so be it. You have the tools to prevent a virus like Ebola from ever setting up shop in your body.

And if your prevention should fall short, resolution and cure is a simple process, and it should occur for all but the most immune-challenged, chronically ill, and malnourished individuals among us.

Editor’s note:  There are two types of vitamin C that I personally use every day.  The UltraFine Vitamin C powder plus a liposomal version of vitamin C.  But, just to be clear, by no means should you ever think that any nutritional supplements can ‘cure’ any viral condition or disease.  You should always consult a trusted, healthcare provider for medical issues that concern you and make an informed decision.  Plus, as a matter of full disclosure, your purchase of the ‘UltraFine’ vitamin C powder – at no extra cost to you – helps to support our efforts at NaturalHealth365. 

About the author: Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD is a board-certified internist and cardiologist. He is also bar-certified for the practice of law. He has written extensively on the importance of eliminating toxins while bolstering antioxidant defenses in the body, with particular focus on vitamin C.

His new book entitled Death by Calcium: Proof of the toxic effects of dairy and calcium supplements is now available at or In this new book, for the first time, Dr. Levy has assembled extensive sections on his treatment protocols for cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and other chronic degenerative diseases. As well, this new book contains his detailed “Guide to the Optimal Administration of Vitamin C.” His website is


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  • Mary Lu Hale

    I was so hoping that something would be written about how easy it is to defeat Ebola with vitamin C! Thanks Dr. Levy!!!

  • Bill

    I read the whole article and I do believe in the incredible powers of Vitamin C as well as all natural supplements but there is no clear description or explanation on the protocol or method of taking the Vit. C, how much, etc…Do you buy the book? People need to know more! How do you use the Vit C. I have heard this week that it would require a Doctor to administer the huge amount of Vit C required intravenously to cure Ebola. We need to know how to PREVENT Ebola!!

  • gary97209

    The problem is in finding someone to administer it if and when you need it, and good luck if you happen to be placed in quarantine and fall under total control of the mad scientists and big pharma.

  • rxgary

    what helps lou gherigs anything?

    • Helen Elias

      Send me an email on Facebook. I have information that would interest you.

  • Helga Tronrud

    My product Divine Herbs will also eliminate the virus…….plus bacteria and fungi. Once a dis-ease has been eliminated naturally ……the immune system is so much stronger. Thank you for sharing Jonathan and Dr. Levy.

    • jn89414

      Helga, where do I find your herbs?

  • Bob Moller

    drpasswater. com/nutrition_library/selenium1.html

  • rup

    What is the best form of C to be used? Is there a certain brand that is better than another?

  • eclark53

    Well, I just read an article that indicates that the Ebola has been patented by the Center for Disease Control. Can you imagine a patent on a disease. That to me indicates that this Ebola has been created by someone who does not want other people creating Ebola. This also scary. Sounds to me like they are planning a pandemic to kill off a bunch of people.

    The article said that this was why those 2 Ebola patients are coming to the US so that they can do research on their particular strain of Ebola and get a patent on it as well.

    • only1barbi

      they are going to use Ebola to create Martial Law – my opinion (which we all know what they are like)

    • florida3guy

      Yes, it’s called population control under Agenda 21.

    • times2come

      Google “Georgia Guidestones”….It’s inscribed on them what their plans are for our future!!!

  • organic girl

    your comments are unhelpful and only serve to confuse people. People who are nutritionally deficient and immune compromised are the perfect target of any illness. Nutritional deficiencies have been the reason for plagues throughout history. George Osawha, a great Japanese man, would go int the jungles of Africa and purposely inflict himself with “incurable diseases” and then cure himself through dietary changes. However, no health authorities cared or gave him any credit. Vitamin C as cured every virus that they have a vaccine for since the 1940′ and 1950’s.

  • organic girl

    You don’t just have a natural defense to ebola but you do to all disease.
    It’s called a strong immune system. Do you work for a pharmaceutical company.

    DR. Levy does not state not to have any calcium – he is talking about the over consumption of calcium. Which is very common in western countries.
    In Asia and developing countries which have the lowest calcium intake they have the lowest rate of osteoporosis.

    • Barefoot in MN

      well – just gotta mention, those countries that have a low rate of osteoporosis also tend to have the non-pasteurised stuff when they do consume dairy. Pasteurisation actually changes the makeup of the milk proteins a lot (& not in a good way)

      • ScarletPimpernil

        Sadly, on long, stressful day, living in times of hard (little or the wrong foods, etc.) are all enough to compromise the immune system.

        Unless you’re rich enough to afford perfect isolation, and otherwise the perfect person, you’d do well to look hard into alternative solutions.

        In spite of of the nay saying, there is likely merit in many of the suggestions. For example:

        – A lot of good quality C (high absorption and with bioflavonoids), certainly, isn’t going to hurt you and may even be enough to push you back up over that edge.

        – Though it may convert in your stomach, colloidal silver may be useful for cleaning and such, since it’s so easy to make.

        Keep in mind, many of the same people who claim(ed) food cannot be used as medicine warn(ed) against consuming certain foods (e.g., grapefruit) because they are recognized as affecting the efficacy of the patent medicines they prescribe.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    And people are dying and doctors don’t give this a shot (pun intended)? I find it hard to believe.

    • Richard

      As Dr. Levy has said in his lectures, doctors are not taught about Vitamin C and it’s long history of IV use again difficult viruses. (Such as Dr. Klenner’s 60 polio cures.) It’s not covered in any of the texts. So it’s not necessarily their fault.

      • James Peters

        Very true

  • smarthealthchoices

    If you’re assuming that Americans are a healthy people – you couldn’t be more wrong. We are some of the sickest people on the planet – way below other industrialized nations. And this is no surprise due to processed food, GMOs, pesticides and drugs (among other environmental toxins).

    And when masses of people get sick, do you really think they are going to radically change their beliefs, find an alternative doctor and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars getting IV vitamin C? I would ask what planet you are on?

    As someone who embraces natural forms of healing and as much as I
    would love to believe that this is the answer, I know it isn’t. I am not about
    instilling unnecessary panic in people but not to empower them with facts is to turn a blind eye on what could turn into a pandemic. Are you aware that people with this disease are crossing our borders where there is no screening or containment measures? Are you aware that this is a hearty virus – it could live for several days on surfaces where infected people are sneezing, coughing, and much worse?

    People need information on how to stay safe – on how to boost their immune system and protect themselves from potentially infected people and items they may come in contact with.

  • marsha aguilar

    So what about if your pregnant such as myself? Or kids. I also have a 4 year old. Whats the best way of protecting ourselves? Im getting really scared especially because if these treatments are expensive, we have very little money…

  • Andy

    Vitamin C has not been tested on the Ebola virus. However, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be the first place to look for help.

    Without a doubt vitamin C has shown great promise. There is video proof of it saving the life of a dairy farmer in intensive care with the bird flu. The doctors had little hope of his survival. Like usual that had no idea of what to do and no medications that would work.

    The family demanded that the hospital staff try high doses of vitamin C. Of course the doctors said it would not work and refused to use it. The family had to insist and also hire a lawyer to get it done.

    To make a long story short it saved the dairy farmers life. The bird flu was at the time as scary as Ebola. I would put my trust in Dr. Levy rather then the medical establishment.

    • Derek Wolf

      https://vitamincfoundation. org/www.orthomed. com/ebola.htm

      Cannot guarantee Ebola was treated specifically; but within the articles explanation of vitamin Cs mode of action and efficacy against viral hemorrhagic infections, Ebola was lumped into the general category by the author.

      There does seem to be substantial connection between viral hemorrhagic infections, collagen, vitamin C, etc. in the manner that Ebola is an extremely rapid and strong onset of infection that quickly depletes vitamin C stores, also inhibiting potent immune response and the inability to generate glutathione (due to lack of vC), degrading past Scurvy points where the cells deteriorate and hemorrhage…

    • Zirah B L Hearn

      Andy, are you talking about the guy in Australia? I have a link to a video about that, plus a link to an article from a doctor who used it to stop his pneumonia in its tracks and info about lipo C and other C related stuff/studies in a blog post …….selfhelphealth.wordpress. com/2014/02/15/dont-underestimate-the-power-of-c/

  • future_man

    @mitchellb-If you want to be taken seriously words like “extremely aggressive blood invading alien” are not that useful.

  • technicallysane

    Look at the way vitamin C has helped cancer patients. The first I heard about its efficacy was the story of an Australian man who was hospitalized with cancer and considered beyond help. His family asked the doctors to start Vitamin C injections which were started at a minimum dosage I believe. Even though he improved, he was still not out of the woods and that’s when his family pressured the doctors to increase the dosage. The doctors refused, so the family took it to court and won. The patient survived and went back to a normal life again.
    If Vitamin C could do all this, then I feel sure it would work on most any infection. At the very least I think it would boost the immune system, giving the body a chance to fight back.

    • Ray Howe

      Hi I think you are refering to Allen Smith a farmer from NZ . a good example of the benifits of vit C . some one said they went back to the NZ hospital and asked if they would give IVC again and they refused to answer (so they would not!)

  • Jonathan Hughes

    I knew about this before I read the article. People using good chiropractic practitioners early in life helps the mind and body to work better to avoid what would befall another human being. Upcspine, the spesific chiropractic and upper cervical health centers.

    • Jo

      As it stands no conventional vaccine or treatment has yet to be proven effective. If one does contract Ebola one might consider increasing his intake of natural antivirals these include things like vitamin C. I would suggest garlic, oregano, Nano silver etc. Can’t hurt to simply protect oneself from viral infections period. It is proven that these things work against communicable illness. Who of us has not used at least one of these things to cure a cold or flu. As for Ebola, I believe governments are using this illness to scare people into giving up rights in the event of a pandemic. Do your homework on this, I believe you will be surprised at what you find. Would it shock you to hear that the FDA was tinkering with Ebola and silver Nano particles and found them an effective cure? Even if there was a vaccine, count me out. This is a political disease designed for a specific agenda. Whatever it may be don’t get carried away with the hype just rest and take care of yourself most healthy individuals will not die from it.

  • Paul

    I don’t understand why liposomal Vitamin C is overlooked so often. Six grams of liposomal Vitamin C is equal to 50 grams intravenous Vitamin C and the liposomal Vitamin C is taken orally; much more simple. My wife and I have been taking 1.2 grams per day each, for three years and have gotten a big boost in energy, strength and stamina. People that ignore this are missing the boat. Do some research!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • organic girl

      Thanks Paul for pointing this out. I also take 2 packs a day(2 grams). Plus, at the first sign of any cold I will take 3-4 at one time. If something more serious is going around i probably would take a lot more right away.

  • Truthorconsequences

    ARE YOU KIDDING??? While you and your family stick your heads in the sand or hide under the rug, anyone with sense will be hoping if they pick up ANY heavy duty virus that they can’t get under control in short order that they can get to a medical facility that will administer vitamin C IV drip. THIS WILL NOT INCLUDE YOUR LOCAL HOSPITAL WHERE ORTHODOX DOCTORS WILL NOT ADMINISTER THIS IV DRIP. Taking large doses of oral antivirals at home at first symptoms might knock down the virus before it gets to an advanced stage. You need to read about natural antivirals like liposomal vitamin C, red marine algae, astragalus, and maitake mushroom complex instead of just wringing your hands and whining.

  • Anthony

    I am still waiting to see a conclusive answer about Ebola and Vitamin C

  • ScarletPimpernil

    I like your solution. What is it,again?

    I confess to being a layman and not overly knowledgeable about the subject. That said, I’ve seen anecdotal evidence of some things that, if I ignored them, would paint me a fool.

    Example of my experiences with a couple things are:

    1) Rather than suffer the all too familiar Montezuma’s Revenge, when taking significantly increased oral dosages of vitamin C, when sick, increased dosages either pass on through normally, or are used by the body; and

    2) I had about twelve farm cats. All of them had what “appeared” like cat pneumonia. I gave them silver in milk and all cleared of their symptoms (sneezing, running eyes, general scraggly appearance) in just a couple days. The old Tom of the group showed up days latter looking more horrible than the rest, so I gave him a bowl too. Within three days, he appeared fine too.

    Just coincidence to be ignored, and I should go on erring on the side of “not caution,” I suppose.

  • Gloria

    Anthony, you may never see a conclusive answer reported in the media about vitamin C and Ebola. What you will see is the new vaccine, which will be marketed by the pharmaceutical industry. I am sure it will have less testing and safety assurances than vitamin C.

    • times2come

      Vaccines are designed to maim, kill and sterilize!

  • Rishicash

    If an Ebola pandemic is intentional and high doses of Vitamin C is indeed a cure for it, wouldn’t those who have engineered the pandemic also make it virtually impossible to obtain sufficient amounts of Vitamin C?

  • AlaskaNow

    Not all Vitamin C is the same, some of it is waste from China… having issues finding decent sources that can explain a pure product any takers with an answer?

    • Helen Elias

      I’ll bite. Write to me at zhebee at yahoo

    • milo

      thesynergycompany (dot) com has powered vitamin C made from organic berries

    • Joan Camara

      Decent sources? Food!!

      • tomola

        You have this point before and have already been told that in cases of severe infectious diseases it is in no way possible to provide the body with enough Vitamin C by way of food. With these illnesses it will be necessary to use large amounts of supplementary mega Vitamin C as Dr Levy advises.

  • Jane

    The powers that be have said many times that vitamin C isn’t the cure for the common cold. They have not made vitamin C impossible to obtain, but impossible for the public to believe in how effective it is.

    • Helen Elias

      Hello Jane ….The common
      cold is not a virus …it is a germ, is it not? Vitamin C can
      definitely PREVENT a cold but once the cold catches on, it is pretty
      difficult to “cure” the cold with taking Vitamin C, at least orally.

      You will find my comment above helpful, if you want to know how to deal with a cold using Vitamin C, etc.

      • James Peters

        There are four major types of germs which are; bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. A cold is a number of different strains of a virus which evolve over time

  • Tammy

    There are a few very god sources of vitamin C. I look for recommendations from trusted sources. Thomas E. Levy, MD is quite knowledgeable and is considered an authority on the subject.

    Personally, I use products which he recommends and have had great results.

  • Helen Elias

    This is a great article. Thank you, Dr Thomas Levy!

    My initial intention was to Reply to Jane but then decided everyone might benefit from my experiences with Vitamin C …so here goes.

    The common cold is not a virus …it is a germ, is it not? Vitamin C can
    definitely PREVENT a cold but once the cold catches on, it is pretty
    difficult to “cure” the cold with taking Vitamin C, at least orally.

    If I feel a cold coming on (slightest sniffles, coughs, sneezes) I take
    3000 mg Vit C all at once. Then 4 to 6 hours later I do that again.
    This usually stops the cold dead in its tracks. However, if I continue
    to have sniffles after the Vit C wears off, I continue with these large
    doses of Vit C. After I see I am not going to have the cold I then
    resume with my regular daily amount which for most people might be 1000 –
    2000 mg per day.

    If I don’t take the Vit C within an hour after the sniffles start, it is likely the cold will ‘catch on’. If that happens, I am stuck with dealing with that cold because once it has ‘caught on’, it will continue for a few days. The good news is that I
    can use Vit C to, may I say, help dry out my head (sinuses) and make the
    cold more tolerable. I just take 2000-3000 mgs every 3 hours when the
    sneezing etc is bad. As the sneezing lets up, I increase the time
    between dosing until I am back to normal dosing. I find that doing this also
    helps me get over the cold quicker …2 days or so instead of a week.

    To keep my outer and inner nose from getting too sore, I find it helps to use a damp soft cloth to wipe it as often as I am able (if it needs it) because the stuff draining from my sinuses is what comes out of my nose or drains down my throat. This stuff (it probably has a name but I don’t know it) is really quite strong and corrosive and is what makes your nose and throat sore. I put 5 – 10 drops of iodine in a glass of water and gargle several times a day. I can also tell you about a product that you can use to spray in your nostrils and which does not sting or hurt. Write me at fb.

    Dr Weil, the burly teddy bear of a doctor, says you only need 200 mgs per day. Maybe that’s enough for him. I think he says that in order to suck up to someone in the media or pharmaceutical industry or something. After him saying that I would not trust him with much else.

    It took me a while to write this and I am offering it to you out of the good of my heart :))

    • Jennifer Symonds

      In my, currently, healthy mode I take 1,000 mgs of vit. C 4xs a day. Actually since I altered my dietary regime about 8 yrs. ago I’ve not had a cold or flu’.

  • James Peters

    The common cold isn’t a simple virus as there are many strains which evolve over time. MRSA is a type of bacteria which needs to be treated differently, i don’t know what you mean by a ”healthy person can’t get AIDS (HIV can become AIDS), the common cold or Ebola?. Also no one needs to expose themselves to the Ebola virus to prove anything, clinical trials could easily be started

  • Funmi Layo

    so what effect does Vitamin C have on the HIV virus then?

    • Fred

      Vitamin C is effective on the viruses it can reach, however remanants of certain viruses, such as HIV, hep, herpes, etc. have a tendency to settle deep in muscle tissue and spinal areas making them difficult to reach

  • Jennifer Symonds

    So if I combine Vitamin C & Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (for any virus) is that a double kick in the teeth for the virus?

  • satinka

    Ebola was created in a lab sponsored by the New World Order, thinking they would wipe out entire populations with their patented disease. But they didn’t count on people waking up and eating healthy. Eating organic food would strengthen the immune system enough to ward off flu and other viruses. Keep taking care of your beautiful bodies, folks, and let the fear fall away. Just know you are healthy and well! <3

    • Selene R

      Agreed. When all this began, I accepted the fact that ebola could spread and my best chance was just to be healthy. I juice every day and eat well, honestly, I do not enjoy everything I am doing now but I am feeding my cells what they need to be optimal. However, I also make sure I have something I enjoy sometimes because that’s mentally important and keeps me on track. I refuse to be afraid. It’s pointless. It’s almost like being in a war. The more afraid you are, the more likely you are to screw up and get killed. We have to accept the danger and adapt ourselves accordingly to have the best chances of survival.

      • Zirah B L Hearn

        Great comment, in my opinion, Selene.

  • redtailhollows

    What about large amounts of Vitamin C (or other vitamins, for that matter) for nursing mothers? Will the benefits be passed to the baby, or could it adversley affect them??
    I’m already a healthy lady, but want to beef up as a precaution for this whole “ebola” boo-boo.
    Thanks! 🙂

  • Mischelle Clare

    Ok, I didn’t take time to read every comment, so how much vitamin C should be taken as a preventive measure? Should it be taken in combo with vitamin D? How much C should be taken as a therapeutic dose should one contact ebola?

    • Tucker Matthew Rain

      The recommend daily dose would be up to bowel tolerance. Take enough to cause diarrhea then back off the dose to the point where stool is formed. This is your body’s requirement.

  • harh

    Jonathan and Mike, my sincere appreciation and gratitude for all you do, you are true heroes in my book.

  • pam r

    Great article! I have known about the power of C for awhile. However, it is easy to believe it does not work because most people will never take enough. Everyday recommended dose for a healthy person is 5-12,000mg a day or up to bowel tolerance. If you get the flu or as soon as you start to get any symptoms you need to up that amount by a lot. How much you need will depend on your viral load and health status. For just an everyday virus I read that could take 30,000-60,000 mg a day.

    For something like ebola those number can be way higher. That’s why I have oral powder and liposomal. After your symptoms go away you need to continue the C for the next 48 hours or it can come right back if you stop to soon.

  • micktravis

    You are an irresponsible, terrible doctor. Shame on you.

    • Tucker Matthew Rain

      You work for big pharma, right? Enjoy your slavery and eventual genocide.

  • JOHN

    It’s insanely irresponsible to suggest some of the things you are suggesting with this article. Shame on you. I hope no one actually believes some of this nonsense.

    • pam r

      Sound like you do not no anything about the history or clinical use of vitamin C
      DR. Levy is the doctor who helped save Allen Smith the New Zealand Dairy farmer who was going to be taken off life support due to the H1N1 Virus. He suggested the family try IV Vitamin C and they got the hospital to administer it and within 24 hours the man’s condition improved and he walked out of that hospital and is doing well 4 years later. Doctor’s had no cure for him but Vitamin C saved his life. This story was aired on 20/20 in New Zealand and you can find it on you tube.

    • Fitgirl

      Its about time you did some homework. Have you checked the hospitals lately and 80% of the people in there are there because of the DRUGS the medical profession has prescribed for them. Dont you think its time to think for yourself and try what Nature has provided for us. Just wake up to whats going on in the world. Stop being brainwashed

  • Joan Camara

    Why isn’t this article or any of the comments about getting enough Vitamin C by food sources?? Organic. Does everyone think that theres nothing you can get except for buying it in a pill form?? Sad.

    • Vixen27

      If someone has ebola they probably can’t eat or hold anything down so food as a source for that much vitamin C would be impossible to deliver in the quantities apparently needed

      • pam r

        That is why at the first sign of viral symptoms you start to mega dose with ascorbic powder and liposomal C – you need to stop viral symptoms in the first 24-48 hours. Even with Ebola you have time at the beginning of symptoms to do this.

      • Evan Kendig Cmt

        Not true, proper quantities of vitamin c and other vitamins can be administered via injection or IV. Just look up your local vitamin injection service. Your body is able to optimize the vitamins more efficiently this way. I get mine down weekly. Flu shot- not once- ever.

    • organic girl

      Hi Joan food sources are great that’s why you need to eat fruit and veggies everyday. But if you get sick you are going to need way more C than just from food.

  • Nevada Smith

    There is a downside to taking high doses of ascorbic acid for an extended time such as it’s effect on copper levels. If they made a liposomal natural vitamin C that would be great but ascorbic acid is synthetic and it does not contain all the components of natural vitamin C. Still, in a crisis, I will admit that it can work miracles.

    • pam r

      You don’t need to mega dose for a long period of time. I take 5-12,000mg daily. Only at the first signs of a cold or flu do I start taking a lot more if the dosing is correct you can stop viral symptoms within 24 hours. Then you continue mega dose for 48 hours and then go back to your daily dose.

      Also Ascorbic acid is Vitamin c the whole complex is good to take and can offer some improved benefits. Vitamin C when discovered was defined as the molecule that stopped scurvy and that molecule is ascorbic acid. Everybody who has been saved by high dose vitamin C got IV sodium ascorbate not a vitamin C complex.

    • Tucker Matthew Rain

      It is impossible to take too much Vitamin C. It is a water soluble vitamin and any excess would be eliminated through bowel and bladder.

  • times2come

    That’s the problem…if you prove something really works (cures) disease and tell the people about it, expect the FDA swat teams to kick your doors in or at least take you to court and break you financially as a warning!

  • times2come

    OH…FYI, Speaking of Leonard G. Horowitz, he made “Oxysilver” which he claims “kills” anything and everything he used it on! I’ve used it and will always use it. Good luck!

  • Demetrius

    Everyone needs to see this straight from NYT!

    https://beforeitsnews. com/health/2014/10/ebola-hoax-100-revealed-cnn-nyt-caught-using-crisis-actors-must-see-2552600.html

    This is False Flag 101 – USA! The world has seen this over and over and over again! When will it ever stop?

  • Aquaryhun

    True ?- so you’ve actually played with an ebola virus – in a person and gave them vitamin C and fixed them?. I would have thought Ebola virus would be too dangerous for the regular nutritionist, natural health conscious vitamin C product pusher to be testing themselves.
    I’m sorry, I am a definate advocate of natural health products and ways to boost your bodies immune system but seriously unless you can show me an example of a real person that you’ve cured with ebola and vitamin C I might be right to doubt your speil. This post is coming from someone who has had glandular fever, and now studying natural health because of a damn virus and I am still skeptical of your claims….. I would think that something like lemon juice with it’s own vitamin C would be better to strengthen veins and cell walls to not allow a virus to penetrate…..What I was taught about too much ascorbic acid is that it creates an acid pH in your digestive tract which then inhibits nutrient absorption…..but of course i am still learning…..

  • justtruth

    Is anyone aware of BHT? It is known to kill viruses but it hasn’t been used against Ebola at this point. It is effective against herpes and I believe HIV. It’s cheap and might be worth adding to other protocols.

    • Michael

      Are you referring to butylatedhydroxitoluene? That’s used in many food packages to maintain “freshness” of foods.

  • Zirah B L Hearn

    Yes, I also have a link in my post on lipo C to instructions for making your own. However, I also read recently in an article by someone very much in the know about using lipo C that for some reason the homemade version shouldn’t be used in certain instances in place of a “professional” version. I think it was when you were using very high doses to combat something as serious as Ebola….Wish I had saved that article…would like to reread and have on file. Maybe will try to find it again.

  • Tucker Matthew Rain

    Colloidal silver will kill the ebola virus.

  • Tucker Matthew Rain

    Shut up.