12 ways to get rid of the flu – naturally

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Flu Remedies(NaturalHealth365) Would you like to get rid of the flu naturally and quickly? You can eliminate flu symptoms without poisoning the body. In fact, many health experts agree that flu shots plus many other conventional medications actually increase our risk of getting the flu by damaging the immune system.

The real story behind the 1918 flu epidemic

It turns out that the 1918 flu epidemic that killed over 100 million may have been caused by extremely high doses of aspirin. During the flu outbreak, mega doses of up to 50 grams (50,000 mg) of aspirin were common.

Medical anthropologists found that people who were given mega doses of aspirin almost always died from the 1918 flu. Scientists now hypothesize that the aspirin caused their stomachs to bleed, allowing the flu virus to quickly spread into the blood, which in turn killed them within hours.

If you come down with the flu and get a bad headache, it is better to take magnesium citrate to move the bowels than to reach for over-the-counter pain and fever reducers. Once the bowels begin moving again, the fever usually begins to drop and the headache begins to ease.

Teach yourself how to attack the flu – naturally

2013 started out with a bang. My whole family came down with the flu. My daughter spiked a 103F fever for 2 days. My son thought he had avoided it, until (wham!) it hit him almost 2 weeks later. Fortunately, he kicked it out within 24 hours.

Most of us are getting hit hard. So far to date, over 100 people have died from the flu this season and the CDC estimates that there are three distinct flu viruses circulating – this year. Unlike my friends and colleagues who have been down and out with the flu now for weeks, we each fought off the worst of it within 2 days, and all of it within 4 to 7 days.

Here is what we did to kick the flu out of our bodies. Naturally, you should consult with your healthcare provider and make an informed decision.

Top 12 things to kick the flu – quickly!

1. Take oregano oil: Take two capsules of oil of oregano daily to prevent the flu – and up to six capsules daily once you get the flu (or about 750 mg daily of the primary ingredient, carbacol).

2. Take liposomal glutathione: Take 300 mg of a liposomal glutathione product.

3. Take cod liver oil & butter oil: Take 2 to 4 capsules daily of Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil-Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend, which contains fermented cod liver oil and butter oil – two foods abundant in vitamin A, vitamin D3, omega 3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

4. Take beta glucan: Take 2 to 3, 500 mg capsules, twice a day. Beta glucan is called the “Russian antibiotic”.

5. Take vitamin A: Take 1 dropper full of micellized vitamin A daily.

6. Drink marine plasma seawater: Take 2 vials of QuintEssential 3.3 – a liquid hypertonic marine plasma – daily.

7. Take a food-sourced vitamin C: Take 2 to 4 tablets of a food-sourced vitamin C (800 to 1,600 mg) – 1,500 mg of food-sourced vitamin C is equivalent to 10,000 mg of ascorbic acid.

8. Cut out the sugar: Eliminate refined sugar and baked goods from your diet – at least until the flu season is over. Sugar suppresses your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to the flu.

9. Eat whole grapefruit: Juice a peeled whole organic grapefruit (with the seeds) two to four times per week, preferably in the morning.

10. Get sunlight: Get 15 to 20 minutes of directly sunlight on as much bare skin as possible, several times per day. This will boost your vitamin D3 levels.

11. Drink green tea: Green tea has been shown to reduce the duration of the flu.

12, Do a facial dip using iodine: Several times per day, do an iodine and salt facial dip. (See instructions below)

Brighton’s Facial Dip

Attacking the flu where it all begins – in your nose – is critical to protecting yourself from the flu. Here is what you will need to know.

To do the “facial dip” – fill your clean sink up with warm-hot water and add a tablespoon of iodine and a two tablespoons of salt. (Sea salt or table salt)

Mix the salt and iodine around and insert your face into the water.

Open your eyes under water by blinking several times.

Then, draw the water up into the base of your nose by gently inhaling and quickly blow your nose, expelling the water – repeat several times before draining the sink.

If you do not have iodine, you can substitute with 1⁄4 cup of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent solution). In general, iodine facial dips should be done when you have an acute sinus infection, cold, or flu. Hydrogen peroxide facial dips are designed for everyday maintenance. (Note: Do not mix iodine with hydrogen peroxide. The two solutions neutralize each other.)

About the author: Dr. Roy Dittman is author of Brighton Baby: A Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child, a ground-breaking, three-book trilogy. To order a copy of Dr. Dittman’s book – visit: BrightonBaby.com

With over 30 years of experience in perinatal and longevity sciences, Dr. Dittman’s life-long commitment to transforming the way in which we conceive, birth, and raise children inspires couples to take action now to protect their future children’s destiny. You can follow him on Facebook, at “Brighton Baby”; and through his weekly blog on NaturalHealth365.com

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  • Kimberly Young

    Is using a neti pot as effective as the facial flush?
    Thank you for the timely article!

  • bill

    this article would be more impressive had it included what the family had been taking to not get the flu.

  • Joan C.

    What happened to black elderberry extract that you recommended. I went out and bought some today. 5000 mg. I’m starting to feel better, after a day of sneezing, and being stopped up. Thank You.

  • marie

    I have a quick question: when I insert my head under the water, will it burn my eyes or not? because I jut had laser surgery in both eyes. please let me know

  • Roy Dittman

    The diluted iodine in the water will not burn… however, the salt can burn if it is too strong. I would recommend only doing a few tablespoons.

  • Roy Dittmann

    Black elderberry is great… especially for small children that have a difficult time swallowing pills. Our family used it along with the other things mentioned in my blog and were able to kick the flu in under 2 days. Thanks for bringing that up. Glad you are feeling better.

  • John

    Love grape fruit extract!! I am a new believer of GFSE…nasty flu like symptoms prompted me to investigate and I found mold in the house. MOLD! Not only did GFSE help with tea tree oil in a spray bottle to clean the mold and clean the air in the house, I used GFSE orally and so far seems to have helped! Love this stuff!! My wife thinks I am nutz…sigh

  • Chris

    Drinking grapefruit juice during a flu when there is high probability of taking meds (such as antiobiotics) is definitely not a good idea.

    • PT

      Doctors are not allowed to prescribe antibiotics for the flu. Only of there is a secondary infection such as pneumonia, ear infection, etc.

  • Mercedes

    Ever since I did the iodine face wash my eyes are very sensitive and dry. Did anyone else have this issue?

  • Susan Lampard

    Thanks Grace for posting my comment i really appreciate