9 reasons that you should avoid the flu shot

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flu shot in arm(NaturalHealth365) You’ve probably noticed the push from doctors every year for people to get the flu shot. This is a very bad idea. Flu vaccines contain a number of suspect and downright dangerous ingredients.

There is also very little evidence that they actually work. In fact, in 2010, PLoS Medicine published an analysis of Canadian epidemiological studies suggesting that people, who had received a seasonal influenza vaccine the year before the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, actually had an increased risk of being infected with the pandemic swine flu.

Looks like the flu shot does more harm than good

While everyone who gets a flu shot is at risk for negative side effects, the elderly and children are the most at risk, since they are the most immune-compromised among us. The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reported that children who got the flu shot had no difference in the incidence of flu than those who did not get it.

The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine reports that there has been no difference in deaths from the flu and pneumonia among the elderly, even though there has been a 15 percent increase in vaccinations among the elderly from 1980 to the present. So, it is clear there is no need to get the flu shot, and plenty of reasons to avoid it.

9 widely unreported reasons why you should avoid the flu shot

1. Most flu vaccines contain mercury – a neurotoxic ingredient

The only exception is the FluMist spray vaccine, and even that one has its own, separate concerns (containing a laboratory-created virus being the chief one). Despite the assurances of health authorities that the level of the mercury-based preservative thimerosal in the flu vaccine is safe, there has never been any proven safe amount of this toxic substance for use in humans.

Ethically speaking, it’s beyond comprehension how any medical authority would support the use of this dangerous substance.

2. The flu vaccine can cause narcolepsy

Two recent studies from Finland directly implicate the flu vaccine in the development of narcolepsy in 800 children. What else would you expect from a substance that contains a known neurotoxin (mercury)?

3. You will shed the virus and give it to others

This is the main danger with the spray mist vaccine. Studies have shown that 80 percent of people who get the flu vaccine shed the virus for about 7 1/2 days after being vaccinated. Whether they get sick or not, they are contagious to others during this time.

4. The flu vaccine may not be right for this year’s flu

A new batch of flu vaccine is made every year. However, the companies that make it have to guess which strain of the flu will be going around that year and they make that year’s vaccine based on their guess.

If a different strain goes around, the vaccine will be completely ineffective, while still being toxic. Do you really want to take that chance with your health?

5. Flu vaccines actually promote stronger varieties of the flu

Studies have shown that the continued use of flu vaccines can cause the flu virus to mutate and become stronger and harder to treat. It’s the same thing that’s happening with the overuse of antibiotics.

6. Flu shots can cause Alzheimer’s disease

One recent study showed that those who got a flu vaccine shot for three to five years in a row were at a 10 times greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s than those who got fewer or no shots. The neurotoxins in the vaccine are once again a likely culprit in a devastating side effect of getting this shot.

7. The push to give flu vaccines is all about money, not health

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is a 15-member panel responsible for deciding who should get the flu vaccine each year. Most of the panel members have financial investments in flu vaccine companies.

Naturally, the panel is increasingly recommending that everyone get vaccinated every year, and sometimes even more than once a year. The panel members make money with every shot. Can we really trust their ‘expert’ advice?

8. Flu shots increase the incidence of neonatal deaths

A 2012 study, by Dr. Gary Goldman, showed a 4,250 percent increase in the number of neonatal deaths that year. This was the same year that guidelines were released that recommended pregnant women get two flu shots.

9. Flu shots contain antibiotics

Flu vaccines contain a variety of antibiotics, even though the flu is caused by a virus. Getting a flu shot contributes to the overuse of antibiotics that is creating super-strains of bacteria.

The antibiotics in the shot also kill the beneficial bacteria in your body and make you more prone to getting ill during any ‘flu season‘.

Here’s the point: Conventional medicine is completely controlled by pharmaceutical interest. This means you will NEVER see them promote safer alternatives to the flu shot for disease prevention. Yet we know – a healthy (organic) diet; vitamin D/K2 and vitamin C supplementation; adequate rest and physical activity plus many other effective (natural) strategies can help you completely avoid the flu – without toxic drugs.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. Don’t ever take your health for granted and always make an informed decision.


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  • Matt Cole

    This is so wrong it isn’t even funny.

    • Michael

      Why did you even comment? Great argument, ha! thats my comment.

      • Matt Cole

        Michael it’s based on false science. Nothing in it is true!

    • thejungle137

      It’s actually very, VERY right.

      • Matt Cole

        It really isnt.

    • John Landau

      Read the insert Matt. What’s wrong is people being injected with formaldehyde and mercury. You don’t see a problem with that, Matt? I was injected and had a severe reaction in the store due to the chemicals in the vaccine. Try thinking outside the box, Matt, or shall I say, try reading the insert in the box, Matt.

      • Matt Cole

        I’m sorry you had a reaction. But that is very rare!

  • Tammy

    The question-who should get a flu shot, and the answer seems to be no one should. Good article, now if everyone would read it.

  • Janet Klien

    This is a first for me, I didn’t know that the flu shot contains antibiotics. This is a strong reason to avoid it. Antibiotics not only change the bacteria in the gut, but contribute to breast cancer. Wow, they are ensuring that the medical profession stays busy and profitable.

  • Sherry Ginn Richards

    This is an incredibly poor article full of incorrect scientific information. I’m not hard core “pro flu vaccine” at all, but even with an open mind I know that someone has used hyperbole and incorrect generalizations to try to induce fear in patients.

    • Roadrunner777

      After reading your post I went back and read the article just to make sure I didn’t miss anything– while looking for the incorrect scientific information, hyperbole, and incorrect generalizations you speak of.

      You sure seem to come across as as hard core “pro flu vaccine” which you deny. I can only conclude that either you are misinformed, or a shill for big pharma/medicine.

      • rj698564

        The only flu vaccines that contain mercury (thimerosal) are the multidose vials. All other single dose shots DO NOT contain thimerosal. The single dose shots, however, do contain aluminum, which should be the point made when mentioning alzheimer’s as there is a strong link between aluminum and alzheimer’s. THIS is CORRECT information. And if you disagree, educate yourself before you speak and read the package insert. The single dose shots are what are given in pharmacies. The multidose vials are still used in doctor’s offices, but are not as routinely used as the single dose shots.

        • kathleen

          Flu vaccine does contain mercury when independently tested.
          Do not expect the manufacturer to disclose accurate information.

    • kathleen

      We all know that Industry pays people(shills) to make negative, disruptive, and false comments in order to confuse people into not knowing what to believe.

      I believe this audience is to educated to fall for it.

    • florida3guy

      Sorry Sherry but intelligent people will not believe a troll like you over a well respected natural physician and other individual study done by most of us. Quite frankly–you are clueless.

    • Michael Weber

      It’s amazing, depending on your beliefs, humans have been around for at the least thousands of years and God had to wait until now for humans to develop vaccines to help the immune system? That’s either a weak God/creator (which I don’t believe) or we are out of our minds. There is much evidence of boosting immune systems via natural means (diet, exercise, supplements). I am a front-line healthcare professional and I have yet to see compelling evidence to support vaccines. Do what your conscience dictates but my personal opinion is that the medical system (particularly big Pharma) has many people drinking the koolaid (ie. wrapped around their fingers).

      • Willem Hofland St. Albans, UK

        well said. Due to being vulnerable I was offered a free fly jab by the NHS which for some silly reasoning decided to except this year and within a week end up with a runny noise

  • Wendy Allen

    2000mg of fish oil daily stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. No gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO…vitamins/good oils, LDN, Vit D3 5000IU, Vit C, zinc, Mg citrate and more may help the immune system. Mushrooms/oil of oregano and more may help kill bacteria/viruses/fungi etc.

    • pam r

      Very helpful

  • pam r

    No reason to get a flu shot when you have vitamin C. You can get rid of any flu symptoms within 12 -24 hours. Just take enough Vitamin C to get the job done.

    I usually take take 5g of liposomal right away and 2g of c powder every half hour or more if needed. The powder I use is non Gmo and made in Europe. I bought it here

    https://www.naturalhealth365store. com/ultrafine-vitamin-c-powder . I also love their Vitamin D.

  • Kurt Kaufman

    No reason to get a flu shot….-Except
    that by avoiding the flu shot you are in effect piggy-backing on the
    goodwill of others in your community who, by being immunized, are
    helping to decrease the spread of this very dangerous group of diseases.
    An estimated 250,000 to 500,000 people die of flu or flu- related
    illnesses every year. Many more become seriously ill. Those that receive
    the vaccine are less likely to become ill, and if they do, the flu
    symptoms are likely to be reduced in severity. Recall the 1918 Great
    Influenza Pandemic, which was the most devastating epidemic in world
    history, killing as many as 40 million people.

    • michelle

      yes, people who poison themselves with a flu shot – weaken their immune system even more. Many people who get the flu shot get the flu. Like the comment says below no reason for a flu shot or any shot when Vitamin C eradicates all virus within 24 hours. Vitamin C cured 49 out of 49 cases of polio in 1949 and cured 327 out of 327 cases of shingles with people getting pain relief in as little as 2 hours. Nutrient deficient people who eat lots of sugar and processed foods are in danger of getting the flu -but will get no help from a flu shot. Flu shots are for profit not for well-being.

      • pam r


  • Cassie

    This article fails to back up their information. Where are these RESEARCH articles?! And even so, not every research is perfect. Articles can be biased with incorrect use of statistics to skew results. I would like to see the RESEARCH with my own eyes. As a medical professional, I am concerned with the amount of parents refusing to give their child vaccinations, and refusing vaccines like the flu vaccine. The public has access to a lot of information, but they need to think about the sources. And to not take the word of some arricle.

    • michelle

      As a medical professional there is a lot of information and studies and books that have been available for decades on the dangers of vaccines. The books with all the studies are easy to find if you actually care enough to look. As a medical professional you should be most concerned with parents who want to vaccinate and you should educate yourself on why the flu vaccine does not work and what someone can do to create a strong immune system to prevent the flu and other infectious disease naturally.

    • pam r

      The source are other medical doctors who are speaking out and not hard to find with a google search. The information is there for people who are really interested.

      • CEG2010

        Well if an article is purporting to give cold, hard facts and research statistics, it should state its sources, the reader shouldn’t have to “google it.” It is very poorly written, reasoned, and supported.

  • Brian

    All we need is the ingredients to be placed on the shot, of course we know it would never fit on. What I think is you have to sign that you are willing to be injected after being presented with the list of ingredients.

    I am sure that would change the playing field.

    • kathleen

      Yes it would

  • kathleen

    You are right this is misinformation – It was actually 60 out 60 polio cases that was cured.

    https://www.doctoryourself. com/klennerbio.html

    • Matt Cole

      Can I get a real source?

  • Matt Cole

    GET YOUR SHOT PLEASE. For your own safety. Please.

  • kathleen

    A lot of of medical doctors question vaccine safety due to all the mercury and aluminum

  • Kate

    The flu is a virus, like the common cold. It is not a death sentence! I’m one of those people that gets flu-like symptoms within minutes of getting the flu vaccine over the course of multiple years. My reaction begins with constant vomiting, which causes dehydration, headaches, dhiarreah, starvation because I cannot hold food down, low blood sugar, and then the mucous of a common cold or bug. Symptoms last no less than 3 days, but the cold symptoms can last up to 3 weeks.

    It has been said that my allergy must be to chicken eggs, which are used in the process of testing (not present in) the vaccine. I am not allergic to poultry. It has also been said that I must be afraid of shots. Feel free to shoot me with saline, but I’m not getting the flu shot because it’s a guaranteed terrible illness, that may or may not prevent a flu for one seasons only, a flu that I may never come in contact with that year. There is no way to cure a virus, like the flu or a common cold. We can only ease the symptoms thereof. It would be delightful if the P.A. would write a script for (it starts with a G) the main ingredient of Mucinex instead of forcing people with prescription drug plans to pay $16+ OTC for a $1-$3 prescription. These companies would make more money via a drug plan than a consumer because we must have insurance, but being poor isn’t a choice. Heat Vs Mucinex is an easy answer.

    I don’t know much about chemistry, but wouldn’t it be wiser to focus on preventing the bacterial growths that actually kill than the virus that opens the door for said bacteria to grow into a deadly abundance?

    I blame the spread of illness on two things: 1. An over reliance on hand sanitizer – Alcohol is a great substitute when you don’t have access to soap and water, but it’s no replacement. 2. Perfect attendance – This is a very stupid award that encourages children to join their peers no matter how sick they are. A doctor’s slip usually does not allow a student to maintain perfect attendance. We hear, “Little Suzy has maintained perfect attendance all the way to 8th grade,” but what I hear is, ‘Little Suzy gave your kid strep 4x this school year.’