Beat the flu in less than 12 hours

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Vitamin C Cures(NaturalHealth365) On a recent business trip, although rarely sick, I was hit with severe flu symptoms. It’s early evening and I had no appetite; felt exhausted and those bone-shivering body aches and chills hit me like a ton of bricks. I needed help and fast!

Thankfully, with my wife’s help and, in my opinion, the best vitamin C on the market – my symptoms were gone in 9 hours. And, since then, I’ve replicated these dramatic results with many of my friends. They, too, have a new found respect for vitamin C.

What makes this story so remarkable, for those that know me well, is that (in the past) it would take me 10 – 14 days to fully recover from the flu. Like I said, for the past 25 years, I rarely get sick but when I do – it has always been a really bad flu. This time I took a very special form of vitamin C – 2,000 mg. every hour throughout the night (since I wasn’t sleeping anyway) and by the morning, all my symptoms were gone.

This unforgettable experience has really impressed upon me the importance of quality and dosage – when it comes to nutritional supplementation. Simply put, if your flu symptoms haven’t gone away – you haven’t taken enough vitamin C.

What makes this story so funny is that I was scheduled to do a video project on the very supplement that helped me fully recover – like never before. It’s a special form of vitamin C called ‘Lypo-Spheric vitamin C” and, without it, this video would not have been created. See for yourself – I had taken over 16,000 mg., throughout the night, and the next morning I shot this video just after all my symptoms had disappeared.

I really have to thank my wife for her intelligence (and persistence). After reading Curing the Incurable and Primal Panacea by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD – she was so excited about the healing power of vitamin C. Naturally, when I got sick, she saw this as a great opportunity to test out the Lypo-Spheric vitamin C on her sick husband. She told me ‘not to worry’, confident in her research, she was certain that I would feel better in less than 12 hours and she was right!

Naturally, in all likelihood, we will continue to promote the value of vitamin C for optimal health – here at And, I encourage all of you to share this information with your family and friends.

For over 75 years, conventional medicine has done everything in its power to suppress the effectiveness of high-dose vitamin C therapy in the treatment of over 30 major disease. But, that doesn’t matter, the word is getting out and you can’t hide the truth forever.

Want to learn more about vitamin C? We’ve published many articles about vitamin C benefits, so read as much as you can. And, most importantly, try it for yourself – you won’t be sorry.

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  • 22sojourner .

    Say what you will about making my own version of Liposomal vitamin C using a ultrasonic cleaner, I only order the best rose hips C (never from China) never used a stinking GMO for the oil base, only distilled water, & a PH balanced formula. Plus, I invest 180 minutes or more into its creation (far more than the recommended amounts) of time. I have cured flu symptoms with one shot-glass dose. I’m working for the greater good for all, not trying to step on others to make a profit.

    • Chris

      What do you add to make it a PH balanced formula? Sodium bicarbonate? If so how much?

      • 22sojourner .

        Exactly right (pure) sodium bicarbonate. In making a cup & a 1/2 total, use a heaping table spoon.

        • Chris

          So I add 1 tablespoon of ascorbic acid and 1 tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate? I read somewhere that it will foam up if not done properly. Is this correct?

          • 22sojourner .

            2 ounces of distilled water one tablespoon of ascorbic acid shaken for 5 minutes. (Use glass jars.)
            2 ounces of distilled water one heaping tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate shaken for 5 minutes.
            That mixture will foam no matter what you do, the key is to minimize that reaction by pouring in that sodium bicarbonate at a trickle rate into the ascorbic acid while gently stirring with a plastic straw, & stop! Slowly repeat. (It does that from the beginning to more than 1/2 way.) Use some of the lecithin mixture to rinse out the settled sodium bicarbonate. Then pour in the rest of that cup of non-GMO soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin (that you shook for 5 minutes before & after) you let it sit in your refrigerator overnight (at the very least two hours). Shake well, this will settle.
            Gently stir that mixture in your ultrasonic cleaner (using that plastic straw) every couple minutes. I do that (many more times) than 72 or 108 minute times. (The more times you do this is to compare results to those $5, to $10 thousand dollar ultrasonic machines.) It will be perfectly homogenized & doesn’t settle in the refrigerator, although I still shake it, anyway, it’s a pain but my family is worth it. And so are you! Peace.

          • 22sojourner .

            It does foam, you can not stop that reaction, just minimize that effect by pouring a dribble slowly, while stirring, & stop.

    • YCNAN


    • Mark

      I just follow the 6 min. recipe. It cures Everything!

  • Chris

    You can tell that she is scared straight of people making their own and hurting her profits. I honestly do not believe from her body language that she is telling the full truth. There is a calm arrogance that surrounds her. I hope that Natural News does their own research on what she is saying because a manufacturer needs to be held accountable if she is telling the truth then power to them. Maybe she is right in that there is not an 80% absorption rate with homemade liposomal vitamin c, but even if it were 60% it is heck of a lot less expensive for those that cannot afford Livon’s product. I realize that they have research and development costs, but their product is way over priced for what the raw materials cost them. If they do not half their price soon, they will disappear among their competitors. They need to publish their claims against their competitors products if they want to be taken seriously. I find that this video will be defending them without any third party research or allowing their competitors a rebuttal. Isn’t this the same way the the drug manufacturers manipulate us by providing the corrupt FDA with their own studies?! Something to think about…

  • lanie

    I have been using Livon Labs c for awhile. The reason I picked it was because I saw the 60 minutes video on you tube called Living Proof, A man from New Zealand was in the hospital dying and brought back to life with IV C However,
    when the hospital stopped IV C the family gave him 6 packs a day of liposomal C from LivOnLabs. When I saw that it was Non-gmo I tried it. It has always worked.
    But any Non-GmO C is good when your sick – Just take enough until your all better. I also take Non -Gmo c powder -Sodium ascorbate from the Vitamin C foundation. Taking Liposomal and powder makes it more cost effective.

  • smugbill


    sad news that you got the flu. it doesn’t bode well for me when a guru like you gets sick. if you, with all your knowledge and experience in immune system balance, can get sick, what chance do i have?

  • Ellie

    I bought some of this product, and it is the most awful thing I have ever tasted. I know one can “hold their nose”….and just take it down….but let me tell you, it ‘aint easy!

    • OrbitalGun

      If you think the vit C is awful, try the Lypo-Spheric GSH for a real treat 😉