Vaccine success rates exposed as fraud

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(NaturalHealth365) Do people that abstain from vaccines really place society at a risk? People that abstain from vaccines or that insist on following a modified vaccination schedule are not out there to put the the rest of the population at risk. They are there to save themselves and their children from an uncertain future that is much more likely and more treacherous than a case of chicken pox or mumps.

Think about your future child’s health – in the modern world – as a house of cards. Think of vaccines as one card, alongside other risky habits and influences such as fried foods, environmental pollutants, heavy metals and more. Pulling one or two cards out may not collapse the house, but eventually, after enough cards are pulled, the house will fall.

We need to be asking the tough questions of healthcare providers

Let’s stop blindly allowing our schools, governments, and doctors (and the companies that insure them) to make choices for us. We must be aware of the delicacy of our own house of cards if we don’t want our children caught underneath the rubble.

The purpose of vaccines and the concept of group immunity
When vaccines were first developed, medical scientists were just beginning to understand what a virus was and how it behaved over time. Today, infectious disease epidemiologists have discovered that almost every viral epidemic follows a unique pattern.

At first, the virus proves to be highly fatal. Over time, as more and more people contract the disease and overcome it, building immunity, the virus becomes less lethal and more “tame”. In short, the more exposure a population has to a particular virus, the faster it establishes what is called “group immunity”, a term that refers to the collective immunity of a specific population.

Tackling the myth – “Vaccines saved us from polio, measles & whooping cough”

When you read through the hard data on the movement of measles and polio infections throughout the U.S. and the United Kingdom, it is impossible for vaccines to take the credit for the virtual elimination of these killer diseases. From 1915 to 1958, before the measles vaccine was introduced, the death rate from measles had already declined by 98 percent. (1) And between 1923 and 1953, the polio death rate had steadily dropped by 47 percent in the U.S. and by 55 percent in England before the polio vaccine was introduced. Many epidemiologists assert that the polio virus was already on its way out, that group immunity was being achieved, and that the incidence would have continued to decrease on its own, regardless of the introduction of the vaccine.

Data compiled by several sources in Australia including the Australian Bureau of Statistics confirms that the Australian population had already developed group immunity to measles, rubella, diphtheria, and whooping cough before the first vaccines were administered. In fact, in every instance, deaths had already plummeted by over 90 percent before the first vaccine was administered. (2, 3, 4, 5)

If vaccines are more effective than group immunity – explain Scarlet Fever?

Scarlet fever, a disease with no vaccine, followed the same pattern of group immunity. Despite the fact that there remains NO vaccine against scarlet fever, no large sustained epidemics of scarlet fever have broken out in the U.S. population.

From Sugar Cubes to Shots
In the beginning, vaccines such as the polio vaccine were administered on sugar cubes (Sabin’s weakened live polio vaccine). People were lining up until the early 1960s to ingest their polio sugar cubes. The wisdom of oral vaccines was that it allowed the gut’s mucous membranes to respond to the weakened live virus and develop a more refined immune response.

Over time, vaccine makers began favoring injections over oral administration. This represented the first time in human history that we injected a living virus directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the normal filters of the body – the gut, nose, lungs, mouth, eyes, and ears. By vaccine researcher’s own admission, manufacturing vaccines is an imperfect science that often results in unintended pathogenic contaminants.

Consequences of injecting vaccines into infants with undeveloped immune systems
The danger with injecting vaccines directly into pregnant mothers and infants is that both the fetus and infant have undeveloped immune systems. The injected vaccine bypasses the normal immune filters, directly challenging their premature immune systems.

In fact, there are dozens of published studies confirming that injected vaccines are triggering a significant and sometimes prolonged inflammatory response in the body. It is this inflammatory response that has caused holistic doctors, autism researchers, and parents to cry foul and demand that we as a society re-evaluate our vaccination programs.

When compared to unvaccinated children, vaccinated children have up to a 500 percent increased incidence of childhood illness and allergies – modern epidemics that medical science has been unable to thwart. (6), (7), (8)

In Conclusion
Is it more important to strengthen and support your child’s immune system or take the risk of overwhelming it with an inflammatory response? Which is worse – the disease you are trying to prevent, or the health conditions the vaccines may contribute to in the future?

About the author: Dr. Roy Dittman is author of Brighton Baby: A Revolutionary Organic Approach to Having an Extraordinary Child, a ground-breaking, three-book trilogy (first book due out in print in September 2012).

With over 30 years of experience in perinatal and longevity sciences, Dr. Dittman’s life-long commitment to transforming the way in which we conceive, birth, and raise children inspires couples to take action now to protect their future children’s destiny. You can follow him on Facebook, at, and through his weekly blog on

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  • Kathi

    Vaccines in this day and age have nothing to do with health safety measures. It’s all profit and loss at the corporate headquarters.

    Vaccines are a definite plus in the financial scheme of things. As every little bit drains away, so do the profit/loss margins.

    I often do wonder how and why many of these individuals who work for these companies know what they are doing is all a hoax but they do it anyway because they would rather have the job than have to worry about the consequences to society.

    But let’s face it, there’s always another pill in the Big Pharma “santa sack” that will take care of the newest set of symptoms after the vaccine itself failed.

  • No Vax

    The more I learn about them the more I feel that vaccines are a eugenics program meant to rid the planet of ‘useless eaters’.

    My parents didn’t believe in vaccines. I was lucky to be able to skip them in grade/high school. Now I understand why.

    Jon Rappaport-Investigative reporter did an excellent interview with a vaccine scientist. Just reading the first part of this was enough to convince me that the vaccine makers will stop at nothing to get people injected.

    “Dr Mark Randall”.

    Q: You were once certain that vaccines were the hallmark of good medicine.

    A: Yes I was. I helped develop a few vaccines. I won’t say which ones.

    Q: Why not?

    A: I want to preserve my privacy.

    Q: So you think you could have problems if you came out into the open?

    A: I believe I could lose my pension.

    Q: On what grounds?

    A: The grounds don’t matter. These people have ways of causing you problems, when you were once part of the Club. I know one or two people who were put under surveillance, who were harassed.

    Q: Harassed by whom?

    A: The FBI.

    Q: Really?

    A: Sure. The FBI used other pretexts. And the IRS can come calling too.

    Q: So much for free speech.

    A: I was “part of the inner circle.” If now I began to name names and make specific accusations against researchers, I could be in a world of trouble.”

    There you have it. A world of trouble if the truth comes out about them.

    That is all I need to know to NOT get them.

  • Roy Dittman

    Dear No Vax,

    Thank you for sharing the interview with us. That is powerful. I genuinely think that most of the people out there administering vaccines and working in the industry have not spent the time investigating the science on both sides – pro and con. That is the challenge we have. To educate and allow the facts to speak for themselves.

  • Debra Johnson

    I have studied graduate complimentary alternative medicine: biochemistry, nutrition, anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, and research. Your article has confirmed my research. Yes, we must take a stand to help achieve and maintain our bodies health. Our healthy fully developed immunity system was created to handle all microbial intruders. Our bodies were created to heal themselves if we eliminate the environmental toxins, pollutants, and provide our bodies with fresh nutrient rich fruits and vegetables (free of antibiotics, GMO, additives, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides, and other poisons).

  • L. Paynter

    I am a German Lady in her mid sixties.
    We know this since long in Germany and my Doctor over there had never tried to vaccinate me or other patients with those toxins.

    I’ve been traveling the USA since more than 25 years and I’d never had any problems doing so without vaccines.
    But – when I got married to my American husband 10 years ago and I was in the process of moving over here I was forced to get vaccinated with the measles, rubella, diphtheria, and whooping cough vaccines. I am doing detox days once or twice a month ever since .

    How long are these Bacteria/Viruses staying in the humans body???

  • margie

    I’m surely aware of the “fraud” and the stupid science behind vaccines and I was once a firm believer and took them. After getting ill everytime I took a flu shot I started doing some research and after my dog nearly died after her routine vaccines at age 6 I really had to stop and look at the hard facts and realized we have all been lied to.

  • Dr. Jordan

    The real harm actually started with the toxic brew of Jenners small pox vaccine. His own son he acknowledged was injected with swine pox not a cow pox. The biosecurity breech took place back then with the injection of disease to fight disease, a foolish practice. Herd immunity was also based on “natural” viral infection. The vaccine is never “natural” even as a sugar cube! The contaminating factors are bad enough but that version of “natural” could not be further from the truth.What Jenner did was to humanize cow syphillis! The Chinese 500 years BEFORE Jenner tried immunizing with small pox scabs ground and blown up the nose as snuff. Even this practice was dropped when they discovered the process did not ensure immunity.Provided NO BENEFIT for the patient.
    What vaccinations became with Jenner, the first of many “commercial scientists” was a “franchise” and a way to assert authority over populations, manipulate their health and use fear tactics to generate income. The drug companies make money on all ends of this “franchise”. First they dys regulate the immune system with unsafe and unecessary vaccines casuing vaccine induced disease, deaths and disability that they then provide the “treatments” for. Quite a racket they have going. Then the doctors, learn nothing about nutrition and less about vaccinology or immunology that would be necessary to actually work towards “health”. This makes the medical field -making a living by killing. Our own US government is highly invested in the drug and biotech industries, essentially the financial scaffolding for the “business”. They even invest our SOcial Security Fund in these two industries if that isn’t an oxymoron. Being partnered in this investment franchise we now see the many ways they “mandate” their return on the investment. Much to the publics dis ease however.It is time, to stop the racket, instill freedom of health care choice and choose. Right on the PHS website you can verify that it is our government that supports the drugs and the biotech, the two biggest breechs to genetic security!
    Dr. Jordan

  • Roy Dittman

    Dear L. Paynter,

    To answer your question, I am not sure if anyone knows how long these vaccine viruses stay in the body. Some vaccines deliver dead viruses, while others deliver live ones. There are some homeopathic products that can help to eliminate these contaminants from your system; PCHP makes a couple , one is called “childhood vaccines”; Also super-strain probiotics can help. Many products are available from German Naturopaths as well, who are familiar with the toxic side effects and drain upon the immune system with vaccinations. Some Homeopaths assert that vaccinations interfere with genetic expression as well.

  • Asha

    money… greed… conformity. Anyone who stands up for the truth is in danger of losing their jobs, their ‘security’, their ‘peer support’; they are in danger of being ridiculed and tormented. So it is only the brave who do stand up, and don’t vaccinate – whether a parent or a doctor.

  • Dr LLoyd S. Gordon

    Vaccination arising from the development of the (now) ‘so called’ effective vaccines was at one time seen as a major turning point or moment in the History of our Development of Terrestrial Human Ciovilization. Many Well know textbooks on Anatomy & Physiology worked on this point. Now we are to cast all of this out of the window of our Civilization as debunking Myth. A very heady new persopective indeed! But can we be absolutely certain about it? I teach a course in Experimental Natural Medicine ine relation to The History & Development of Terrestrial Human Civilization/Cosmic Studies. Medical doctors patronize my courses. Will they be willing to cast their hard studied (‘burning the midnight oil’)knowledge out of the window as mere MYTH?